Design of the house +155 photos of examples of interior

Fireplace under the stairs

We are all different. Each of us has its own taste. It manifests itself in clothing, any preferences, has a direct impact on the design of the house. Interior is a collective term. He does not only mean the style, but also the choice of colors and materials, the making of decor by their own hands, etc.

  • What color is associated with relaxation?
  • What subject promotes rest?
  • Which material is suitable for bedroom interior?
  • What subjects bring joy?
  • With what thing do you identify yourself?
  • What can be the internal design of private houses and cottages?

Answers will help create a modern design. Any person can give their habitation an individuality and uniqueness. The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor. The design of the dwelling should be harmonious. Eliminate irritant elements. If you can not choose the best interior design, we recommend that you contact the designer for assistance. You can also find house designs with an interior design on the Internet. The best design projects are always open-access.

Mirror and paintings on the walls

Beautiful designs of houses are presented in the following styles:

  • Provence;
  • country;
  • Arabic;
  • minimalism;
  • high tech;
  • English;
  • American;
  • jokes and so on.

The modern interior of a country house begins with planning. At this stage, develop and evaluate solutions. The owner of a private house is defined with zoning. The stage at which the owner selects the color scale and textures is called the style development. The last stage, the implementation of the project, is the selection of materials, equipment, engineering networks.

What if several people with different preferences live under the same roof? In this case, each member of the family should have a corner in which he will embody personal ideas. Look at the internet different interiors of country houses and come to an agreement. Thanks to design solutions, you can achieve that the interior of a modern house inside is harmonious.

We suggest that you consider the possible styles of arranging a private house.

White sofa and TV on the wall Armchair and table under the stairs  Large windows in the living room  Pendant lamps in the interior  Stone wall in the living room  Shelves with books and souvenirs on the wall

Provence - French classics

The best interiors of houses are made in the style of Provence. They are characterized by peace, ease, romance of the countryside, the proximity of nature and refinement.

Provence can not be confused with another style. It has its own characteristics:

  • pastel shades;
  • whitewashed walls;
  • landscapes in frames;
  • floral pattern on fabrics;
  • graceful forging;
  • minimalism in detail;
  • windows with shutters.

This style direction makes you think about rest on the sea, olive groves, lavender fields, fragrant spices, poppy fields.

Pictures above the sofa

When decorating walls, you need to use decorative plaster. It is applied roughly, giving the walls an unevenness and roughness. Some rooms are covered with a simple board, painting it in light colors. The kitchen apron is usually spread with glazed brick, but it is also possible to use natural stone or ordinary tiles.

For a floor apply painted wooden boards or terracotta granite. In the old French buildings you can find unpainted boards on the floor. The interior of the cottage in the modern style of Provence supports this tradition and does not allow the use of floor coverings such as laminate, parquet or linoleum.

Antique furniture in the interior

For ceilings use a light color and a contrasting color of the beam. In the rooms are installed white doors, they are aged and painted with flowers. The internal design of the private house is supported by French windows. Frames consist of several sections. Preference is given to white.

Provencal furniture is functional and elegant. Do not choose carved headsets with fanciful details. The rooms are decorated in pastel shades: lavender, cream, yellow, blue. The house is decorated with textiles: veil, cage, flax, tapestry.

Mirror over the fireplace White furniture in the kitchen  Stuffed on the walls  Chandelier with lamps in the form of candles  Living room with white furniture  Patterns on the ceiling

Country - proximity to nature

The next interior of a private house in a modern style, which many people dream about, is called country music. This is a solid village house with neat curtains, light mansions, wooden furniture. Style was defined as an independent in the early 1950's. It became popular due to its functionality and comfort. It has several directions. English and French are significantly different from each other. However, in their basis they have rural life.

Today the following country destinations are known:

  • French;
  • Swiss;
  • English;
  • German;
  • Italian;
  • American.

Closet with souvenirs next to the sofa

The interior design of a country house in a modern country style has distinctive features:

  • calm colors;
  • Fully furnished;
  • unique dishes;
  • natural materials;
  • forged items;
  • original textiles;
  • textured furniture;
  • decor with their own hands.

