Interior design and layout of the european

Eurodub design

Increasingly, modern housing developments appear on the housing market, which have replaced the typical two-room apartments. They are low in cost, which at times frightens ignorant buyers, but does not they take a cat in a poke? The main contingent of owners of such apartments is young families and bachelors. Let's talk in more detail about the peculiarities of such housing and how to plan the design of the Euro-town competently.

Pros and cons of Euro-Apartment

Among the advantages of the Eurocup, the following aspects are noted:

  • Its cost. Perhaps the most important and indisputable plus housing in its price. Yevrodvushki occupy an intermediate position between one-room and two-room apartments. That is, the buyer can buy housing on the functional only slightly inferior to the two-piece, and at a price slightly higher than for odnushku. The economy is obvious.
  • Possibility to develop a non-standard apartment design. For some, this aspect will be a plus, and for others - another complication. In the second case we are talking about conservatives in the soul who do not accept a line of modern styles and a fashionable overlap of spaces.
  • The best option for young families. Young couples often face the problem of a too small family budget, which does not meet the needs. It is good, if the parents will help with the purchase of the apartment, but it is quite another matter when the family is left without support and it will have to cope on its own. There were only two exits before: the eternal yoke of a mortgage and a nice apartment or a small room in a communal apartment. Now there was a third option with Euro-girls. Given the regularly increasing popularity of this housing, it becomes clear what the young couples prefer.
  • Convenience in the arrangement of rooms. Usually the apartment of the square form is divided by a conditional straight line almost in half. On one side of this line there is a separate room under the bedroom and part of the hallway, and under the other - a living room with a kitchen.
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Custom design is one of the pluses of the european  Chocolate tile apron in the kitchen  Work desk by the window  Tile on the floor in the kitchen area  White furniture in the kitchen

They have evrodvushki and their shortcomings. They include:

  • The lack of a window in the kitchen, which occurs in 80% of cases. The working area will have to be illuminated with chandeliers and lights.
  • Kitchen odors and small particles of fat, settling on textile decor and furniture in the living room. It will require a powerful hood to solve this problem.
  • Difficulties in the selection of furniture. The rooms are still small, so the "stuffing" will have to buy the corresponding one.
  • The impossibility of quietly relaxing in the living room, while the landlady in the kitchen thunders with pans, plates and rustles blender. As an option, it is worth buying the quietest household appliances, the noise curtain from which will not be so annoying.

Cabinets along the wall

The number of shortcomings and merits of Eurocups is almost the same, so the picture is obtained as a result of neutral. The main thing is to properly plan the furniture layout, zoning and lighting. In this case it will be possible to "strangle" the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages as much as possible.

Bicycle on the wall Brick wall in the kitchen  Lilac wallpaper in the living room  The original wall shelf  Low tables on the couch  The combination of blue furniture and a white apron in the kitchen

Zoning options

From the zoning of a combined room, the convenience of staying in it primarily depends. Install massive furniture or a decorative wall in a small space is not recommended. Segmentation of the premises into smaller areas will make it even smaller. Professionals recommend paying attention to lighter barriers: furniture (curbstones, sofas), mobile partitions or conditional zoning with a symmetrical decor. The original, popular option was the arrangement of a bar counter, which will act as a buffer zone between the living room and the kitchen. Also, conditional separation using artificial light, color and various finishing materials is sometimes used. For example, in the now fashionable loft style, one accent wall is decorated with brickwork, and the rest is plastered. Contrast of the texture of materials is obvious. In some cases, if the height of the ceilings allows, the living area is raised on the podium, in the "stage" of which are built-in spotlights. The symmetrical level difference on the ceiling looks organic.

Zoning of an interior of a European

In rare cases, the distinction is made using textile curtains. An actual way for combined bedrooms and kitchens. Do not recommend to have close to the culinary area of ​​the audio system, without which the hall does not do. Similarly, do not decorate the border zone with textiles. He quickly absorbs odors and will have to regularly do laundry. In general, the kitchen and the living room are spaces incompatible. Their microclimate and functional purpose are polar, that is, they do not coincide at all. The differentiation of zones in this case pursues not so much an aesthetic goal as the need to isolate the aggressive kitchen, from which the main mud extends from a quieter living room, where the household should rest.

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Black clock on a white wall

Most of the townsfolk have balconies or loggias. This tight space should not be given to the destruction of boxes, junk and banks with conservation. It can be arranged under a separate reading area, a study or a workshop. Usually these areas are squeezed by the owners into the living room, in which, without them, is too crowded.

