Interior of the guest room

Guest room with balcony and large bed

The guest room is a separate room, which is reserved especially for guests who have stayed for a while. The main goal of its arrangement is the desire of the owners to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay of relatives who decided to stay. Do not confuse the guest with the living room. The second room is a room where everyone gathers for gatherings and joint leisure activities. In the guest room there is a bed for spending the night, a closet and places for storing things, that is, in fact it is a separate area designed for one or two people, which serves as an alternative to a hotel or hotel room. Each of us is often visited by distant relatives or relatives who live in another city, old friends who are scattered around life. They always want to have a reception at a "high level", making sure that the guests really feel at home. The design of the guest room is versatile, as it will be inhabited by different people with their own tastes and preferences. Therefore, neutral styles are usually chosen for its design, but we'll talk about this later.

In the conditions of private houses, it is much easier to make room for guests. The rooms there are usually larger, and at least one room, albeit a tiny one, can be arranged for a residential. In luxury cottages and mansions, owners can afford to arrange a whole "studio apartment" with a separate bathroom and toilet so that the queue in the mornings can not be built in the common combined bathroom.

Attic with a gray bed Guest room  Green curtains on the big window  A large bed  Spacious guest room  Guest room в бело-красных тонах

Guest rooms usually have a very unattractive location: a lack of light, a deficit of a square meter, not the most original economy-interior. The reason for this is their rare use. To create a truly original, but cozy design and at the same time to beat all the shortcomings of the room, disguising them and partially turning them into dignities, the designer will have to work hard.

Striped wallpaper

Requirements for the arrangement of the guest room

When creating an interior of a guest room, you need to take into account a number of nuances that will help you find the right vector:

  1. The guest room usually has small dimensions, but the optimal size is an area of ​​at least 10 sq.m. If the room by the meter does not reach this figure, then the person in it will not be comfortable.
  2. It is necessary to provide generous artificial lighting with a natural deficit.
  3. The minimal furniture set includes a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table (dressing table) or a chest of drawers with a mirror. In rooms more free, this set can be supplemented with shelves with books, an armchair and even a fireplace for a special cosiness. In small rooms it is possible to think about multifunctional furniture to save space.
  4. We can not forget about entertainment, so every guest is sure to put a TV.
  5. It is desirable to have a separate bathroom.
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The layout of the guest room Guest room design variant  Room layout for guests  Room layout for guests с балконом  Room layout for guests с двумя кроватями  Bed with a red veil

To better navigate the design of the decoration, study interior solutions in hotel rooms.

About illumination

With regard to lighting, the guests are given the opportunity to independently adjust both of its types: artificial and natural. In the first case, in addition to the central ceiling chandelier, the room is equipped with local appliances (sconces, floor lamps, lamps) and decorative lamps around the perimeter. For a person to be able to adjust the lighting for themselves, it is desirable to equip the system with a control panel that will allow you to adjust the intensity. Guests can come not only from a neighboring village or suburb, but also from another country where there is a completely different time zone.

The layout of the guest room

In the period of acclimatization, a person will at first have a habit of sleeping in a non-standard time for the rest. Therefore, curtains necessarily hang tight, so that the fabric reliably protects the sleeper from sunlight. As an option, you can leave on the nightstand special nightgown-glasses. Tulle choose a translucent, since it is possible for a guest (city dweller) to fall asleep under the lulling light of street lamps.

Design of a large guest room Room with ocean view  Room in beige tones  Guest design in oriental style  Spacious guest room  Pillows on a large bed

Style and color solution

From the stylistic variety try to choose neutral, cozy options:

  • Provence. Characterized by a light, "home" interior, which will be comfortable for people of different ages. In the interior use a lot of white, aged furniture, decorative vases with fresh flowers.
  • Classic style. This direction is considered a number of traditional. In the classics there is also luxury, and elegance, and special beauty. The walls are pasted with wallpaper with floral ornamentation, the surfaces are decorated with stucco and bas-reliefs, the facades of the furniture are decorated with carvings and ornate, graceful details.
  • Modern. Style differs rationality and simplicity. It uses chrome-plated surfaces, metal, wood, heavy-duty plastic and glass. In the color range white, gray and contrast black, blue, violet in details and accent elements prevail.
  • Scandinavian. Style refers to neutral directions. It is for the guest room that it is good in that it will help to smooth out the lack of space in the form of a deficit of natural light. The interior uses an abundance of white, cold colors, a minimum of furniture and a small amount of natural decor: a soft carpet on the floor, animal skins and deer horns, a series of author's photos on the walls.
  • Neoclassical The direction is based on the rules of the traditional classical style, but at the same time it is adapted to the modern person.
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Design of a guest room in oriental style

As a universal design, the combined version is also used. For him they take the best from different directions, carefully develop the principle of combination and embody in the "free" interior. As for the color solution, then again it is better to stick to the neutral scale. In it white prevails, and on a role of the second participant of a trio choose any pastel shade. The third, accent tone can be a contrasting, vivid color: violet, lilac, turquoise, blue, yellow. In small rooms, space is enlarged due to light colors, and in large rooms it can be balanced with large prints and a dark palette.