In this style, the rooms are designed simply, but tastefully. The walls, the floor, the ceiling are painted in one color. The kitchen is decorated with ceramic, wooden or copper hand-made dishes. All the elements that are found in the house are made of natural materials. Country allows forged items. The kitchen table is covered with a tablecloth, openwork curtains hang on windows, beds are covered with hand-made covers, homemade carpets or animal skins are placed on the floor. Pillars in the interior of the room

Кантри богат на decor with their own hands. Он отличается от других направлений цветовой гаммой. Внутренний дизайн дома нужно выполнять в приглушенных пастельных оттенках. Кантри разрешает применение цветочного или клеточного узора.

For country interior use lacquered, wooden, forged furniture, rattan or textile items. Headsets have simple and clear shapes without monograms and unnecessary decor. The kitchen looks good buffet, shelves, a large dining table, chairs or a wooden bench. In the living room set a set of upholstered furniture, a small table, large book shelves. In the bedroom there is a comfortable bed.

The simplicity of the rooms is emphasized by textiles. Country welcomes napkins, tablecloths, bedspreads, delicate curtains, homemade rugs. In this interior, two colors are combined: green and white, pink and green, lavender and yellow. The bedroom windows are curtains in the floor. They necessarily include pick-ups. Bedspread on the bed should be in harmony with the curtains. On the floor of the living room put a carpet, windows make out simple curtains. The use of textiles made in scrappy technique is possible.

Bar counter in the kitchen

Modern country allows the use of porcelain stoneware on the floor. However, most often structural wooden boards are used. They are painted with stain or ordinary oil paint. On the floor put animal skins, jute mats, wool carpets, homemade rugs or tracks.

To finish the walls apply stretch fabric or wood panels, make a stone or brick decor, glue colorful wallpaper, use monophonic plaster.

Country loves decor. The abundance of dishes, figurines, candlesticks will not spoil the interior of the house. On the contrary, the rooms acquire their individuality and originality. The dining area is decorated with vases with fresh flowers. Landscapes with rural motifs hang on the walls. The kitchen is decorated with metal or ceramic dishes, baskets, homemade cans for cereals and spices. The best designs of houses are obtained with the use of decor with their own hands.

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Wooden furniture in the kitchen Sofa, armchairs and table opposite the fireplace  Beams on the ceiling of the kitchen  Steering wheel and circle on the wall  Horse riding statue  Furniture from logs by the fireplace

Arab style or east - a delicate matter

Arab style "smells" of luxury, incense, viscous oils, hot nights. It is based on Islamic age-old traditions and home-made decor. It is not necessary to decorate rooms with expensive items. The main thing in such a flow is to throw dust in the eyes, so that visitors get the impression of the untold wealth of the owner.

According to the Qur'an, drawings of the living are forbidden, therefore this eastern interior does not have picturesque or sculptural elements. However, he is rich in complex patterns and arabesques.

Patterns are seen both on walls, and on ceilings, columns and even furniture. In rooms, many textiles are used: tents, carpets and pillows. For this flow, minimalism is not allowed.

The skin of a bear on the floor

It is difficult for a European person to understand the essence of the Arabian interior. Pillows on the floor are replaced by chairs, soft furniture is covered with variegated covers of satin. Sometimes in the living room have a low inlaid table. The main thing in the bedroom is a four-poster bed. It is placed in the middle of the room. It is possible to place low cabinets with openwork facades.

Textile emphasizes the Arabic flavor. On the floor, armchairs, couches and sofas lay bright carpets with complex patterns. The windows are decorated with heavy, multi-layered curtains with lambrequins.

The design of a country house in a modern style involves many lighting devices. They have pretentious shapes and give a muffled, warm light. To play with light and shadow, lamps with heavy lampshades, floor lamps, forged chandeliers, sconces, candlesticks are installed in the rooms.

Luxurious chandelier in the bedroom

Sofa and table opposite the bed  Colorful carpet in the bedroom  Carpets on the wall  Table and sofas in the living room  Ceiling and walls with patterns

The Arabs do not have doors. In this case, the passages are curtained with carpets. However, the modern Arabian design of the house inside allows the use of carved doors.

