The design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m -

A house or an apartment is a place where we come from work, where we rest from vanity, and whose coziness, creates a mood and gives strength for the next day. If the house is big, then in one room you can place an office, in another nursery, in the third bedroom, and a wardrobe with a kitchen will occupy a considerable footprint and a place of honor. And what to do if the apartment is small, but all you need to equip - the same dressing room and dining area, to allocate a place for rest and reception of guests? The design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m. - This is, first of all, a combination of convenience, practicality and space saving on a small footage. There is a residential real estate with an area of ​​100 square meters. m and more, but there are apartments less than 30 square meters. m. So, 40 square meters. m. is not so little if it is correct to determine the priorities and use the maximum of free space, without making it heavier and leaving the visibility of the internal volume.

Sofa and table opposite the TV  Shelves and lamps above the sofa  Suspended chandelier above the table  Shelf with books next to the fireplace  Sofa in front of a decorative fireplace and TV

Remove the excess walls

The design of the studio apartment differs significantly from a simple one-room apartment. Such a layout gives the room a style, but requires more careful design and thought out of the elements. Ideal for one or two and ample opportunities to realize your imagination. First, we determine the necessary, the fact that it is problematic to transfer to another place - a bathroom. Further, we consider the selection of the variants of zones in such a way as to increase the functional: split into sectors, if necessary we make decorative partitions. Variants of the location of the zones depend on the form of the studio: a square, a rectangle or a non-standard form, for example, a trapezoid. If the design of the apartment provides for the residence of only one person, you can save a lot of space without thinking of where to place a double bed, giving this place for a dressing room. Ideas and basic patterns of the interior for the studio 40 square meters. m., depending on the form of the apartment:

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SquareRectangleNon-standard (trapezoid, "g" shaped)
Allocation of a circular zone in the center - for a bedroom or a dressing roomCommon rooms are located closer to the entranceFilling of corners with functional elements, visual alignment of space
Highlighting a far square for the rest zone, and combined with it - for the living roomBedroom, work area is organized in the back of the apartmentBeating the asymmetry
The division into 2 equal rectangles: common rooms and an extensive living roomWe use a small rounding of corners to expand the spaceDivision of "g" shaped apartment into 3 squares - the farthest of which represents a place for a bedroom

Interior with luxurious furniture Shelves above the TV  Light wood furniture in the interior  Pillows on the couch  Soft apartment design  TV on the wall

Zoning or solving all problems

The division of space into working areas, which have high functionality, is not uncommon and not fashion, but a necessity. The smaller the quadrature of a dwelling, the more tasks are faced to a designer planning an interior of a one-room apartment of 40 sq. M. meters. The main difficulty is not to evenly distribute space, but to ensure that this distribution is maximally effective, thoughtful. Doing the zoning of the space yourself, you need to pay special attention to the definition of those functions that the apartment must perform, it is necessary to discuss with all members of the family in advance what elements each of them needs to provide. When planning to take into account the features of the apartment: the location of sewerage, ventilation shafts.

Dividing wall with illumination

Basic elements of zoning:

  • Entrance hall. This part of the room should at least consist of a door mat, hangers for upper things. It is not superfluous to have a mirror with a padded stool, now there are very popular padded stools with shelves for shoes, another method of saving space. The housekeeper will be provided with a housekeeper and original hangers in the door openings. Corridor. If possible, reduce this part of the apartment to a minimum or remove at all - a waste of space that does not carry any functionality.
  • Bathroom. Toilet with a bath, as a rule, in a small apartment combined, but it makes sense to separate the toilet from the bath with a small partition for hygienic purposes. When living in an apartment for more than 1 person, there is a sense of zoning the bathroom to 2 separate areas, making the bath a passable part. The location is not practical to change.
  • Kitchen area. Place of preparation of food and a kitchen set - only on the wall, where the ventilation shaft is located. A good hood in the kitchen is vital, if there is no direct access to the balcony or window, the hood becomes the only way to get rid of odors.
  • Wardrobe / wardrobe. Whichever large wardrobe or wardrobe is, there will be no room for it in the course of time, so we allocate maximum space for it. Sometimes, it makes sense, instead of one bulky cabinet, to make 2-3 small, in different sides of the apartment - it will be more expensive, but more convenient.
  • Bedroom. If there is a desire - you can even afford a double bed. With a competent placement of its existence, only the owner of the apartment will know: sliding doors, shelves, decorative partitions - there are many options for comfortable solitude.
  • Work zone. At least - a flip-up shelf for a laptop, as a maximum full-scale workplace meter per meter with a table, shelves, chair. It should be noted that this should not be adjacent to the kitchen or the bathroom, but more secluded, as far removed as possible from public places.
  • Children's. In the concept of children, the child is the whole space of the room. With the design of the interior of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m. You can donate a dressing room, limiting the closet, but allocate a minimum of 8 sq.m. for the rest and play of the child.