When choosing a gamma, do not forget that the guest room is designed for rest. Therefore, you can not zealous with dark, gloomy tones that will create the same situation. The room should be set up for sleep and relaxation. In psychology, colors for these purposes are suitable for warm shades.

Expensive room design

Decor and choice of textiles

You can not decorate the room with an abundance of decor. Remember the neutrality of the guest. It will be enough to have a pair of pillows on the bed with original pillowcases, a series of paintings or authorial photos on the walls, a few trinkets and houseplants. When choosing the latter, try to give preference to hypoallergenic, without flowers, as some guests may have an allergy. Also, do not hang your family photos on the walls.

Colored pillows on the bed  Gray color in guest design  Green shades in the design of the guest room  Guest room с двумя окнами  Modern guest design  Guest room

Guest should not be associated with the owners of the house, because otherwise the tenant at the subconscious level will have an unpleasant feeling of intrusion into someone else's private life. This will negatively affect comfort. As a plot of pictures and photos choose neutral options: marine and forest landscapes, reproductions of paintings by famous masters, abstract compositions. The decor should only emphasize the style of decoration. In textiles it is better to choose natural fabrics (remember allergies) with a simple texture, without excessive luxury, because it's a guest book, not a museum.

Bed near the wall

Choosing furniture

Required the presence of a bed, chair or pouffe, dressing table and wardrobe. If the space allows, it is better to add a corner for leisure, where they put a bookcase, a miniature coffee table and an armchair or a couch. Under the TV allocate a separate cabinet or niche. Alternatively, you can hang it on the wall opposite the bed.

A cozy guest in a modern style Brown in the design of the room  Room with two armchairs  Room with a bed and a sofa  Table and sofa  Big window

If the room is very small, then use the built-in closet. It perfectly saves space, and in "unimaginative" periods here they add their own things, which temporarily have nowhere to hide. In very tiny rooms use multifunctional furniture. In the afternoon, the bed can turn into a sofa or even "hide" in the closet. The table, if necessary, is pulled out, and the chairs are folded like a garden, and are retracted into specially designated niches for these purposes.

Striped bedspread

One bed option

The bed will be the conditional center of the guest room. It represents the main purpose of this room. Guests can sleep here or simply "lie back" after a long journey. Do not choose the "experimental" options in the form of round or "water" beds. Someone may not like this innovation to taste. The best material for a bed is a tree. This beautiful material is welcomed in all styles and will give the guests a sense of security. You can supplement the array of wood with forged elements.

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Bordeaux and white in the interior of the guest room  Light room  Red curtains on the window  Room design  Two beds with pillows

Option with two or more beds

Much more difficult is the case with rooms designed for a couple of guests and more. Well, if a married couple arrives, what do you do when you need to settle in one room a guy and a girl who was not even familiar with before? Of course, compact, but completely inappropriate in this case, the option with bunk beds is not even considered. Optimal is considered linear placement along one wall. In this case, the beds can be segregated as necessary.

Guest for two guests

In order not to complicate the interior with massive zonal dividers, it is recommended to use mobile partitions, curtains or screens. If necessary, then each sleeping place is fenced off. In the afternoon, the room is freed from the partitions, and its interior again becomes a single composition. Of course, there can not be any sound insulation. It is necessary either to be content with what is, or to design several separate guest rooms, which not everyone can afford.

Chocolate-white bed-clothes Two beds  Two large beds for guests  Room with two single beds  Guest in black and white shades  Guest room на две персоны

A few words about the guest house

Guest house or guesthouse - euro option, which became an alternative to the rooms in the hotel. At us they meet very seldom owing to absence of such tradition. This is a separate structure, as a rule, small-sized, in which the guests live completely apart from the owners. Of course this is not a hut and not a hovel. The guest house is decorated with all amenities. At worst, there is a bathhouse and a comfortable toilet near the site, which has nothing in common with rickety booths.

Exit to the courtyard

Guest houses are usually built from logs and are remotely similar to temporary cottages. They use a typical layout: a terrace, one or two bedrooms, an anteroom and a miniature kitchenette for making coffee in the morning or night snacks. The standard set of home appliances includes a kettle, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, iron and TV. Making furniture is not recommended, because a large space - the main advantage of the houses in front of the rooms, so they are good.

The guest room is a vital space for hospitable hosts who want to provide guests with a special sign of respect for their personal space. Its main difference from the standard room in the hotel is a special home cosiness. When decorating a room, you need to arrange it in such a way that you feel the care of someone else's comfort, but without the presence of the owner's personality in the details.