Modular hallways in a modern interior

Modular hallways are popular and ideally fit into any interior design. This is the furniture for the hallway, which consists of separate modules. Its peculiarity is that modular elements can be used both in the complete set, and separately. Such hallways for narrow corridors are considered the most logical option, since all elements of the headset are highly mobile. In addition, they are universal and ergonomic, than other sets of furniture can not boast.

Modular anteroom

Modular hallways - ideal when it comes to the design of small rooms. Practical furniture includes all the necessary functions.

Corner modular hallway

The corner model of the modular hallway looks organically in the interior of the traditional city apartment.

Small modular wall

A small modular wall for the hallway complete with a shoe shelf looks original and unusual.

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Advantages of modular furniture

Modular furniture for the hallway is extremely popular due to its mobility. As a rule, there is very little space in the apartments, and corridors are no exception. It is convenient, but at the same time compactly place all things. Just in that case, complete sets of modular furniture. The purchase of such a character makes it possible to properly disguise all the shortcomings of the room. For example, if it is necessary to hide the unevenness of the wall or any flaws in the repair, modular hallways can handle this perfectly.

Also this option allows to optimally use the space, since it contains a large number of convenient elements. Therefore, the room is not cluttered with huge closets. Specialists will help you choose only those modules that are necessary and important to a particular customer.

Any item can be added later, when it will need.

Dark modular anteroom

Modular hall in the classical style. Restrained design for connoisseurs of a noble, but functional interior.

Light modular anteroom

Modular hall in light colors makes the space visually more spacious and light.

Angular modular allows you to place all things in the most convenient way, while the corridor will remain spacious and cozy. One of its main advantages is the variety of constituent components from which one can make choices. The kit can include a variety of details: cabinets, cabinets, individual shelves from the smallest to large, mirrors, stands, hangers for outer clothing, chests of drawers, dressing table, mezzanine.

The style of such elements can be different. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable variant depending on the design of other rooms. Professionals will recommend a competent solution for the possible arrangement of certain elements to make the interior the most comfortable and rationally furnished. With other furniture sets in the hallway variations is not so much. To give preference to modular elements of furniture it is necessary also for its rather low cost. In other cases, you have to pay the whole set, regardless of whether all the details are necessary for the buyer.

Stylish furniture for the hallway

Laconic, but stylish modular hallway in a country house.

Modular furniture for the hallway

The corner, roomy modular hallway allows you to save valuable space.

Hallways in the corridor can be made of different materials. In most cases, this tree, which makes it possible to produce extremely high-quality furniture. Products will be distinguished by their durability. Such a purchase allows not only to rationally arrange the corridor, but also to make a pleasant impression on all guests. All this thanks to a combination of comfort and style. You can make a purchase in specialized stores, where professionals will help to make the best choice. However, there is another option - it's online shopping. They are also convenient: they offer a huge selection at lower prices.

Modular anteroom с зеркальными дверцами

Mirrored doors in the modular hallway - a functional, stylish solution.

Modular furniture for the corridor

A lot of departments and drawers in the stylish hallway allow you to place all the necessary clothes and shoes.

One of the best options

The entrance hall "Mashenka" is a classic variant of furniture. It is inexpensive and corresponds to the best design solutions. At the heart of the product is a laminated wood chipboard. Such furniture is convenient for narrow and wide corridors. In depth, it leaves at 0.37 m.

The entrance hall "Mashenka" includes the following components:

  1. A convenient and roomy closet for 4 doors with a shelf. Inside there is a bar for clothes.
  2. A hanger with hooks is attached outside.
  3. A curbstone inside which there is a shelf for shoes and a place for bags. The door of the curbstone reclines.
  4. Large suspended mirror with wooden base and built-in illuminated system.
  5. A curbstone with a door. Closed space is for shoes. In it there is a box that extends, and an outer shelf. This part of the product can be used for gloves, keys and other small items.
A spacious modular wall for the hallway allows you to functionally organize space. The attractive appearance of the furniture will decorate the interior in any style.

