Blue color in the interior of the bedroom

Bedroom design in blue

As a result of a survey conducted in 1974, American scientists found that blue is the most beloved one on the planet. Already in our century, following the results of a second study, it turned out that the first place was taken by a special shade called marrs green. It is perceived by different people as green or as the same blue. This color often appears in the interiors of residential apartments, offices, cafes, shops. His designers love clothes, and breeders do not stop trying to bring out amazing "heavenly" roses. The blue color in the interior of the bedroom, depending on the intensity, can create an atmosphere of luxury, slightly intriguing design, "winter" decoration and a light, relaxing atmosphere. It has many shades with unusual and romantic names, each of which will help to give the room a special mood. On how to properly choose a color composition and what neighbors dilute the blue of the bedroom, and talk in this material.

Advantages and disadvantages of the blue bedroom

Features of the influence of blue on a person make it an ideal solution for a bedroom. The shade is embodied in decoration, furniture, decorative elements. Among the advantages of the bluish color solution are:

  • A large number of tone options.
  • Improving the mental state of a tired person, a light sleep and inner peace.
  • Blue perfectly matches with other colors, which allows you to create original combinations.

Bedspread with a pattern Several pictures on the bed  Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  Dark blue walls  Shelves in the wall  Bed of solid wood

Perhaps the only drawback of color is its coldness. It is impossible to decorate the walls in blue if the windows face the north side and the sun rarely looks into the room. The interior will turn out to be too gloomy and prickly-cold, it will be hard and unpleasant for him, the person will pursue the desire to get into the "warm" room to psychologically "warm up".

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With what the blue counts

Blue is considered a universal color. In a duet, it combines with any shades, only the character of the composition changes. The combination of blue and gray, silver is considered a cold "ideal." Because of the powerful energy of the first, its more neutral neighbor is lost. Blue with pink creates a beautiful, gentle environment, which sets the light romance. Complemented with fuchsia, the shade acquires a touch of audacity and elegance. The combination of blue and red requires additional tone, as the duo is based on contrast and turns out to be unduly uncompromising. As the third participant of the composition can act white, gray, light brown, beige, nut. If you choose such a strong combination in the design of the bedroom, then in blue and red make a bed and decor: a blanket, pillows, rug or curtains. The combination with peach becomes contrast, where the second participant will perform the role of the background. Combinations of yellow and blue are luxurious and dynamic. Although a warm and cool tone is used, the interior will warm.

The combination of blue and blue Blue walls light beige floor Blue with white Blue with beige Beige Furniture Blue with green

Do not recommend choosing the shimmering shades of yellow: lemon, canary, sunny. Luxuriously it will look golden and blue, where the glitter of expensive metal will give the companion nobility, aristocracy, elegance. If you want to get the situation of "early spring", then choose a combination of sapphire and cold green. The first one will symbolize melting ice, and the second - the tops of trees, awakening from a frosty dream. The combination of blue and warm shades of greenery will help create a softer and cheerful interior. In combination with the blue will be an excellent background for playing more vivid tones. Blue and violet are considered relatives. The only difference is that in the second there is an admixture of red. Such a duo is dynamic and has an inner power. It can be diluted only by small light spots. Blue with beige forms a strong union, for which softness is characteristic. In such an interior there will be a moderately "warm" atmosphere. In tandem with a brown blueness acquires new facets: it becomes more refined. This color solution is considered classic.

Blue with black Blue with brown  Several shades of blue  Blue and beige furniture  Blue with red  Blue with gold

Shades and how to choose the one

Blue has many shades from light purple tones to dark notes. The light range includes blue, cornflower, sea wave (with an admixture of green), turquoise, azure, heavenly, bluish (on the verge of gray). The list of moderate shades includes jeans, cobalt, with notes of steel and royal blue. In interiors often use dark tones: ultramarine, sapphire, indigo, midnight and Berlin azure. The variety of shades allows not only to choose the ideal color for the design of the bedroom, but also to create the necessary "temperature" and mood.

Blue with a shade of gray A saturated blue color  Dark blue color  Bright decor elements  Light blue textiles  Bright blue walls

In what stylistic directions is used

Blue is considered "native" for a whole line of directions in design. The closest in spirit for this shade is the naval style. In combination with yellow and white, the atmosphere of the bedroom will resemble the interiors of beach houses. If you add thematic decor in the form of tackles, shells, smooth pebbles and sea stars, then the surf and the cries of the seagulls will sound unobtrusively in your head, and the imagination will draw a beautiful landscape worthy of Aivazovsky's paintings. Tandem of blue and white - the basis of the Scandinavian style. Here, color takes on a completely different form. It is associated with ice and frost on trees, a prickly sky with a rarely glaring sun. Whiteness plays the role of snow on the vast expanses.

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Bed in Provence style In the Art Nouveau style  In a modern style  Art Nouveau style  In classic style  Loft style

Easy and easy to look brickwork, painted in a blue or azure hue. In the classical direction, a combination of noble royal blue with gold is used. The luxury and majesty of the interior will resemble expensive apartments of crowned people. Blue in the Provence is dosed, since the style must have softness and comfort. It is used only in decoration or partial decoration. For art deco, the shades of dark blue are chosen, because the atmosphere of the room should be serious and solid. "Greek minimalism" - Mediterranean style, like Scandinavian, prefers combining with white. Light celestial and cornflower blue colors make it possible to create an "airy" bedroom. Such a design solution is optimal for small or narrow rooms. In the "burnt out" blue paint the walls and the space surprisingly increases visually, is filled with fresh air and cool for the hot climate.

