Stunning parisian chic and first-class comfort on 16 square

Interior of a small apartment in Paris

We represent you this small apartment in Paris - the result of cooperation of two architects. The most striking feature of this project is its modest area: only 16 square meters. We have already shown many interiors of tiny houses designed by inventive minds of designers, but it's worth admitting that this former bathroom turned into a micro apartment was a surprising surprise for us.

Compact workstation in the living room Functional kitchen in red Bar stand in light wood White table top on red kitchen furniture Entrance from the kitchen to the bathroom

As you would expect, for such an unconventional transformation of design, this small Parisian home is filled with creative, inspirational ideas. The overestimated floor between the living area and the kitchen has a more practical purpose than might initially be expected. In this case, this space can hide a bed or a sofa, depending on the needs of the tenants. Steps leading to the kitchen, hide from prying eyes the place where the tools for cleaning the room are stored. Admire these photos and do not hesitate to implement your ideas and ideas when it comes to the design of a small house or apartment project.

Vase with flowers and an open book on the desktop Folding sofa in the living room The girl is laying a sofa in the living room Bed in the living room Square washbasin in the bathroom Shower with glass wall Wooden shelves in the shower