Interior of the log house - 30 photos of the interior design

Design in a log house

Прошли времена, когда фраза «интерьер бревенчатого дома» ассоциировалась со скромным убранством дачного сруба, низкими потолками, маленькими оконцами. Современный бревенчатый дом может быть очень разным: огромной избой, отделанной под древнерусские палаты, или элегантным теремом в стиле модерн начала 20 века, или конструктивистским домом с разноуровневыми террасами, или эффектной каркасно-бревенчатой конструкцией Post & Beam. Соответственно, интерьер дома из бревна допускает массу вариантов. Тем более, что не обязательно ограничиваться одним стилем, а можно реализовать разные стили интерьера деревянного дома в разных комнатах.

Cozy kitchen

The basic concept of Russian style in the interior design of a log house is a stove lined with highly artistic tiles.

Log house hallway design

All rooms are dominated by solid wood, no MDF or chipboard, no plastic windows. From the array made tables, benches, chairs, kitchen set, chest of drawers. Their surfaces are not painted, the texture of the wood is clearly visible. Built-in technology is closed by facades.

Living room design

Required elements of design:

  • a variety of natural textiles, including hand-embroidered: napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads, towels, dense linen curtains, interior drapes, fabric ceiling;
  • a variety of wooden carvings - on furniture, window and door casings, stairs and other structures;
  • elegant trunks and chests instead of cabinets, chests of drawers, banquets;
  • the design of the kitchen in the log house necessarily includes a large dining table and wide benches;
  • lamps are selected in the form of a lamp or a candle;
  • traditional accessories: samovar, earthenware, jugs, kegs, variegated carpets, forged products.

In general, the premises should be light and spacious, no piling of furniture and things.

Several zones in the living room

Scandinavian style wooden house

The interior in a log house in the Scandinavian style is characterized by an abundance of light and space - an open layout, tall windows, wide doorways, adjoining rooms. The main colors are light: white, cream, light blue, light gray, beige, ocher, terracotta. The situation is laconic, practical, no unnecessary decorations, antique paintings or antiques.

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Cabinet in a house of lumber

The main features of Scandinavian design:

  • windows without heavy curtains, only with light curtains or blinds;
  • furniture, flooring - white, or made of light wood;
  • beds and sofas - folding, with drawers;
  • bright color accents - scarlet, burgundy, yellow, green - in the form of small impregnations in the patterns of upholstery and facing;
  • in the decor there are northern and marine motifs: ornaments or ceramic figurines with fish, deer, fir-trees.

Bedroom in white

Canadian style wooden house

Сегодня быстро набирает популярность каркасно-бревенчатая технология домостроения Post & Beam (читается «пост энд бим», стойка и балка). Она пришла к нам из Канады, где большинство домов из бревен строятся именно так, но вообще эта технология известна со времён европейского средневековья под названием фахверк.

Kitchen in a log house

Such houses have a rigid frame made of massive vertical log racks, horizontal beams, diagonal braces. In the intervals between the vertical columns horizontal short logs are laid, but in general these gaps can be filled by any means - for example, a bar, flat panels of different materials, or make a window in the whole wall.

Living room with fireplace

This opens up huge opportunities for a variety of architecture options for the building, as well as ways of finishing.

Bedroom in Provence style

Преимущества технологии Post & Beam перед традиционным срубом:

  • less cost of erection;
  • less cost of house operation, more energy efficiency;
  • rapid erection;
  • absence of shrinkage, deformation of stairs, floors, roofs;
  • aesthetic appeal, diverse architecture.

Living room in a house of lumber

Frame-log houses can be round or 8-coal, with complex roofs, internal balconies, bay windows, terraces. One of the spectacular options - when the frame rests on a huge vertical log meter diameter, which stands in the center of an extensive hall with high ceilings.

Living room with fireplace

In the interior of the frame log house, any natural materials are suitable - wood, stone, glass, forged metal, eco-friendly fabric.

Cabinet in rustic style


The design of the log house of the Provence style is designed in pastel colors, and the atmosphere is associated with the motley motley grass of southern France, summer heat, lush vineyards, unhurried provincial way of life. The windows admit a maximum of light to the ceiling, live and dried flowers are spread everywhere, the latest household appliances are adjacent to the old furniture, which was inherited from my grandmother.

