Interior of the apartment in white color

White corner sofa with gray pillows

White is the color of purity, virtue, joy. Kohler angels and brides, ice and cold, freedom and peace. It is believed that in nature there is no perfectly white - there are only a few dozen of its shades. But the original design of the apartment in white color will have to the liking of many - it not only creates the impression of amazing cleanliness, neatness, but also significantly expands any available space, filling it with light.

Its positive aspects:

  • visually widens even the smallest room, making it limitless;
  • it is combined with almost all colors;
  • gives the room a little aristocratic nobility, sophistication;
  • makes the apartment lighter, because it reflects the light;
  • is relevant at all times, does not go out of fashion for many years;
  • suitable for the design of most famous styles.

Negative properties:

  • impractical, very frequent cleaning is required - surfaces that are covered with a thin layer of dust, spoil the whole impression;
  • it is difficult to choose a suitable palette of shades, while maintaining the given style;
  • without at least minimal color accents such an interior looks uncomfortable, faceless;
  • any irregularities on the walls, flaws in the furniture are very noticeable.

White upholstered furniture in the interior of the living room Brown curtains in the interior Black chandelier in the living room White sofa in front of the TV Gray carpet on the floor in the living room Black sofa opposite the coffee table

The complex texture of walls, stucco elements, furniture collects dust and dirt on itself, and it is extremely difficult to wash such surfaces, therefore it is better not to use such details.

The influence of white on the human atmosphere

White is usually associated only with bright, positive associations - a white dove, a prince on a white horse, a bride's dress. In the mythology of the Russian people, there was a character "Belun" - a house-man, who brought money to the dwelling. Many colorkles are associated with the hospital.

This color can be annoying, tiring, although at first it calms, relaxes. The eyes in this room also quickly get tired, because the pupil, not observing darker shades, remains narrow all the time. In a standard, not completely white apartment, this window frames, ceilings, sometimes wallpaper, plumbing, tulle on the windows, bed linen, part of the kitchen furniture and household appliances. Advice: snow-white shades most often form an apartment where they do not live permanently, but are only periodically.

Mirror in the interior of the apartment Working area in the living room Laminate in kitchen design Shades of black in the design of the white room The hotel with white furniture Bright pictures in the interior of the living room

Stylistic solutions for white

The most favorable looks in the following styles:

  • Provence - whitewashed floor made of natural wood, light furniture, discreet rustic, floral ornaments;
  • country - is very popular in European countries. In Russia, in the kitchen or in the studio apartment, the central element is a white Russian stove, a lot of bleached flax, roughly processed wooden surfaces;
  • loft - open lay-out, light brick walls, screens, partitions of shades of silver, steel, with some deliberately stressed rust. Artificially aged furnishings, as if from the Soviet past;
  • minimalism - few items, a limited number of color accents, almost no decor, multi-level lighting;

Black pillow on a white sofa

  • hi-tech - a lot of light, steel, silver, glass, straight lines. The most functional furniture, the latest home appliances. On the windows there are bright blinds, on the walls of the mirror, the walls themselves are smooth, light;
  • kontemporari - convenience, ergonomic furniture, a combination of different materials. There are relatively many color accents on the walls;
  • classic - furniture from light wood, decoration of walls with light marble and silk wallpaper, strict forms, symmetry in everything;
  • Baroque - an abundance of white stucco on the walls, ceilings, columns, pilasters, in combination with the furniture of bleached oak will create a unique atmosphere of this palace;
  • east - low furniture, reed mats on the floor, milk-white draperies in the center of the ceiling, duplicated on the windows, mostly warm shades;
  • Scandinavian - apparent cold, simplicity, roughness of finish, with a unique coziness, a lot of warm light;
  • Art Nouveau - smooth curved lines of furniture, an abundance of plant patterns, including stucco, luxury in everything.
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White flowers in a vase Beige furniture in the interior White kitchen with beige dining area Bed with white bed linen Large white kitchen Black and white carpet on the floor of the room

What should be the lighting

White is the color of the midday sun. The smaller the room, the more light it requires. Zoning of the space, one way or another, is carried out in any apartment - each zone is lighted separately: over the bed - diffused light, where a person reads, writes, draws, works at a computer, handicrafts, lighting is made as bright or adjustable. In the kitchen, the working area is brightly illuminated, and the dining room is slightly weaker. In the nursery each corner is sufficiently illuminated. In the bathroom, your own light source is needed above each plumbing fixture. Loggia, dressing room are also equipped with lamps. Illuminated and all the large mirrors, especially the one that is located above the dressing table. The floor perimeter should preferably be illuminated with an LED strip, especially if the family has small children and elderly people - it is difficult for them to navigate in the dark if they have to get up at night.

