Scandinavian gloss for the elegant interior of a small

The facade of the house in which the apartments are located

The elegant facade of the house where the apartments are located

A small apartment is just a short walk from Hyde Park in London. Its interior is distinguished by elegant and restrained luxury, good organization of space and a vivid distinct personality. Compared with housing in this area, it has very modest dimensions, although for many it may seem quite spacious.

Like any house, it starts from the hallway. The viewer meets a slightly laconic image with exquisite minimalism, but after passing into the living room of us, he meets a neat design with interesting elements. Snow-white walls act as the main background, and the contrasting shades of the furniture upholstery on such a canvas look more impressive. Home warmth and comfort adds a kind of organic wood: flooring, bedside tables and tables.

Interesting pictures on the white walls of the apartment

Playful accents on a white background

Furniture in the living room in the minimalist style

Luxurious furniture in minimalistic design

Magnificent cuisine is a comfortable and functional environment. Smooth facades, built-in appliances, a large window and light basic colors provide the hostess with proper conditions for daily work, which in such an environment can be a pleasant experience.

Beautiful kitchen set

Convenient organization makes life much easier

A small bedroom thanks to a fireplace takes on a completely different form. Cleanliness and freshness, reigning in the atmosphere, organize for the inhabitants the right emotional mood for recreation. But most of all impressive furniture made of noble woods, evenly spaced across the room.

Luxury bedroom

Unconditional splendor

Bathroom is a separate world, entering here you will feel the influence of a neutral palette that associates each of us with carelessness and calmness. The absence of unnecessary details that would overload the interior, the abundance of light and the softness of individual inserts organize the right image for a pleasant pastime.

Bathroom interior

Home SPA

The interior of this apartment has a simple meaning, to show that having small apartments in the city, with the help of the right organization and elegant design, you can fill your life with taste and simple luxury. Minimalism and clear contrasts involved in the project, merge into a magnificent image of modern housing, as a cozy oasis in a large metropolis.

Apartment project plan

Apartment project plan