Design of large modern bathrooms

Large bathroom with window

A large bathroom with a window is a great happiness for all family members, bliss for a woman and unspeakable luck for a designer is where to apply all your skills.

  1. When building a private house. Choosing a ready project or designing a house independently (it is desirable to "think for three" - together with an architect and a design engineer) can provide a huge bathroom.
  2. When buying an elite apartment in new buildings. In such royal apartments, the bathroom can initially exceed the "odnushki" economy class.
  3. If you bought an apartment with free planning, then you can build the walls the way you want, and, consequently, to shield the bathroom of the right size. Or move the walls inside the apartment, thus increasing the area of ​​its oasis of purity.

Bathtub in Art Nouveau style

Attention! It is not allowed to transfer bathrooms to the area of ​​living rooms. When replanning is not allowed to demolish the load-bearing walls. The transfer of non-load-bearing walls must be coordinated with the relevant authorities, and additional waterproofing is laid in wet areas.

Bathroom with window

What to put in the bathroom

A large bathroom is not only a great opportunity, but also a headache in the development of its design. In this space, it is necessary to inscribe the dimensional objects and calculate their placement so that they look good, and it was convenient to use them. Bath, washbasin, toilet, bidet, mirror, lockers for towels - this is not the whole list of items that will fully settle inside your bathroom.

Glass shower

When designing the interior of a large bathroom leave a lot of air, do not load space. Depending on the layout (square in plan bathroom, narrow, elongated or complex volume), the location of the window opening, think about what will become the focus of the bathroom, which should immediately catch the eye as soon as the door opens? Will it be a free-standing bath in the center, a washbasin with a massive under-table or a huge mirror?

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Chandelier in the bathroom

Consider separately each element of the bathroom interior of a large size with a window:

  1. Bath. The retro-style bath on lion's lavas with tapped cranes or reminiscent of natural grooves created by water in a stone is your choice. For example, a bath for two (a bath in the form of a heart) is romantic, intriguing, luxurious. Or maybe you need a bath for a bath the size of a pool? You can afford it. You have a large bathroom!
  2. Shower cabin. If your house has 2 bathrooms, then make a smaller shower area, and leave a large for the queen-the bath itself. If this is not the case, then it is necessary to place organically both of the two large sanitary devices in the only suitable space. More recently, a shower cabin with lighting, hydromassage and radio was considered a squeak of fashion. But today interior design develops along the way of simplicity, classical lines are considered to be perfect, as well as minimum loads on our senses. Nothing should enclose the space, the glance must slide smoothly, cover at once the entire volume of the room. Therefore, new design trends - this is the device of the shower compartment behind the glass walls. For effective massage with jets of water, a rain shower with a shower head is used, the size of a three-dimensional dish for fruits or showers with a waterfall effect.

Bathroom Design

Important: the glass for such enclosing structures has a subtle greenish hue. If you are going to decorate the bathroom in nuances pink or beige, then the color of the walls through the light green prism of the glass will look distorted, dirty. From this position, there are 2 ways out: to choose for the bathroom cool color combinations, or to shield the shower curtain on the round bracket by the type of canopy.

Corner bath

  1. Washbasin. In a large bathroom it is best to place two identical shells, combining them with a long table top and a large mirror, or make them separate, standing at a certain distance from each other. Believe me, in that case going to work, you do not have to wait for your turn or push against a small washbasin.
  2. Fixtures. In addition to the main overhead light, always consider good lighting mirrors in the area of ​​washbasins. To adjust the power of the ceiling lights, instead of a conventional switch, you can use a dimmer, then you can reduce the brightness of the lamps and arrange for yourself a relaxing bath, where the mood creates a twilight and burning candles. In a large bathroom, a full-fledged chandelier that fits the style perfectly looks. She will, with her elegant appearance, emphasize your respect for the cleanest room in the house and your love for water procedures.
  3. Mirrors. In a space of considerable size, you can place a reflective surface to see yourself at full height. And in addition to the main mirror in the area of ​​the washbasin, provide for small magnifying mirrors on the brackets. Shave and apply makeup will be much more convenient.
  4. Toilet. Hide the toilet and bidet visually. Arrange them so that entering the bathroom, you would not bump into them with a look. Unless otherwise provided by the style, install hanging plumbing fixtures using built-in installations, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the supply pipes or the drain cistern.
  5. Optional accessories. In this role, in addition to decorative hooks, pick-ups and holders, an armchair or ottoman can be put on which it is convenient to throw a towel, put a book or sit down to make a pedicure.
  6. Flowers. What does the interior designer do when the work on the project is almost complete? At the last stage, he adds accented strokes, harmonizes the space. If you have a large bathroom with a window, a French or a full balcony, then its decoration will be flowers: houseplants suitable for growing in a warm and humid climate or cut off, standing in vases. Even a small bouquet turns this room into a cozy, finished and filled with its fragrance.
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Bathroom with window

Remember, the bathroom is designed for life and pleasure. Make this space not a technical auxiliary, but a bright joyful space where your soul and body rest!

Snow-white bathroom

And I want a bright red!

Do not pursue fashion trends while decorating your bathroom, if you do not plan to restart repairs in a short time and live somewhere else, not in your home. Doing the design of a large, trendy bathroom is only worth it if you are going to photograph it for an interior magazine and never use it. Choose a more relaxed, non-irritating design, so that you fall in love with your place of purity every day more and more.

Modern bathroom

Pay attention to the peculiarities of some styles for the decoration of bathrooms. Perhaps you will find something interesting and give direction to new design fantasies.

Natural minimalismCalm classicLaconic modernity
The combination of natural stone and treated wood

Simple streamlined forms of sanitary faience

Cranes with thermostats and motion sensors, without handles and valves

Green plants

Bath on the podium or recessed in the floor

Separate standing bath under the antiquity

Separation of walls into painted top and covered with wooden panels or tiles bottom

Plumbing fixtures and furniture in retro style (a highlight - a toilet with a top tank and a chain)

Brass taps with porcelain handles

Chromed parts and fittings

Plumbing devices of rectangular shapes

Completely cleaned communications

Wall and floor tiles in large format

Marble floors

A couple of decades ago, the craze was to make the bathroom completely mirror, but now this technique is not used. It is possible to place in this room a huge mirror in a solid frame, as the strongest accent, but it is not worthwhile to paint it with mirror squares. As a decoration today, tiles, ceramic granite, natural stone and even wooden panels, referring us to the English classics or the style of Provence are welcome. You can choose a special washable paint for wet rooms and choose the shade for the walls, which will raise your mood every day. Remember that you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and it should charge you with energy and restore strength.

The combination of stone and wood in the bathroom

Take precautions

Any bathroom is a potentially dangerous place: there is a risk of getting an electric shock or slipping on the wet floor. That is why for its own peace of mind when it is arranged, it is necessary:

  1. Install the door locking mechanism, which can be opened from the outside (made especially for bathrooms). This basic trick will allow you not to break the door when a small child accidentally closes in or the older generation's representative becomes ill, and by turning the slot, it is easy to solve the problem.
  2. When installing the door, provide a technological gap between the door leaf and the floor for air exchange.
  3. Lay a floor covering that, if it gets wet, does not become slippery. The best way is to equip the underfloor heating system with a warm floor. The spray dries quickly, and it's a real pleasure to tread barefoot on the heated floor!
  4. When installing the electricians use only a moisture-proof outlet.