Black coffee table in the living room

The warmer the light in the room, the more comfortable feel it is in it. Warm light is associated with the sun, in a "snowy" apartment it is required a lot. Cold lighting is suitable only for the kitchen or the hallway.

Do I need accent spots

The accent elements will not be superfluous - without them the room seems boring, lifeless. To make accents in snow-white space is much easier than in any other. To the interior did not seem excessively strict, it is added textures - textile elements, rounded corners of furniture, glass and metal. Indoor flowers, whether violets, palms, cactus, well complement the space, animating it.

Contrast photo wallpapers on one wall are allocated a separate zone - for rest, work, sports, etc. Draperies on furniture are combined in color with curtains, carpet - with screens or paintings on the walls. But it is not necessary to create many accents - chaos will arise.

Zoning of a spacious apartment  White kitchen in Art Nouveau style Beige and white bedroom White chandelier in the interior of the apartment White and turquoise armchair in the living room Living room с большим окном

White weakens the effect of most other colors, because their influence will be weak.

White or accent furniture

Advantages of white furniture:

  • pure color, beautiful shape;
  • the illusion of space - expands space, being unobtrusive;
  • cosiness - has to rest, relaxation.

Upholstered furniture is better equipped with removable covers, even white ones - they are easier to wash than to wipe the stain off the couch.

Dark furnishings on a light background look no less profitable, but a solid closed dark wardrobe or a huge leather sofa is completely unacceptable here - a dark spot will ruin the design idea. Soft furniture is then made into light furniture, cabinets are decorated with silver inserts, mirrors. The kitchen set creates the necessary contrast in the room and can become the only color accent on a light background.

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The most common is a wooden, "under the tree" - stained or bleached oak, cherry, Karelian birch, fir, light beech, alder, mahogany and others. Plastic, metal, glass, any combination of them will also perfectly fit into the interior.

White dining area in the interior of a one-room apartment

It is desirable that the coloring of furniture does not merge with the floor - otherwise its beautiful shape will be completely invisible. This does not apply to shelving units that fulfill the zoning function.

Versatility of white, its combination with other colors

White color has many different shades, the interiors use the following:

  • alabaster - matte, slightly yellowish;
  • milk - like cow's milk;
  • white-yellow - with a yellowish tinge;
  • cloudy - like clouds;
  • marengo-cler - light gray;
  • Amiant - dirty-whitish;
  • beige - has a creamy-gray shade;
  • pearl - like a pearl;
  • whitish - dull white;
  • gray - light shade of black;
  • platinum - smoky white metal;
  • snow-white - snowy, bright white;
  • grideperlevy - pearl gray;
  • ekryu - as an unbleached cloth;
  • smoky white - the color of smoke.

Bright interior details in a white room Yellow armchairs in a white room Red sofa in the living room The combination of green and white in the design of the apartment Beige and gray colors in the interior of the white living room Laminate floor on the living room

Also white refers to the color of ivory, linen, flower white, lemon-cream, cosmetic cream, ghost-white, silver, Navajo, linen, antique, purple-white, mint-cream, sky-blue, etc.

Combine the data of the tone can be absolutely with any, but not more than two. And white should account for 60-70% of the space to be decorated. Complement it usually with one color, which takes up to 30% of the room, the rest - small accents.

Black and red in the design of the white kitchen

The most beautiful combinations are with:

  • emerald;
  • turquoise;
  • pink;
  • wood;
  • blue;
  • pale cherry;
  • сиреневым;
  • chestnut;
  • gray-olive;
  • pumpkin.

Pure black in white rooms should be avoided, preferring its lighter shades, as the black and white interior looks more black than white.

Interiors of rooms

The design project of any interior provides that attention will be paid to each room in the apartment, whether it's "odnushka", two-room, three-roomed. A bright apartment looks good, especially if the conceptual stylistics conceived is fully observed. That is, if the bedroom is made in the Gothic style, the living room is not made in grunge stylistics, as is the country kitchen. What is important, the doors for all rooms of the apartment are necessarily made in the same color - wooden, laminated, from combined materials, etc. They should ideally fit into the interior of the rooms, combining in color with the floor, walls or accents.

White and Beige Room One room apartment in white color One bedroom apartment in white color Blue coffee table in front of a white sofa White in the interior of the apartment Lighting the apartment in a modern style

For cramped premises, combinations with warm tones are preferred, for the spacious ones, colder, darker ones are taken.