Important! The unuttered need of any member of the family can negate all the wonderful ideas and original solutions.

Built-in fixtures in the ceiling Kitchen counter  Skin on the floor by the couch  Pictures above the sofa  Bookshelf next to bed  TV in the closet with shelves

Features of the layout for a family with a child

The design of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters, if there is a child, obliges to allocate a corner for it. Even if for now it is still a baby, it is better to provide for it in advance than a couple of years to do anew repair. For a full family life, you need a clear division of space for parents and a room for a child. Different projects that offer a double bed - for parents with a child, cohabitation, it seems, their performers simply did not have children. The most successful will be the location of the zone of parents and children in the opposite corners of the apartment: respect, attention to their own territory, the maximum possible noise absorption, significantly reduce the amount. It is quite appropriate to use the living room as a room for parents: if necessary there is a place where to receive guests, and at night there is a secluded corner for rest and sleep. With such a layout, the parents' living room and bedroom should not be through.

Children's drawings on the wall Bedroom с перегородкой  Shelves with illumination above the bed  Shelves above the table  Pictures above the sofa  Yellow chairs at the counter

Living room

As a rule, a stylish living room is minimalism. Therefore, when designing 40 square meters. m. apartments can be given to her not so much space. If we make the living room part of the kitchen, then organically it will look like a partition in the form of a bar counter. In the case of a living room in a separate zone, it will include a minimum of a sofa, a TV, audio and stereo systems, it is a good idea to provide an HDMI cable for watching movies over the Internet. A coffee table in a small living room is best not to use or, if you really want, confine yourself to a small, symbolic piece of the interior. The rug in the living room in front of the sofa will give comfort, expand the space. The walls of different formats and textures will also be appropriate, allowing you to visually win a little space. Built-in shelves, different in type, color lighting - these are ways to give the living room style, make the time spent in it as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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TV on the wall Shelf with photos above the TV  Strict interior of the living room  Unusual ceiling design  A bright picture over the sofa  Bright interior of the living room


A place for a good rest is a necessity. There are adherents of a night's sleep in the living room, but even they recognize that a double bed with an orthopedic mattress is much more attractive than a durable even large comfortable sofa. Constant unfolding and picking up a berth at a time when you just want to rest, wrapped up in a blanket, exhausts. Choosing a design project of an apartment of 40 square meters. m. first realize the need for a bedroom, then convince in this of those who need a dressing room or corridor. Next, a priori, the bedroom should be a secluded place. Even if it is assumed that a person will live alone, no one is immune from the arrival of relatives and friends. And if a young couple plans to live in an apartment, then a "cozy nest" is simply a necessity. To save space, it is very convenient to use a bed with a lifting mechanism. Consider the main options for separating the bedroom, although this can only be a bed with shelves or a panel above your head:

  • Sliding door. Traditional will be inconvenient to open, take up a lot of space.
  • Shelf / partition with shelves. Practically, it is convenient - when placing a bed and a rack, it is necessary to provide that the bed is placed so that at the entrance to the previous room the rack closes the bed as much as possible, but does not overload the room.
  • Curtains. Last century? Here and no! Not only in clothes, fashion returns.
  • Podium with sliding cupboards. It takes a lot of space, but it looks impressive, stylish.
  • The design is in the form of a bed in the living room above the sofa. Saves space, but on the aesthetic side depends on the performance and individual preferences.
  • Glass compartment of bedroom and living room. The functional is symbolic, but it looks fresh, bold.
  • Decorative partition. Usually, it is made of wood, maybe with glass elements.

Picture above the bed Pendant lamps near the bed  Mirror opposite the bed  White cupboard in the room  Wood in the decoration of the room  Floor lamp at the couch


The place where you will cook is a very important part of the apartment. Space for cooking involves its own, internal zoning. If the kitchen is combined with the living room, special attention should be given to the quality hood, better even for a larger area than stated by the manufacturer. The location of the kitchen is tied to the location of the ventilation shafts, when designing kitchen options, this must be taken into account. Usually their location is shown in the plan of the apartment, as this information can be obtained from the management company or from the builder if a new kitchen design is being prepared. Cabinets are best done "under the ceiling", increasing their spaciousness, practicality. Between the sink and the cooking surface leave the working surface, in advance provide for the location of electrical appliances, sockets for them. "Kitchen islands" look very fresh and original, can save a lot of space with the proper location.

