We equip the office in the house: 60 stunning ideas

The modern way of life and our changing needs led not only to the appearance of studio apartments and lofts, but also to a steady growth in demand for such a space as a home office. Some are limited to buying a writing or computer desk, while others assign an entire room to an office in the house, where you can concentrate and accelerate the process of achieving your career or business goals. In the progressive XXI century, the line between professional life and personal space is becoming more blurred, so today we invite you to take a look at 6 current trends in the design of the home office and 60 stunning examples of their application!

1. Open home office: we work in the open air!

When all rooms are occupied, a loft, a basement or even just a tiny space in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room, must be taken away to the home office. However, recently there was a tendency to equip the workplace out of the house, and the world's leading designers began to work on modular blocks and other prefabricated structures that make it possible to arrange a home office in the backyard or in the garden. Here are some interesting examples:

home-office-arbor home-office-on-street home-office-in-the-yardhome-office-in-the-gardenhome-office-in-the-garage office-in-house-in-the-garden building-in-the-garden-office street-home-office-boxing

2. Gray office in the house: only style and tranquility

Gray color only sounds boring. In fact, he can create a miracle with the design of your home. Perfectly combining with most shades of color palette, it gives an opportunity to create a truly exclusive, refined and quiet home office in which it will be comfortable not only to work, but also to conduct business negotiations.

series-home-office-minimalism luxury-series-home-office series-home-office zhenskiy-series-home-office bright-home-office-gray-walls stylish gray office office-in-house-gray-color furniture-of-metal-home-office delovoy-series-home-office

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3. Bright wallpaper for the office: create a creative atmosphere!

Photo wallpapers and simple wall coverings with a bright design are now experiencing their return to the top trends in interior design. Not only inspirational landscapes, but also photos of different textures, macro images, complex patterns etc. can today bring a beautiful contrast and animation to your working environment. Make your home office more playful and fun, and soon you can enjoy the work on the weekends!

home-office-with-bright-wallpaper home-office-with-library wall-paper-wardrobe-in-the-interior wall-paper-in-office-home geographic-map-in-office-on-the-wall brick-wall-in-office-home retro office-in-house modern-home-office-wallpapers cheerful-home-office bright-wallpaper-for-office

4. Industrial style: inspirational industrial chic

Practical, smart and affordable, industrial style combines the iconic elements of industrial design with the best modern decor and accessories, making such home offices truly exclusive and inimitable.

style-loft-home-office bright-furniture-for-office shelving-for-home-office modern-office-in-house industrial-chic-home-office beautiful-shelf-for-home office Idea-for-stylish-home-office living room-home-office home-office-style-industial home-office-designer design-office-style-interior

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5. Asian influence: home offices in the spirit of Zen

The atmosphere of the home office ultimately determines the productivity of the person who works in it. When it comes to creating an elegant, soft and efficient office in the house, we have much to learn from the inhabitants of far Asia. The main features of the Asian style are simplicity of design, minimum of furniture, neutral or natural color scheme, as well as interesting decor, which has a certain meaning or source of inspiration.

large-office-in-house home-office-with-kind home-office-in-Chinese-style chinese-home-office unusual-office-in-apartment office-in-apartment-in-asian style office-in-Japanese-style chic-office-in-asian-style Japanese-home-office

6. Orange color - no routine

The last trend in our list is the cheerful and energetic orange offices in the house. Perhaps you will be surprised, but with orange color it is actually very easy and pleasant to work, as it is full of life and stimulates activity in everything. Home offices on the following photos show how you can use different shades of orange to create chic and elegant interiors!

bright-furniture-for-office Modern-home-office-orange-color orange-writing-table orange-home-office orange-decor-in-office orange-wall-home-office small-room-home-office interior-with-orange-decor Idea-for-Hidden-Home Office Idea-for-small-home office home-office-in-orange-color elegant-office-in-house home-office-with-orange-elements