Repair without costs - an example from practical scandinavia

Bedroom in Scandinavian style

Often the story of the transformation of housing begins with the fact that designers offer to demolish several walls, combine part of the rooms. And what if there is no possibility and desire to re-cut the apartment, but I want to make it cozy and native? An example of what this really is, came to us from Scandinavia, whose residents are distinguished by healthy practicality.

Owners of this home are not only happy with its small size and old proportions, but also did not begin to change even inexpensive tiles in the kitchen, and also use very simple built-in wardrobes. They also did not abandon the rich decor, and in this illogical act the charm of this place was born.

Workstation in the bedroom Open cloakroom in the bedroom

This feeling is born from the fact that in a single space objects from two different times come together. Modern bed, table, armchair get along with a hanger, stove, bedside table of the era of black and white cinema. And even linens has a picture in retro style. It is interesting that many old solutions primarily help to save space.

Living room in studio apartment Living room in Scandinavian style Entrance hall in white color

Round lamps, kitchen facades are good things, which can be called echoes of the past. In this apartment, the objects step by step follow the classical line from the date of building the house to the present day. So the owners save their money, and create a charming aura of respect by the time. How logical and elegant they do it!

Kitchen in the white-olive palette Dining area by the window Sideboard for dishes in the kitchen Kitchen and dining room in Scandinavian style

Is not there something special in trying to preserve the history of the simplest type structure? Following this example, you can try and make changes in your home for the better, without undertaking large-scale repairs.