In the style of minimalism Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  In classic style  Combination of several styles in the bedroom  Modern style for a bedroom  In the style of Provence

A small admixture of blue in a gray-white design of modern style, high-tech and minimalism will emphasize the laconicism and simplicity of the situation.


Coldness of the blue interior needs to be compensated with warm light. To do this, you will have to buy light bulbs with the minimum color temperature value, which is measured in Kelvin (K). The designation is indicated on the package. Lamps with a temperature of up to 3500 K will give warm white light. Beautifully emphasize the interior features decorative lighting in the form of spotlights under the ceiling along the perimeter of the room or just near the accent wall at the head of the bed. A bright sun in the blue bedroom will be a group of round lightbulbs without plafonds, located above the bed. Such a solution will be suitable for high-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian style. In classical interiors use floor lamps and sconces with the correct geometry in shades of light colors.

Light from a lamp near the bed Lamps near the bed  Multiple lighting options  Round chandelier and lamps  Decorative lamps near the bed  LEDs under the cornice

Bedroom design options

The blue color in the bedroom can be used in three variations:

  • In the finish.
  • Furnished.
  • In the decor.

In the first case, the dimensions of the room should be impressive, since from the cold of a small blue bedroom it will be scraped "to the bone". The variant with furniture is embodied in small rooms. You can use both dark blue, and its light shades. The main thing is to choose the dynamic "neighbor" and the background. The focus solution is considered the easiest to perform. Blue details are difficult to spoil. Let's consider each of the combinations in detail.

Round mirrors Drawing on a blue wall  Blue walls and textiles  Blue in the decor  Blue furniture and decor  Blue furniture blue walls

Blue walls and ceiling

Before repair, you need to weigh the pros and cons of using blue in the finish. Do not advise to choose dark shades, stop for light or neutral. Otherwise, you have to compensate for the coldness of the walls with bright furnishings or decor, which is undesirable for a bedroom. The accent zone in indigo, ultramarine, sapphire shade is combined with white plaster on the remaining surfaces and rough wooden beams of light brown tones on the ceiling. Dark variations of blue are combined with mirrors without frames and frames. The theme of combination with wood can be continued using pictures or a photo on a white background in a simple wooden frame. The furnishings are brown, coral, peach, yellow, white, light green or gray. The blue ceiling is a bold decision only for high rooms. If the bedroom is a child, then it is decorated with yellow or silver stars. For blue rooms it is recommended to choose white curtains. As an option, a light, airy tulle of light shade will fit, which will open the sun to the room. If the apartment is on the first floor or the windows look out onto the street, then the blinds complement it.

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Blue walls in the bedroom Blue walls and bedspreads  Blue wall and pattern on the carpet  Ceiling fan  Bright pillows on the bed  Pictures above the bed

The wall, decorated with textured fabric wallpaper in deep blue, will become a luxurious decoration for an expensive bedroom.

Picture with bridges Fireplace in the bedroom  Rope decoration  Twin bedroom  Bedroom with large window  A chair near the bed

Choosing furniture

The blue furniture looks elegant and elegant on a gray, brown and white background. The headboard of a bed in royal color from soft velvet will have something in common with a similar upholstery of ottoman, couch or pouffe. An additional component of the composition will be a rug with a short pile. Grind interior accessories in the same color with gold trim. The cornflower corpulence or cobalt shade is combined with the whiteness of the bed and curtains. Complement his chair with a blue-steel upholstery in a frame of light wood. The blue armchair will look good with a moderately yellow bed decor and a carpet of sand color.

Blue velvet bed Turquoise bed headboard  The blue bed  Blue bed headboard  Blue bedside pouf  The blue bed и шторы

Textiles & decor

Blue perfectly combines with wood, so it is often chosen for the design of the bed. The bed of wood will look like a luxurious bed, if it is covered with a velvet sapphire or azure coverlet and decorated with a pair of pads with golden brushes. A group of expensive porcelain vases with a blue pattern, lamps with shades of cobalt shade, a denim shelf, frames in cornflower tones, blue or heavenly curtains will bring naturalness and restraint to the excessively soft interior of the bedroom. Alternatively, you can decorate the room with a pair of flower pots. Suitable hyacinths, lisianthusy, delicate violets, salt, geranium, agapanthus.

Blue ornament on the bed Blue blanket  Textiles on the bed  Blue curtains  Blue carpet  Set of blue pillows


Blue is suitable not only for the bedroom. The best room for using color is the bathroom. The combination of blue and white tiles is a classic combination that recalls the sea and frothy caps on the crests of the waves. Light shades are freely used in the rooms for boys and girls, as well as in the bedrooms of teenagers. Calm decoration will cool their fervor in a turbulent period of growing up. The relaxing, almost hypnotic effect of color has been proven in practice. In Japan, a social experiment was conducted. In the most disadvantaged areas of a small town and at the railway junction, where desperate locals committed suicide on rails, the yellow-colored lights were replaced with blue ones. Already after a month, the crime rate dropped by almost 10%, and at the station for a few years so no one rushed under the train. So blue really does wonders sometimes and do not underestimate the possibilities of color and the power of its influence on the subconscious.