Effectively use a small hallway and staircase

Interior of a small hallway

If your staircase is large for a small hallway, there is one solution - to maximize space, loading it with additional functions, giving it a beautiful appearance, increasing utility and functionality.

First impressions of the house are formed in less than 10 seconds, the entrance hall and the stairway in it play a decisive role here.

Depending on the age and design of the house in the hallway, there may be some space in addition to the staircase, and there may be only a narrow passage to the living room. And the owner should show creative abilities for decorating his formal and creating a hospitable room with an atmosphere of affability.

It should be remembered about the functionality. What does it mean? Staircases can serve a very different purpose, not just a means of connecting levels and tiers to a dwelling. Does your family use this entrance daily or for ordinary days do you have another door?

If this space is used only in solemn occasions, then you are a lucky person and get the opportunity to focus exclusively on appearance. Maybe this site is only an intermediate stop for your children on the way from the bus to your room - they can leave here shoes, scarves, backpacks.

Each of these and other options requires a special approach. But, whatever the purpose, some ideas can help make your stairway more useful and beautiful.

Many very old houses have beautiful wooden staircases that you can brag about. Look at the photo below, how beautifully two lamps adorn the playground, illuminating the incredible railing and staircase. Instead of saturating the area with bright colors, upholstered with ottoman fabric provides a light green color and softens the perception of space.

Chest under the stairs

You may wish to have in your house the same nook for reading, like this one? Perhaps with this acquisition, the list of books you read would have significantly expanded. White walls work with light gray painting in a uniform harness, creating a cosiness and charm.

The magnificent wooden details of the stairs attract attention, the seats are built into the lower part of this structure. Textiles also successfully complements the scheme of decor. And although the geometry of the patterns in different areas of matter is different, they are all in coral shades.

Rest zone under the stairs

Next photo tells us about the dream of purity! In this space there is room for everything. Hooks, baskets and boxes provide ample opportunities for storing coats, shoes and items for pets.

Open cupboard in the hallway

Do you like the idea of ​​built-in storage, but does your wallet object to you? Then look at the next photo - the tray and the hanger, perhaps all you need to start a campaign to eliminate the mess.

In addition, pay attention to the magnificent antique chest of drawers. This part of the furniture itself, and with the help of magnificent details adorning it, obviously distracts the eyes of the guests and owners from everything that is on the left. In addition, all this composition pays tribute to the era when the house was built.

Tray for shoes in the hallway

A dark mat is an excellent idea for an area with heavy traffic. The old church bench was painted white and looks beautiful against the background of the geometrical printing of the litter.

Details decorating the bench, improve the overall perception of design. This is an impressive example of how mixing traditional furniture with modern printing on the carpet helps effectively overcome the formalism atmosphere when decorating the entrance area at the beginning of the staircase.

Narrow bench in the hallway

If you have a bungalow or a small house in the Tudor style, then you do not have an entrance that you should talk about in detail. But this does not mean that you are deprived of the opportunity to add a little charm to your tiny hallway. Look at the next picture - homeowners used a table, lamp and picture to create a beautiful vignette of quite a decent size.

Semicircular table in the hallway

The entrance, shown in the following photo, was only applied to certain selected parts of the makeup. A bright striking lamp and a small-sized locker for storing documents completely determine the look of this hallway, everything else serves as a complement.

Small chest of drawers in the hallway

And now look at the charming mirror table, ideally suited for small hallways. Two lamps on the table top and two vases with plants on the lower tier create an ideal symmetry and visual balance of the resulting composition. The author of this creation clearly knew what effect he wanted to achieve!

Large table lamps on an open chest of drawers

And in conclusion we offer you something genius. If you have a piano, besides, they are rarely used, then try using it in the hallway instead of the console table. A lamp and a mirror will complement this situation.

As you can see, having shown little taste and spending a little effort, you can quite achieve a good impression, received by your guests, who first came to your house.

Table lamp on the piano