Tip: when decorating an interior in Arabic style, do not use photographs or paintings. In addition, modern furniture sets are not allowed!

Minimalism - free space

Today, more and more people make their homes in minimalist style. This flow is characterized by regular shapes, restrained colors, monolithic surfaces, simple materials, free area, open windows, multifunctional furniture, laconic lighting, minimal decor.

Minimalism is maintained in black and white. Acceptable small bright accents, which emphasize the airiness of a private house. Accents should touch small objects and surfaces.

Sex should be concise. Designers are advised to stop on the floor, laminate, neutral carpet or granite. Floor coverings of individual rooms may differ, but they must be consistent in a single color scheme. Minimalism allows the use of polymeric floor coverings.

Aquarium in the divan

If the project allows, make one of the walls of the house glass. It will become a real highlight of housing, breathe a sense of freedom and space into it. If this is not possible, stop at the panoramic windows.

Minimalism requires restraint in every detail. He does not allow the use of stucco on the ceiling.

Built-in wardrobes should have a maximum of shelves and storage compartments. The bedroom is equipped with a bed that does not have a headboard. On the sides of the bed put simple thumbs. Minimalism allows the use of mirrors of non-standard form in frames or without.

Striped carpet and white sofa

Perfection is the key to minimalism. Only high-quality materials made of stone, glass, wood, natural leather or linen cloth are used for decoration of premises. It is allowed to use artificial materials made of plastic or metal. Minimalism is ascetic. To soften the restraint, the interior uses airy fabrics: tulle or organza.

When building a minimalistic house, you need to use a lot of light. Install laconic lighting. It can be as spot lights, or floor lamps or wall sconces. Highlights all the zones in the house.

Minimalism is very similar to the style called hi-tech. However, the latter has its own distinctive features.

Yellow carpet on white floor Tree in the interior  Suspended chandeliers in the bedroom  White Bedroom Interior  Landscape on the living room wall  Closet with books behind the couch

Hi-tech - modern and stylish

The combination of hi-tech (from English high technology) is translated as high technology. This is an original, dynamic and rather avant-garde style.

The interior of a country house in a modern style has the following differences:

  • sharp lines;
  • industrial materials;
  • minimal wall decoration;
  • sliding doors;
  • set of built-in lamps;
  • monochrome color scale;
  • modern technology;
  • coldness and convenience at the same time.

Bathroom hi-tech is functional. The main materials of this room are chrome and glass. The tile should be monophonic. When decorating the interior, emphasis is placed on bright mixers and mirrors.

Glass table and black armchair

Hi-tech expands the space. This direction is suitable for decorating kitchens. Modern household appliances, glass dining table, metal elements are the real twists of style.

The comfort of the bedroom is maintained by a bed without a headboard, unusual lamps, textiles. High-tech is rarely found in children. However, adolescents will appreciate this style.

Tip: high-tech is more suitable for office interiors, so if you do not like the coldness and severity, we recommend paying attention to other, warmer interiors.

Picture by the sofa Columns with illumination  Sofa, armchairs and table opposite the TV set  Red elements in white interior  Original armchair in the living room  Sofa and table opposite the fireplace

English style - classic for ages

English style is a modern house design. It is characterized by solid furniture of dark colors, solidity, striped wallpaper. This is a niche of aristocrats. It requires clarity, the right colors, quality furniture.

English decor is rich in expensive fabrics, antiques, paintings, bronze and brass products, dark wood. This current can be called prim.

For finishing use natural materials: velvet, tapestry, leather, linen. English theme can be learned from Jacquard and printed fabrics, canopies, pillows, floor lamps.

Paintings on the wall

The windows are decorated with heavy curtains with lambrequins and fringe. English furniture has simple forms, but at the same time expresses majesty. Style direction can be determined by massive tables, heavy chairs with tapestry backs, secretaries, libraries, outdoor clock with a fight. Furniture is made of noble mahogany and varnished with terracotta shades.