Floor lamp at the couch  Kitchen with a brick bar  Lamps in the headboard  Mirror over the dining table  The partition between the dining room and the living room

Arrangement of furniture

In the kitchen, you should pay attention to the L-shaped layout of the furniture. In this case, two areas of the working triangle are located on one line, and the third captures the adjacent wall. From the popular and beautiful island layout is better to refuse, as it is implemented in large spaces, and this is not our case. The dining area is located here near the borders of the kitchen and living room. By the way, the table and chairs can also act as a zoning space. Audio and video equipment is located on the accent wall, which is opposite to the kitchen area. "Face" to it unfold the sofa. His back will "look" at the kitchen, which is also considered a variant of zoning. If the back of the furniture looks "not very", then it is supplemented by a cabinet of the same height. By the way, the sofa is better to use the corner, which will partially go to the wall with a single window in the room. Before him set a low coffee table. The wall with the TV can be supplemented with a rack. In some cases, when the area of ​​the apartment allows (about 40 square meters), in the corner there is a closet. This option is relevant if the bedroom is too small, but there is nowhere to store things.

Furniture in the interior of the european Living wall in the dining area  Mirror partition in the interior  Wallpaper for a tree in the living room  Bright accents in the bright interior  Niches with illumination in the wall

Style Selection

From the stylistic variety, many will start to run their eyes: Italian, Japanese, baroque, modern, classic, art nouveau, art deco, provence, loft, eclectic, ethnics, fusion, retro, minimalism, high-tech, futurism, constructivism. This list can be continued for a very long time. What style is suitable for compact housing? Optimal options are considered from the line of modern trends. HiTech will organically join a tight kopeck piece, placing the technical component in the "head of the table". Its primary colors (gray, white, black) maximize the room, visually expanding the spatial framework. If the soul requires a "warm" rural comfort, then it is worth paying attention to the Provence. Light, airy style that chooses wood as the main material and white color as the basis of the composition. It is ideal for small rooms and will transform them with pretty decorative details. Minimalism is considered an optimal solution for owners who value practicality and laconicism. It is also suitable for budget repairs. To equip the apartment will require only a minimum of furniture and decor.

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Evrodvushka in Art Nouveau style

Do not choose the classic directions, which are "at the knives" with tight rooms. For the implementation of heavy luxury requires a spacious area.

Striped curtains on the window  Divan in the windows  Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Mirror opposite the couch  Bookcase in the living room

Kitchen-living room arrangement

The kitchen combined with the living room is considered a fashionable and stylish design move. These premises are united even in situations when there is no vital need for this. Just because it looks fresh and beautiful. When developing the design of the room, you should consider:

  • A small space that must be visually increased due to light colors in the background. For the same reason, do not recommend to abuse with a colorful decor.
  • Lack of natural light in the kitchen area. The problem is solved with the help of good lighting not only of the working area under the apron, but also of the entire site as a whole. Also, do not forget about the dining area, which is located in the neighborhood. The best option is to install several ceiling chandeliers over the accent areas.

Kitchen-living room arrangement в евродвушке

Do not recommend experimenting with styles that a priori are considered a potpourri (eclectic, fusion). They perfectly reflect the creative chaos in the head of the apartment owner and convey his mood, but will spoil the perception of a small space.

Sofa in front of the kitchen area Arch in the interior  Niche with books in the living room  Lamps on the ceiling  Yellow wall in the interior  White kitchen with red apron

Bedroom arrangement

The bedroom will have to be content with small, that is, the furniture maximum, which can be counted by the owners - bed, wardrobe and twin bedside tables. In some cases, the wall at the head of the bed is closed with an overhang rack. The cabinet is chosen as a "coupe", since its doors will not take away the extra centimeters in the room. Traditionally it is located opposite the bed. The bed usually occupies the lion's share of the room, so perhaps it is worthwhile to replace it with a folding sofa. In the afternoon, he will free space for the swing in the room, and at night will turn into a comfortable sleeping place for two.

Interior of the bedroom in the european Niches at the headboard  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  Closet in the bedroom  Bed on the podium  A chest of drawers in the windows


Yevrodvushki and studios are gradually occupying the housing market, replacing the traditional options. Perhaps this is for the better, since buying an apartment (the limit of many dreams) becomes easier. Specifics of the design of such housing, domestic designers adopted from foreign colleagues, adding of course and their own ideas. On simple examples it becomes clear that even the smallest apartment can accommodate everything necessary for comfortable living. And comfort and coziness in the premises from this will not suffer.