A spacious modular wall for the hallway allows you to functionally organize space. The attractive appearance of the furniture will decorate the interior in any style.

Wardrobe for a spacious corridor

The classic design of the hallway model "Mashenka" is considered the most popular example of modular furniture.

The hallway "Mashenka" can be matched to the color and size. For example, its dimensions can be as follows:

  • depth - 0.37 m;
  • width - 1,2 m;
  • height - 2.02 m.

For a limited space, the hall "Mashenka" is equipped with a mirror, which is hung on the wall, a curbstone under a hanger. The manufacturer includes a box, which is located below the mirror, as well as a hanger with hooks.

The entrance hall "Mashenka" is worthy of attention of clients who decided to equip the entrance room. Among its main advantages are universality and comfort. The elements of the kit create a complete composition and fit into any modern interior. It is compact, does not look cumbersome, creates a sense of freedom and ease in the interior. Its main advantage is the low price. Any kind of average family can afford to purchase such a hallway. To change the situation or replace a broken element, you can order individual parts of the headset, which will completely match the rest of the modules.

Entrance hall

The entrance hall "Mashenka" is today found in different interpretations. Corner models are suitable for narrow hallways.

The roomy modular hallway model consists of a hanger, an outerwear closet and a shoe shelf.

The roomy modular hallway model consists of a hanger, an outerwear closet and a shoe shelf.

Stylish modular hallway

A stylish modular hallway is a good solution for decorating a corridor in the country style.

Other models of furniture

Modular hall "Galant" has elegance and beautiful appearance. It sets the tone for the whole apartment, providing maximum comfort and space saving. Bribes a convenient device of the cabinet, which is practical and roomy, meets the highest demands of customers.

The dimensions of the hallway are as follows:

  • depth - 0.35 m;
  • height - 2.4 m;
  • width - 1.2 m

The advantages of the model under consideration are the following:

  1. Mirror in the full length of the cabinet.
  2. Coupe doors. This device allows you to optimize the space, even if the client in the apartment has a narrow corridor.
  3. The running elements provide noise insulation at 100%.

There are many shelves and comfortable surfaces for placing not only clothes or shoes, but also small parts, for example, headdresses, scarves, gloves.

The set for the hallway "Elegy" enjoys an extraordinary popularity and high demand among buyers because of its versatility, practicality and compactness at the same time. Its total width is only 1.3 m. In height it reaches 2.4 m, and in depth it extends by 0.37 m.

Compact entrance hall

Laconic design of the hallway for a small corridor.

Stylish interior of the hallway

The combination of light beige and gray color looks creative and stylish.

Beige furniture for the hallway

A large modular wall and shoe shelf with many offices is an advantageous design solution for a spacious corridor.

The main elements of the furniture is a practical closet with many shelves, a drawer and a huge mirror. It is divided into two parts. On the left are: a bar with hangers for outer clothing, a shelf for hats and other small parts of the wardrobe, and a very roomy compartment at the top. On the right there is a compartment for shoes with a comfortable shelf, a box for accessories and small items of handy items, a shelf designed for a bunch of keys, a telephone, and the upper section is able to accommodate dimensional items. There is a mirror. The material and color of the product can be selected according to the special catalogs that consultants offer in furniture stores.

Set "Elegy" is very convenient to collect, because its components easily change places. This provides additional functionality and comfort. Due to its compactness and low cost, it can easily compete with more expensive and dimensional analogues.

It is very important, when returning home, immediately feel at ease in the first room peacefully and carefree. Modular furniture for the hallway is the best option, which will create comfort and comfort. They are becoming more popular every day. Experts recommend everyone to make sure of the expediency of such a purchase.

Modular anteroom

The modular hall includes everything you need to design a stylish interior.

Small closet for the corridor

The laconic, low-key design of the hallway is a unique solution for any city apartment.

Modular furniture with their own hands. Video

Modular passers-by in the interior of the apartment