At the design it is possible to apply subjects in the style of the chinoiser: bamboo lined panels, porcelain vases with S-shaped legs, bed sets with motifs of birds, caskets, porcelain baubles. The English interior is characterized by colonial motifs: shiny parquet, leather sofas, silk wallpaper.

When creating the English interior of a house inside, adhere to the following rules:

  • The floor and doors must be of dark wood;
  • Walls be covered with wooden panels or wallpaper in a vertical strip;
  • on the walls and ceiling is allowed the presence of stucco;
  • furniture should be massive;
  • the decor should be expensive (crystal, forging, textiles, wood);
  • Cushions, curtains, carpets should have a pattern in the form of cages, birds or flowers;
  • build a fireplace and a winter garden;
  • in the room you need to have a library;
  • in the interior there should be paintings and engravings.

Tree on the walls of the living room Chic interior of the living room  A picture above the fireplace  Poster on the wall  Candlesticks with candles on a table  Shelves with books on the walls

American style - modern and affordable

Beautiful interiors of country houses can not do without the American style. It was formed several centuries. He was influenced by some other styles. As a result, we have a modern interior offering a free spatial layout. It is organized around the axis of the private house. Space zoned through furniture. The decor is made in beige shades.

The walls of the American interior should be smooth. They are plastered or wallpapered with a medium-sized pattern. The ceilings are whitewashed, decorated with moldings or beams. When decorating the floor, standard materials are used: parquet board, laminate, granite, artificial stone.

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Pictures above the sofa

Americans do not arrange furniture along the walls. It is put in the center, thus dividing the zones of the room. The furniture should be solid and rather massive. Very often in the living room set up a sofa for several seats.

The windows are decorated with curtains of mixed fabric. The style allows you to use Roman blinds or blinds. For the organization of lighting use multicolored suspensions, sconces, floor lamps. The light should be warm.

Premises should not be oversaturated with excessive decor. There are enough flowers in flowerpots, paintings, photographs and several statuettes.

Living room and dining room in one room Painting over the sofa  White furniture in the living room  Grand piano by the window  A picture above the fireplace  Skin on the floor by the couch

Design of a chalet-style house - French Romance

The homeland of this area is France. To recreate the chalet used natural wood and stone. The design of the cottage inside expresses coziness, romance and simplicity. The roof of the chalet has wide ledges that do not allow the snow to get inside. During construction use panoramic double-glazed windows. The terrace is equipped with rattan or bamboo furniture. Attic houses are made of logs.

Chandelier with candles in the living room

The chalet resembles a hunter's house, in which the following recognizable elements are present:

  • fireplace;
  • high ceilings and panoramic double-glazed windows;
  • massive furniture;
  • multi-level lighting system;
  • linen curtains.

Household appliances are hidden behind furniture facades. The interior is decorated with landscapes, stuffed animals, weapons, leather, natural textiles, candles and old chandeliers.

Table of boards Wood in the kitchen decoration  White sofas and a black table opposite the fireplace  Carpet with stones in the interior  Lamps at the bed  White ottomans in front of the fireplace

Modern interior of the house

Modern housing should be functional, safe and cozy. The interior of the house in a modern style will be interesting if you adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not overload the space with extra furniture and decor;
  • hide unnecessary wires;
  • use modern appliances;
  • maintain a constant order;
  • correctly zonate the area of ​​the house;
  • prefer a calm color scheme;
  • do not mix several styles together;
  • give each member of the family his corner;
  • take care of correct and sufficient lighting;
  • use high-quality materials and textiles;
  • make your home individual and recognizable;
  • use living houseplants;
  • decorate the house with objects made with your own hands;
  • Do not ignore paintings, photographs, engravings;
  • periodically change the scenery, so as not to lose the feeling of novelty;
  • Determine the style and support it;
  • try to achieve harmony;
  • do not forget about safety.

The most interesting designs and the best design projects were created with all the rules in mind.

