Interior design of the hallway

It is said that the theater begins with a dressing room, then the apartment must start from the hallway, then the hallway begins with the entrance door. The choice of interior, as a choice of make-up for the face, plays a significant role for the whole image of a residential apartment. The interior of the hallway is closely related to the overall design chosen for the whole house, and these common premises are connected by common doors. Namely, the doors, including the outer ones, make up the face of the entrance hall. The difficulty of creating a functional interior is that you can not sacrifice functions in favor of the quality of the interior. The room must fulfill certain daily duties.

Interior design of the hallway

The best solution as the main functional element is to choose a specialized wardrobe for the hallway. If there is a section of a wall with a length of 160cm or more, the cabinet will come from three vertical zones and two horizontal zones (upper and lower).

The structure of the cabinet can be standard:

  • Closed vertical wardrobe for outer clothing under the hangers. It is made deep for the transverse arrangement of the arms-hangers or longitudinal.
  • An open coat rack for daily clothes and a guest. Depending on the length of the cabinet, it is completed with 3-5 double hooks.
  • Mirror open part with a mirror and shelf for combs and clothing brushes.
  • The lower zone is a low cabinet or drawer for shoes and care items.
  • The upper zone is made in the form of a shelf for hats.

The inner part of the entrance door and the doors leading from the hallway to the apartment rooms together with the cabinet should be made in the same color solutions and close in style. Ideal, when during the renovation, new interior elements are selected and ordered at the same time. When the color solutions of the doors exist, the best solution is to manufacture a cabinet to order. This will allow not only to choose the desired coloring for the catalog, but also to maximize the wall size along the length and height for the ordered product.

Interior design of the hallway

The complement of the interior of the hallway is a mandatory ottoman, sometimes it is difficult for older people to stand standing. When the space of the room allows, the original addition is the umbrella case made in one key with the cabinet.

Unfortunately, old trends in construction left small kitchens and hallways for people, so it is necessary to rationalize their area.

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