Organization of a practical and cozy interior of a mini

Mini-apartment in the loft in Scandinavian style

Mini-apartment in the attic - comfort and compactness

Here is an example of the interior of a mini apartment in the attic. Because of the white painted walls and windows on the ceiling and walls, you will feel that the room is very spacious.

The snow-white design in the center of the apartment hides behind itself a pantry and a modern bathroom with all amenities. In the shower, one wall is covered with bright yellow tiles.

The lack of daylight in the bathroom is compensated for by large mirrors and reflections from yellow tiles. Outside, on the kitchen side, in the design there is a space where there is a coffee machine.

Interior of a spacious Scandinavian style kitchen

Design with built-in bathroom and storage room

Kitchen with dining area

View from the kitchen

Yellow accent wall in the bathroom

Modern bathroom inside the structure

The wall behind the structure is divided into two parts: the kitchen and an open rack, the lower shelves of which form a ladder to the top.

Storage systems in the interior of a mini apartment in the attic

Multifunctional shelving

The bed is at the top of the structure, opposite the top of the rack. In addition to a sleeping place, there is also a built-in workplace. Despite the fact that the actual area is rather small, because of the ridge roof, windows and white walls, the impression of spaciousness appears.

The situation plays a huge role in the design, especially in tiny apartments. To ensure that the room is not cluttered, careful selection of furniture is a key factor.

Sleeper under the ceiling

Bed and built-in work place

Storage in the bedroom under the ceiling

View of the top of the rack and the workplace