Table of glass and metal in the interior Unusual chair on the chain  Chic chandelier in the living room  Floor lamp next to the sofa  TV and fireplace opposite the couch  Sofa, armchairs and table near the fireplace

Design project: put emphasis

It is necessary to choose the right interior design of the house in a modern style. The house is a place of rest from everyday cares and work. Choose the interior in which you will be comfortable. Consider the opinions of all family members. Incorrectly chosen interior details will irritate and cause quarrels. Think ahead.

The design of a private house inside assumes zoning of premises. Rooms should be combined in style, complementing each other. When moving from one room to another there should be no sense of incompleteness. Floor coverings, window frames, walls: everything should be in harmony.

The hallway is a room in which there should not be trash. It should be neat and functional. Do not overload it with furniture. Enough hangers, shelves for shoes, a small closet with a mirror, in which will be stored outerwear. The emphasis should not be on any premises, but on accuracy.

Chest of drawers in the hallway

Guests and residents of the house come together in the living room or dining room. In such a room should be comfortable and convenient. Large sofa, comfortable desk, TV, bookcase: think through all the details. Arrange the room according to the chosen style. Create coziness with the help of decor. The interior of large houses should not be cold.

Wall for a brick in the living room

Sleeping is a place of rest and solitude. This room should be hidden from prying eyes. Arrange the bedroom as it will be convenient for you first. Buy a good bed with a good mattress. Remember - this is your personal zone.

Bedroom design with light

Kitchen should not be different from the overall design of the house. In such a room, everything should be at hand. Consider and plan the location of the sink, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator. Adhere to the rule of the triangle.

Yellow kitchen and white furniture

Design project of the living room

The living room is the center of the home. It collects all family members and their guests. It celebrates and celebrates holidays. The design of the hall can be diverse. Sometimes it is combined with a dining area, kitchen or even a bedroom. For the living room choose the largest room in the house.

The design project helps to define the style direction. On this depends on the further decoration of the room. The project provides for the zoning of the premises, placement of furniture, lighting. You can use the services of a designer or create a project yourself, using computer programs.

Illuminated painting

It is important to choose the right color. It is best to dwell on warm shades. You can make bright accents on small objects of interior. Use the color compatibility chart. Luxury interior design of private houses is not planned overnight.

The symbol of family comfort and hearth is the fireplace. Its installation can be incorporated in the project. In advance, think about the decor of the future living room. As decorations, you can use hand-made products, paintings, photographs, flowerpots, statuettes and other knick-knacks.

Corner sofa and table in front of the TV Ceiling with fixtures  Shelves with illumination on the walls  Chic chandelier in the living room  Ottomans and a table opposite the sofa  Photo on the wall in the living room

Hall design project

The hallway is the face of the dwelling. From its design depends on the first impression of the house and its owners. The design project must take into account the dimensions of the room and the illumination. When designing the hallway, consider its purpose. It is always used as a place for dressing / undressing, as well as storing outerwear and shoes. In accordance with the area of ​​the room in the hallway, install either a coupe or a small closed cupboard.

Shelves with illumination in the hallway

The design project should also take into account the arrangement of furniture. Do not forget about the mirror, pouf, shelf for shoes, housekeeper. Arrangement of the hallway depends on the shape of the room. If the hallway is long, it can be shortened by installing racks.

The hallway should be well lit. Place the top light in the immediate vicinity of the mirror or install an additional wall lamp.

Tile under the stone on the wall Mirror cabinet in the hallway  Chest of drawers in the hallway  Banquet with drawers  Built-in lighting in shelves  Photo on the wall in the hallway

Design-design kitchens

The kitchen should fit the hostess. When developing a design project, be guided by the following rules:

  • kitchen set must be selected in accordance with the growth of the hostess;
  • the size of the working surface should be comfortable (not less than 80 cm);
  • Washing should be deep and have an additional wing;
  • think through the handles that will be installed on the furniture;
  • Do not pour paper wallpapers on the kitchen, give preference to plaster or tiles.

Two-color furniture in the kitchen

The kitchen should be functional. The design project should provide for all necessary areas. The hostess should be comfortable to take food from the refrigerator, wash them, cut them, cook them. Place the zones in the correct sequence.

