Functional wall as an interesting element of the interior

Functional wall в интерьере маленькой квартиры

Functional wall

Studio SABO introduced the interior design of a small apartment, and the functional wall is one of the most interesting and original elements. With the help of her designers managed to maximize the space and give the rooms an unusual look.

The original design consists of several multi-functional sections and inserts, which simultaneously serve as a staircase, office furniture, a closet, modular kitchen furniture, a lighting source and sliders. All the rooms of the apartment are perfectly illuminated.

Functional wall в светлой комнате

Functional wall в гостиной

Shelves of unusual shape in the interior

Interesting shelves

Bedroom in the attic room

Bedroom interior

In the kitchen, a mini garden with aromatic herbs is built into the wall. Their pots are installed vertically, and direct exposure to sunlight and special artificial lighting provide them with good growth and constant freshness.

A steel set with a lot of lockers, a metal table top and an integrated dryer stretches the entire length of the wall. Kitchen furniture is presented in white, and it is interesting to contrast a bright multi-colored floor with 25 strips of 14 different shades.

Bright accents in the interior of the kitchen

Interesting kitchen interior

Plants in the interior

Mini-garden with aromatic herbs

Functional wall в интерьере кухни

Bright floor in the kitchen

Steel table in the kitchen

Steel kitchen table

Steel elements in the kitchen

Kitchen set