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Bathroom in the log house

The distinctive features of the Provence style:

  • painting walls and ceilings - cream, beige, pale green, lavender, gently-lemon; doors and windows are usually white;
  • on the floor - a textured board, terracotta tiles;
  • The furniture is simple, with coarse silhouettes, sometimes artificially aged, shabby; beds with wrought-iron headboards;
  • various wicker furniture;
  • an abundance of natural textiles made of cotton, chintz, linen - napkins, curtains, tablecloths, small pillows, curtains;
  • vegetable ornament on the upholstery of furniture, ceramic dishes, flower pots, wall decoration;
  • obligatory forged elements - chandeliers, sconces, candlesticks, mirror frames, wall shelves, grilles on the fireplace.

Cozy living room

For the Provence style, an abundance of accessories is characteristic - various shelves, fitted with small elegant items, photographs, drawings, paintings in frames, lace napkins, wicker vases, baskets, pots, decorative plates, figurines, etc.

Small living room


The interior of the house is made of round logs of country style - it's rough simplicity without frills, nice man-made products made of natural materials, easy disorder, lack of bright accents. The center of the living room necessarily occupies a fireplace - a stone or brick, in extreme cases electric. Floor coverings - a pine board, a tile from a sandstone, a slate or a laminate, imitating natural materials.

Bedroom in Provence style

For the country are characterized by:

  • bulky bulky furniture, not new in appearance (aged or restored); leather sofas and armchairs are acceptable;
  • massive forged chandelier;
  • an abundance of textiles made of matting, linen yarn, cotton, chintz - curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads are sustained in one palette;
  • wall shelves with arranged baskets, pots, vases, statuettes, photographs;
  • many hand-made maidens - self-made shops, stools, hand-made rugs and napkins, wool articles, carved wooden sculptures, original clay crafts, snags, etc.

Chalet style in the bedroom


Rusticaльный стиль — это разновидность кантри, только ещё более грубый, неотесанный, брутальный. В рустикальном дизайне дома из бревна вещи сохраняют первозданное состояние, используется минимум обработки. Конечно, здесь царят натуральные материалы — фактурное дерево и дикий камень в их естественной природной красоте.

Black and white living room design

The furniture and doors are massive, made of solid boards and have an uncouth appearance, as if they had been hammered together quickly from the fact that they turned up on the arm. The legs of the chairs and tables are made of knobby snags. Handles, hinges, decorative lining, other metal accessories - rough hand forged antique.

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Extruded living room in the house

In the decor there are many artifacts from branches and old logs with bark: hangers, lampshades, mirror frames, stair rails. Well fit in the style of forged lamps and grilles, animal skins on the floor, stump stands, large wicker baskets, stone countertops, powerful ceiling beams, treated with an ax.

Living room with fireplaceи вторым светом

The stove or fireplace is made of brick or lined with a rough stone.

Living room in classic style

In general, rustic is a purely masculine style of environment, the home of warriors and hunters, where all sorts of cute female trinkets will be inappropriate.

Eco style in a log house


Chalet — это альпийская разновидность кантри, уютный сельский домик в горах. Это не значит, что стиль шале подходит только для горной провинции — сейчас он популярен везде в мире, в том числе в городах.

Combination of logs with white

Here, too, the interior is dominated by untreated wood and stone, rough fabrics and leather. No glossy, polished, polished surfaces. Simple large-sized furniture under the antiquity, wooden or ceramic decor, panels and tapestries on the walls, compositions from dry mountain and wildflowers, fresh flowers in wooden tubs. Everywhere rugs or capes of artificial skins, knitted plaids with a simple ornament.

Bedroom interior with work desk

Floors are covered with unpainted massive boards. In the kitchen and in the bathroom the floors are covered with a stone or with a tile imitating a stone; sometimes they mount "warm floors". An impressive fireplace is decorated with a wild stone or wood. Also, a stone can be used to wall part, for example, around doors. On the ceiling, ceiling beams are required - real or decorative.

Cozy sitting area by the window

The overall palette of the chalet is warm wood, brown, terracotta, ocher colors with contrasts white and gray-blue.

White Log House Lounge

Thus, the modern interior in a wooden house from round logs can be very diverse. In addition, the creativity of designers is not limited to the listed styles - the interior design of a wooden house from a log can include elements of classicism, modernism, fusion and other styles, unusual contrasts, original modern solutions.

Narrow living room in a log house

They are united by one thing: rejection of plastic and other "chemistry", preference for natural materials, general trend of eco-style. Whatever the interior, a person in a wooden house always feels comfortable and confident: these houses are friendly to people, they have a centuries-old history - our ancestors lived in them. It's good that this tradition is reborn.