Kitchen lighting should be bright. You can install additional light under the hanging cupboards.

Kitchen with black and white furniture Kitchen interior with soft colors  Different chandeliers in the kitchen  Wall with tiles under the stone in the kitchen  Dark furniture and white table with chairs in the kitchen  Light green kitchen furniture

Bathroom design project

The design of a country house inside a bathroom should correspond to a common style. The bathroom can be combined with a toilet or separate. This is foreseen by the project. After you have decided on the style, pay special attention to the choice of plumbing. It can be cast iron, acrylic, steel or marble. In small rooms, standard baths of 150-170 cm long or shower cabins are installed, in large rooms it is possible to install a corner bath with hydromassage.

Some people put a washing machine in the bathroom. Wiring and draining must be planned in advance, like the entire cottage interior design in a modern style. The private bathroom is enjoyed daily. It should be functional and thoughtful.

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Red mosaic in the bathroom

The bathroom does not store a lot of things. For shampoos and shower gels, a small hanging cupboard is provided, in which there is a mirror. For storage of towels set a small open rack.

The bathroom should be well ventilated. If necessary, add electrical installation to the project. Do not forget about the heated towel rail. Choose the model that fits your bathroom.

Shower next to the bathroom Backlight in the shower  Chocolate tiles in the bathroom  Luxurious bathroom interior  Bathroom with built-in lights  Shelves with illumination in the bathroom

Bedroom design project

Design project not only reveals preferences, but also determines the functional purpose of the room. Modern bedrooms - it's not just a place to relax. Some people allocate a small space for an office, a dressing room or a library.

After determining the functions, pay attention to the arrangement of furniture and lighting. Before going to bed, many people read books or watch TV. Plan electrical outlets near the bed.

Skin on the bedroom floor

The ceiling in the bedroom should not be multi-level. Such a design will put pressure on the holidaymaker. It is better to make a normal stretch ceiling, and in the center to install a chandelier with muffled shades. Light in the bedroom should be soft.

The bed should be comfortable and have an orthopedic mattress. On its sides are bedside tables on which small table lamps are placed.

Tip: do not recommend installing a TV in the bedroom. This is a place to relax. Eliminate the irritating factors!

Wall of wood in the interior Shelves with illuminated bedroom  Picture above the bed  Black lamps by the bed  Unusual clock above the bed  TV in front of the bed

Design project for children

Children's room should be bright. When planning it, take into account the age and sex of the child. Traditionally, the baby for the boy is made in blue shades, and the child's for the girl - in pink. The best interior design of houses has long ruled out this concept. Try and you move away from the standards.

White-green salad

Furniture in the nursery is made of safe materials. For the child a comfortable bed with a protective edge is installed. A night light is hung around the bed. Children can not sleep well or get sick, so it is worthwhile to provide in the nursery an extra bed for an adult.

The nursery is a room that has several zones: sleeping, playing, working. A warm carpet and a convenient system for storing toys are placed in the playing area. In the work area, place a table and chair corresponding to the height of the child. In this zone there should be good lighting.

Hill above the bed Baby for girls  Wallpaper in peas in a nursery  Bright design in the nursery  Striped wall in the nursery  Children's room with a bright interior

Interior of a wooden house

Wooden houses built for centuries. The design of a private house can be made in any style.

If the log has a beautiful frame, it is simply polished and covered with stain or tinted. The result is a beautiful surface of the walls, which can become the face of any interior.

Clock above the door

The wooden walls are painted white. In this case, the rooms look Scandinavian ascetic. Some designers play in contrast, painting the ceiling and one of the walls in white, and the rest of the walls - in brown.

Nevertheless, for the wooden house, the style of the chalet, described above, is very good. In a wooden room a person feels a fusion with nature, do not give up rough furniture, animal skins, natural materials. In such housing organically fit fireplace.

Wood burning stove in the living room Beams in the interior of the room  Carpet on the floor in front of the sofa  Sofas and a table opposite the fireplace  Table with mirror and banquet  Sofa and table by the window

Mansard design

The attic can be called this way only in the following cases:

  • has an equipped entrance;
  • has low ceilings;
  • has hydro and thermal insulation;
  • equipped with ventilation and air conditioning;
  • has windows.

