Corner kitchens (photo 2016) - novelties in kitchen design

The modern design of kitchens is very different from what our moms and grandmothers loved. Warm colors and decor in the country style gave way to clear straight lines, smooth surfaces and the lack of excesses. Meanwhile, the photo of 2016, which presents novelties in the design of corner kitchens, suggests that much more attention has been paid to the style and functionality of kitchen furniture. How do modern corner kitchens combine chic and minimalism? Learn more!

The following photos will introduce you to 4 modern trends in the design of corner kitchen.

1. Minimalist corner kitchens (photo 2016)

Clean and simple kitchen facades with minimal finishing - the main trend of 2016. Carving and pretentious patterns are finally a thing of the past. Today, designers use other ways that make corner kitchens look impressive:

  • Luxury shades, including chocolate, lilac, marsala etc.;
  • 2 or even 3 colored facades, emphasizing each other;
  • Brilliant metal accessories;
  • Open shelves with unobtrusive decor;
  • Built-in lighting of table tops and internal shelves of cabinets;
  • Increased functionality, for example, smart corner solutions that maximize the use of space.

At the same time, the cold look of the minimalist kitchens was brightened up with the help of unusual kitchen chairs (retro and country design on the horse), indoor plants and warm wooden elements.

Beautiful corner kitchen photo design 2016 new items Two-color facades for the kitchen in a modern style 2016 Modern furniture for corner kitchen design in 2016And how do you like these two charming corner kitchens in the style of minimalism - novelties of 2016 from the brand Euromobil?Italian corner kitchens - photo 2016 Minimalist corner kitchen design Italy

2. Elegant and chic design corner kitchen

The above methods make the simple design of the corner kitchen look really cozy and attractive. However, some designers go even further, making minimalist kitchens icons of modern style, elegance and ... luxury.

So, for example, they use warm shades of metal - gold, bronze, brass - in combination with deep dark tones.

Small corner kitchens - photo design 2016 novelties

The novelty of 2016 - angular cuisine Venezia from the brand Biefbi - the embodiment of luxurious minimalism: Italian corner kitchens Venezia by Biefbi - photo design 2016 new items

... Or skillfully combine a warm tree with shiny glossy surfaces.

Gray corner kitchen with wooden floor

And also use open shelves in combination with closed facades, which have different heights or are suspended at different levels. Asymmetry excites imagination!

Luxurious small corner kitchen with breakfast bar Pendant corner kitchen furniture from Euromobil

Finally, the chosen color of kitchen furniture itself can serve as a pledge of its luxurious appearance.

Elegant corner kitchen of gray and green color Luxury corner kitchen design with drawers 2016

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3. Modern corner kitchens in white color

White color is an excellent choice for the kitchen in a modern style. What will make it look more neat, fresh and clean? Today, white kitchens are complemented by wooden floors, countertops, shelves and chairs, as well as light creamy details that make this design more cozy and warm.

We present you two more new items in 2016 - white corner kitchens designed by IKEA.

Corner kitchen furniture - IKEA metod hittarp Corner kitchens for small kitchens IKEA 2016

And this stunning white kitchen in photo 2016 - the creation of designer Peter Gill, Australia.

Small corner kitchens - photo in the interior

Worried about the complexity of care? However, most kitchen facades today have special coatings, due to which the need for cleaning now does not depend on the color of the kitchen. Moreover, on bright surfaces, practically no visible water splashes and condensate spots, which are one of the main problems of this room.

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4. Kitchen furniture in the style of a shaker

Shaker-style, like minimalism, is based on the refusal of fanciful finishing of kitchens. But unlike minimalism, which is the embodiment of modernity, it is more inclined to traditional trends in furniture design and allows the use of elegant ornaments. In other words, the style of the shaker is a general brevity of appearance, in which the use of cozy classic and rustic decorative details is acceptable. The last 6 photos in our article present you fashionable modern corner kitchens in the style of a shaker!

Corner kitchen in the style of a shaker from Wellborn Cabinet:

Shaker corner kitchen in interior design 2016 in the photo A small corner kitchen in black - Method Laxarby from IKEA:Stylish little corner kitchens in black colorAnd a few more:Modern design corner kitchen in the style of the shaker 2016 Design corner kitchen in white color in 2016 in the photo Beautiful corner kitchens - 2016 design photo New modern corner kitchens - photo 2016 year