Narrow bedroom - 57 photos of ideas how to design a design

If the apartment does not have narrow and long rooms, then the owners are very lucky. But if there is such a room, then this is not a problem.


The design of a narrow bedroom can be properly thought out, that - it would be interesting, comfortable and stylish.

Table of contents of the article:

  • The layout of a narrow bedroom
  • Surface finishing in a narrow bedroom
  • Floor decoration
  • Ceiling decoration
  • Furniture in a narrow bedroom
  • Décor in the bedroom with a small space
  • 57 photos of a narrow bedroom design

The layout of a narrow bedroom

When planning the interior of a narrow bedroom, you need to think carefully about how you can make the room more spacious. The problem is not only how to arrange furniture better, but also in choosing the shades of the walls and in the correct design of the floor and ceiling.


If nothing comes to mind, you can see a photo of a narrow bedroom in which, or sources, this will help you with the choice.


The layout of a bedroom in a narrow room means the division of it into separate zones: a place for sleeping, a place for clothing and a recreation area, etc. That - in the room there was a lot of light in all areas, it is not recommended to divide the space, with the help of large cabinets and high partitions. The best option will be the curtains.


To divide a small space of a room into separate zones, it is possible with application of various furnish of a floor, a ceiling or the certain arrangement of furniture and subjects of an interior. But if the bedroom is narrow and long, then it's better just to place the objects correctly.


Surface finishing in a narrow bedroom

A small narrow bedroom should be made of different materials and individual surfaces to visually enlarge the room.


Floor decoration

The floor covering can be absolutely various, the main thing is that the shade would be light. This will give the bedroom an airy effect.


To expand the space, also lay the parquet diagonally. To make the room wider, the boards are placed along a smaller wall.


Different design of the floor, you can divide the room into different zones.


Ceiling decoration

High ceilings are recommended to be painted in cream colors. It is possible to make hanging ceilings, of different sizes, than so it is possible to single out zones.


When decorating a bedroom in a narrow room, you need to pay attention to the walls. To visually increase the room, you need to wall (on which the window is located) and on the opposite to apply bright coatings, and on the other two walls, lighter shades. For large walls, you can use gloss and large mirrors.


If the window is on a small wall, then it is better to hang the curtains wide, this will visually increase the space.


Furniture in a narrow bedroom

The simplest solution is to arrange the furniture along the long walls. But this is not right, there will be a feeling that this is not a room, but just a long corridor. In a room of this size, a minimum amount of furniture is recommended.


To save space, you can buy a sofa - transform p, but it is not very comfortable for sleeping. It's up to the owner to decide what is most important for him, a good rest or a big room.


The bed has several options:

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  • If the width is sufficient, it is better to determine the bed to the center of the bedroom, reproaching the long wall.
  • If the space is very narrow, then the bed is best placed across the smallest wall. But there will be a drawback, you can not approach the bed on both sides.


If you need a wardrobe, the best option is a closet. You can place it along the entire length of the small wall.


Well fit corner cabinet. If there is room left, it can be taken away to a place for rest.


Décor in the bedroom with a small space

Decoration should be minimal. First of all, you need to decide on the lighting. On the walls you can hang original lamps.


A decorative element can become a blanket. It can be chosen according to the color of the walls, this will smooth out the size of the bed.


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