Shelf with books in the attic

In the mansard room you can equip a sports hall, bedroom, study, dressing room, living room. When arranging a bed, place the bed near a blind wall at a safe distance to the ceiling. In the attic bedroom, do not install cabinets, give preference to spacious chests.

When setting up a living room, consider the size of the room. Furniture is better placed in the corners of the room, smoothing its asymmetry. Choose a vertically stretched decor to visually increase the height of the ceilings.

White interior of the attic Rocking chair in the attic  Armchair and table with a computer by the window  Rug between the beds  Sofa and armchair in front of the TV  Floodlights on the ceiling

Design of a fireplace

The interior of a country house will not be considered complete without the installation of a fireplace. The fireplace is combined with almost any interior.

If the fireplace is made in the classical style, then it is worth choosing a model of a fireplace of the correct form. Sometimes such a fireplace is decorated with moldings, creating a shelf for decor and accessories. On the shelf put pictures, vases, candelabra.

Basket with firewood by the fireplace

Looks good minimalist fireplace. In this case, the focus is concealed behind a false panel or ceramic lining.

The country fireplace room is very cozy. The fireplace is decorated with natural or artificial stone. If the hearth is artificial, then you can hang a TV over it. Side of the fireplace placed drovnitsu, which is in harmony with the country style.

Stone fireplace Chest of drawers with books by the fireplace  Unusual table in the interior  Tile under the stone on the fireplace  Wood as an element of decor for the fireplace  Starfish on the fireplace

Decor facade home

The design of the cottage outside the house must match its contents. Today you can meet the scenery in the German style half-timbered. The decor assumes the presence on the facade of the building of dark beams made of wood. The house itself is painted in a light color.

The houses of the country are distinguished by natural materials in the decoration of the facade. For finishing choose materials of warm shades. Provenance houses look very much like country houses. The difference is that they are painted in pure white or cold beige tones. Provence buildings are distinguished by the presence of shutters.

Path to the house

You can learn the houses of the chalets from afar. They are made of logs, have a sloping wide roof and panoramic windows. Their facades do not paint.

Houses of minimalists and hi-tech lovers stand out for their non-standard forms. They are made in the form of a cube, they have glass walls and panoramic double-glazed windows. The walls of these buildings are covered with modern artificial materials.

House with garage Table and chairs in front of the house  Ate at the house  House of interesting architecture  Wooden house  Alpine hill in front of the house

Arrangement of the house area

The house area should be divided into zones. When considering zoning, consider the following rules:

  • The zone for children's games should be easily seen;
  • a recreation area and a parking lot should be located in the backyard;
  • All zones must be combined into a single whole by means of tracks;
  • a garden or a garden should be broken in the depth of the plot;
  • zones can be separated by self-made arches or walls from living plants;
  • in the shade of the trees you can install a swing.


On the adjacent territory should be convenient paths. They can be made independently using concrete slabs, stones, gravel, pebbles, expanded clay and other known materials. Open ground areas are best planted with lawn grass or flowers.

If the area allows, you can break a small pond, which will swim the fish or place the pool. Landscape design of a country house is better to entrust to professionals.

Benches and fire Armchairs in front of the hearth  Table and chairs in the gazebo  Open verandah  Swimming pool at the cottage  Swing and guitar

Independent design project

Is it possible to design a design project at home yourself? Yes! There would be a desire.

The interior of a modern house can be created with the help of design programs that can be found on the Internet. There you can find ready-made designs of houses with interior and layout. You need to start the project with planning. Decide for yourself in what style you want to see your housing, how you arrange furniture, determine the functional purpose of each room in the house.

The girl is drawing

On the basis of the data obtained, draw a diagram of the ceilings, placing electro points for lighting. Plan the layout of the outlets, considering the future placement of household appliances, technical equipment.

Proceed directly to the visualization of the interior. Decide on the concept, the form of furniture, the palette, the necessary materials. As a result, you will get a one-piece project, which can be used as a basis for translating ideas.