Entrance hall

Wallpaper silver in color immediately lead to the idea of ​​a luxurious interior. The huge mirror is framed by a frame with several shelves. Beige built-in wardrobe in the corner will hide everything that is capable of breaking the color harmony of whiteness. Light floor covering, but the rug at the threshold is brownish-gray. Several black and white photos in the framework complement the interior.

Gray-white anteroom Black floor in the design of the white hallway  White and black in the hallway design  White color in the design of the corridor  Entrance hall в белом цвете  Black furniture in the design of the white hallway

Living room

One of the walls is decorated with large-format photo wallpapers depicting white and yellow camellias or roses, a snow leopard or a polar fox, a mountain landscape or a snow-covered birch forest. Light wallpaper with a small floral ornament occupy the remaining three walls. The floors are decorated with a gray-graphite laminate, the same doors. The middle of the room is covered with a snow-white sofa, C-shaped, opposite one more logical accent - the TV on the console. White snow piano in combination with the same fireplace will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

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Decorative ceiling from plasterboard Living room с белой мебелью Corner sofa with white and brown pillows Living room в белых и бирюзовых тонах Black curtains in the interior of the living room Black decor elements in the living room are white

It is preferable to have several different in color, texture, sets of sofa covers, curtains - if one of the options is boring, another will replace it, and you will not have to repaint the entire room.

Living room в белом цвете


In ancient times, residents of some countries believed that you need to sleep in white clothes on a snow-white bed - then you will have good dreams. Since white is a symbol of purity, going to sleep in a crystal clear bed will be very pleasant.

White color in bedroom design White color in the bedroom interior Bedroom в белом цвете White bed in the bedroom with a large window White Bedroom Furniture Bedroom с видом на море

The bed is decorated with a milky shade with a lace canopy, the bed is decorated and the dressing table is decorated. A fluffy carpet mimicking the zebra skin will decorate the middle of the room, giving even more coziness. The floor is desirable to make the darkest part of the room - it will give a sense of calm. Dark accent elements will be paintings on the walls, local patterns on the curtains.


White is the main color of household appliances, because it does not even need to be hidden. The kitchen apron is decorated with plastic panels "under white brick", vertical PVC slats can be decorated and the entire kitchen, but not more than one-third the height of the walls. The ceiling is whitewashed, and street light is allowed to penetrate freely through the window. Light floor tiles with a small number of patterns will add individuality to the room, and green plants in cream-colored flower vases will create the necessary accents. A small embroidered panel above the dining area, embroidered potholders or towels on the hooks will make the picture complete.

Furniture for kitchen in white color White color in kitchen design White color in the interior of the kitchen Kitchen островного типа Lighting the kitchen in white tones  The combination of white and black in kitchen design


White and pink children's - a true dream of a little princess. Its design is associated with the icy castle of the Snow Queen or some fairy Snow White. Here at any time of the year there is a place for snowmen made of cobwebs or cotton wool, polar bears made of fur, paper pigeons or swans made in origami technique. But if the child does not want or can not monitor the purity of his room, preference should be given to darker shades, leaving only a part of the elements of the environment pure-white.

White color in the design of the nursery White color in the design of the nursery комнаты White and gray in the interior of the nursery White Children's White furniture in the interior of the children's room White and turquoise in the interior of the nursery

For the boy, white-blue tones, sea themes will suit. You can put a bed in the form of a ship with white sails painted on the wall, decorating other walls with wallpaper with views of the sea or pirate maps. A round long-rug in the middle of the room, imitating waves, will complement the interior.


A white toilet is a sample of purity. Smoky floor tiles and platinum wall, light cabinets, sanitary equipment. The curtain or glass partition separating the shower booth is decorated with a "frosty pattern". All the extra will hide in the cupboard under the sink. On the opposite wall is a bright accent from a colored mosaic, depicting an abstract plot that is partially duplicated in two different places.

Bathroom design in white Bathroom design in white color Bathroom комната в белых тонах White color in bathroom design White color in bathroom designкомнаты White plumbing in the bathroom


Completely white apartment, even when this one-room "Khrushchev", a miniature studio, looks very nice and expensive. Only a person with a good taste will be able to afford a white apartment, capable of constantly maintaining the ideal purity in it. In the old days, such interior decoration was only for the richest - less well-toiled laborers did not have time to carefully monitor the house, in the upper classes it was done by servants. Modern designers love this color, and most importantly they know how to handle it properly. Therefore, if there are some difficulties with the color design of the premises, professionals will always come to the rescue.