TV above the table Bed opposite the kitchen  Orange Kitchen Furniture  Green furniture in the kitchen  Kitchen с белой мебелью  Bar counter in the interior


Make a bathroom in a one-room apartment practical and convenient is quite possible, even necessary. The toilet is placed closer to the sewer, but for a mute rule this should not be taken: it can be placed elsewhere keeping an eye on the sufficient slope of the drain. Installation - it's stylish, but not at all new, allows you to save space, looks more aesthetically. If we decide to separate the toilet bowl from the bathtub by the partition, we can either restrict ourselves to a symbolic partition pursuing hygienic purposes, or we make a closed full toilet with a passage bath. If there is a possibility and a need, we immediately provide a place for a water heater, at least 30 liters or flow-through. The tile of pastel tones and shades of gray is actual in color, a small chess cage, a red and black Scotch look fresh. To optimize the space of the bathroom we use the following options:

  • Размещение стиральной машины под раковиной. Squareная раковина с коробом для стиральной машинки сэкономит место, будет удобным решением.
  • We fill the space above the toilet with a cupboard or ergonomic shelves. We provide a place for a broom, accessories for leaving the floor.
  • Mirror. A large mirror above the sink will expand the space, give a style. If you want to use the shelves with a mirror door, it is worthwhile to provide for their shallow depth.
  • We hide the pipes in a box, which we sew and do the shelves, not forgetting about the requisition window.
  • We provide a place for dirty laundry. Such trifles often fall out of attention, when used, there are everyday issues with a violation of appearance.

City landscape on the wall Orange wall in a white bathroom  Purple bathroom interior  Dryer on the wall  Furniture made of wood in the bathroom  Two-color bathroom design

Union with balcony - expand horizons

Balcony or loggia - this is a great opportunity to increase the footage of the apartment. Having carried out qualitative warming, ideally: heating the floor, taking out the battery to the insulated balcony, you can think of the appointment of an additional 2 sq.m. and more useful area. If there is no possibility to install a heated floor, then a mat with a long nap will help out.

Consider the main options for combining with the balcony, their functional purpose:

  • Workplace. A full-fledged isolated area for work or training can be separated by sliding doors.
  • Kitchen/часть кухни. Делим кухню на две зоны: основная — для приготовления еды, в квартире, вторая – для приёма пищи на балконе, или в проёме между балконом и кухней. Возможен другой вариант – вынести холодильник или часть кухни с духовым шкафом на балкон.
  • Bar. Bar bar, mini bar, view of the night city - a romantic, relaxing place.
  • Rest zone. A sofa or a chair with a folding shelf for a laptop will allow you to retire, distract yourself.

Armchairs and table by the window A bright picture over the sofa  White sofa and brown table  Shelf with books and table on the balcony  Workplace on the balcony  Ceiling illuminated in the living room

Important! Even with the best quality insulation, the balcony is not suitable for sleeping in the cold season.

Consider several projects

Apartment-studios of 40 sq.m.

Apartment layout

Данный вариант квартиры имеет прямоугольную форму. Спальное место расположено с дальней от входа стороны, перегородкой служат жалюзи. Living room объединена с рабочим местом. Бросается в глаза детали из светлого дерева, которые объединяют и делят на сектора квартиру одновременно. Используя пастельные тона в интерьере необходимо разбавлять их строгость яркими деталями: подушками, посудой, цветными вазочками, картинами или фото. Барная стойка в гостиной — практичный вариант. Большое зеркало в ванне увеличивает пространство, квадратная раковина с тумбой даёт возможность вмесить в неё и полотенца с одной стороны, а туалетную бумагу с другой. Особое внимание стоит уделить изолированному душу — это гигиенично и стильно. В ванне преобладают белый, серо-бежевые цвета. Квартира удивляет обилием различных шкафчиков, отделов. Довольно практичный, стильный вариант.

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  Picture above the bed  Shelves with vases over the TV  Bright cushions on a white sofa Bathroom Interior

Open plan apartment 40 sq. M. m with transparent partitions

Another combination of gray and wood - a stylish classic! A large area with a lot of functionality is allocated to the bathroom. Effective gray pattern on the walls in combination with white tiles will once again convince you of the unbeatability of this color combination. One of the rare options with a roomy hallway, combining a dressing room. Most of the apartment consists of two zones: the first is a kitchen and a dining room, the second is a working room and the bedroom is an elevation on the podium. The design of the apartment is intentionally a bit negligent: chaotic hanging lamps over the work area, various pictures on the head of the bed. A bed from the sofa is separated by a weightless glass wall. Very interesting is the choice of the color of the floor surface next to the sofa - bright accents bringing life to the interior. The apron in the kitchen corresponds to the general stylistics of the apartment, continuing the theme of asymmetry.

