Four steps to an ideal studio with the example of a specific

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style

Owners of studio apartments have a chance to make their home unique and unique, drowning it in comfort and elegance. This is facilitated by the direct need to competently calculate the space, allocating zones for each sphere of life.

So, the first rule for the design of such a square is individual interior design, including furniture ordering on specific parameters.

Sleeper on the podium Bedroom behind the partition Living room in Scandinavian style

A non-standard layout, born with the alteration of an uncomfortable odnushki, is also the key to success. If you remove all the excess partitions, and on the remaining territory, competently using furniture and household items to make zoning, the result may be impressive.

Dining area in studio apartment Corner kitchen in studio apartment Kitchen with dining area Corner kitchen in black and white

It is equally important to choose a single color combination in the interior. No matter how much you want to introduce more shades into your life, the main habitat should be calm, like a beautiful background. And it is absolutely unacceptable to divide the room into sections with the help of different finishing tones.

Bedroom in the living room Clothes hanger in the hallway Closet in the hallway

It is necessary to highlight the sleeping area. To do this, and useful arrangement of the platform, and the installation of the partition, alcove. This will make your studio special and will make the bed more cozy, private place.

Planning of studio apartment in Scandinavian style

If you use all of the above rules, it's easy to succeed and turn a small open apartment into an elegant dwelling.

Do you like the style shown in the photo? Do you see yourself in such a situation?