Paris example of a successful light interior

Living room with balcony

Inexpensive housing with a small number of square meters is found in many cities around the world, so the design of such projects these days becomes one of the most common tasks for designers.

A vivid example of such a decor can be considered a tiny apartment located in Paris, whose mistress was able to use competently all the nuances of its location and properly organize its own space. This dwelling is filled with light and comfort, so necessary for a comfortable state of mind of any person.

Exclusive approach

Most likely, the creation of such a decor of the designer was inspired by a magnificent historical landscape, located outside the window, thanks to which there appeared a mixture of several styles, in professional language called eclecticism.

First of all, the proprietress's inclination to modern minimalism was manifested, which had to be supplemented with notes of antiquity and hi-tech.

The next step was the absolutely correct choice of the color palette, which includes white and light wood, which gently alternate with each other, as well as an amazing author's decor that gave the entire room an area of ​​only 40 square meters. m unique charm, so suitable for the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful and romantic cities of the world.

Living room in white Small balcony with a view of the city Kitchen in white color Table on the balcony Large glass doors to the balcony

Light accents

By placing all the surfaces of a large number of glossy details in the rooms, an original play of light arises that visually lifts the ceilings and spreads the walls.

In the living room is a round mirror and a glass stand with posters, and throughout the house are placed original vases and other dishes reflecting the sun's rays, which penetrate through the huge window openings decorated only with light thin curtains.

Paintings in interior design Large chandelier in the living room Bedroom with access to the balcony

Appeal to the retro

The unique historical atmosphere was created by a competent selection of cabinet furniture made of light wood, slightly aged due to special methods used by modern designers.

In addition, the hostess paid special attention to living house plants, arranged around the house, which create a special mood of a cozy home, which was famous for interiors of the last century.

Bar table on wheels Pictures on the dining table Magazines in the table under the glass

Unique parts

The main task of decorating any living space, of course, is a reflection of the character and vital views of the person who will live here. Therefore, the owner of the apartment did not stint on interesting accents with the use of personal belongings, reflecting its essence.

The highlight of the project was porcelain figurines, a variety of prints, chic stucco and voluminous paper toys suspended from the ceiling.

Particularly noteworthy is the marble portal for the fireplace, which is located in the bedroom, turned into a mirror stand, and a simple stool playing the role of a bedside table.

Such non-standard solutions ultimately create the house of your dreams, where it is comfortable not only for you, but also for your close people.

Original decorative design Fireplace in the interior of the bedroom