  Apartment design project  Interesting tile in the bathroom  Kitchen и столовая  Unusual chair by the window Pictures above the bed

Loft style apartment

We draw inspiration from the loft style! Repair in a new building is very expensive, especially for young people who have just started an independent life. Walls for brick in combination with gray relief surfaces. The minimum of complex designs, the use of updated old furniture and things. In this case, in this version, a fairly spacious kitchen with a spectacular massive high wooden table with bar stools. In a separate zone there is a bedroom. From the outside it may seem that the interior is very simple, negligent, but despite the dystopian materials of which designer things are made, the apartment does not look cheap, but looks youthful. Quite standard bathroom with shower and installation, the style of "loft" reminds only a brick decorated wall and pastel color shades.

  Shelves on the wall behind the couch  Window in the ceiling  Paintings and shelves on the walls  Suspended chandeliers above the table Decor for brick walls  Dryer on the wall в ванной  A stove with firewood near the bed Clock above the door

Apartment for three

Option for a family with two children. In this case, the zoning, due to the large number of residents, had to be carried out, focusing not on the needs, but the necessary minimum functionality. The balcony was insulated, arranged under the working area of ​​one of the children. For the second child a catwalk with a bed, a table is built. There is a huge number of roomy cabinets. The original element is a black board with shelves in the kitchen. A small, rather strict modern double-sided kitchen with a mirror apron and lamps in the form of various glasses. Very topical floor covering, with a fashionable black and white fine pattern. The same pattern is decorated with a bathroom, designed in the style of "minimalism". Striking walls are decorated, there is no free space, which, on the contrary, increases the room visually.

  Table in the kitchen by the window  Original chandeliers above the table  Bed behind the partition  Interior with light furniture Cabinet as a partition for the bedroom  Strict design of the hallway Shelves, table and chair on the balcony

Apartment project with transforming furniture

Simply brilliant design of the apartment. A huge empty space, the illusion of minimalism in the room. In fact, very roomy cabinets with a built-in sofas in a large room, as huge cabinets on the other side, a niche for a TV. The partition between the room and the kitchen is transformed into a desktop on one side and a dining room on the other. A large bed with a lifting mechanism is quite organically inscribed in the ceiling. The wooden partition is complemented by glass sliding doors. The combination of white and beige is diluted with one more, green shade. Natural materials and colors harmonize, emphasizing the external minimalism of the apartment. Interesting solutions with the right geometry expand the space. It is noteworthy that the table for work is transformed into a larger one - for the reception of guests.

  Cabinet with shelves and table Kitchen и гостиная через перегородку Kitchen с белым интерьером Partition with shelves TV in front of the bed  White and green interior of the bedroom Table on the bed Paintings on the wall above the sofa Salad padded stools, sofa and carpet in the living room

Design of an apartment in Scandinavian style

Яркая особенность дизайна этой квартиры — кровать с полками над диваном. Такой своеобразный чердак освобождает место на полу, визуально не очень сильно поглощая пространство, за счёт белого исполнения стен, а так же светлого пола. Стена между комнатой и кухней имеет крупное окно. Детали интерьера крупные, более тёмные, но выдержанные в цветовой гамме. Kitchen продолжает общий стиль квартиры. Выделяются стулья и люстра. Такая смесь современности и традиционности вызывает неоднозначное впечатление. Надо обладать утончённым вкусом, чувством стиля, чтобы самостоятельно оформить квартиру в таком виде, избежав лишнего, найдя баланс двух эпох. Bathroom придерживается того же строгого стиля: серый пол, белая плитка с серой затиркой. Общий пол, без выделения душевой кабинки — увеличивает пространство.

  Tile in the bathroom Suspended chandelier in the kitchen Sofa in front of the TV Wooden furniture in the room

From odnushki we make a two-room apartment

Это один из вариантов того, как можно грамотно организовать пространство для семьи с двумя детьми. Ещё и смело играя с цветом. Дизайн квартиры предусматривает большое количество шкафов в разных углах квартиры. Kitchen и гостиная совмещены в студию. Bedroom общая, но делится на зону отдыха родителей и отдельную двухъярусную кровать детей. Совместная спальня выполнена в «морском» стиле. Living room более элегантная воздушная, предпочтение отдаётся тёплым тонам и лёгким конструкциям. Маленькая светлая кухня разбавлена ярким фартуком, придающим сочность комнате. Даже крупные часы на стене подчёркивают некую легкомысленность и теплоту помещения. В таких же теплых тонах прихожая. В ванной комнате максимально расширяется пространство, заполняясь зеркальными шкафчиками над раковиной, стиральной машиной.

  Apartment plan Bathroom with toilet Mirror and chest of drawers in the hallway Suspended chandeliers above the table Sofa opposite table Two-story bed in the nursery Children's table and high chairs