12 stunning beds in a tiny space - great engineering

Rollaway bed Murphy

Do you live in a tiny apartment? You want to increase space, but do not know how? If it is a question of small premises, here the creative approach is necessary.

Here is an example of wonderful ideas, how one can place the place of sweet dreams on a tiny space.

Suspend to the ceiling

A great way to save space - to hang bedroom furniture to the ceiling! Just imagine how much space is freed, if you do not have a separate bedroom. Under this bed you can place a lot of other things.

Suspended bed

Residential cube

It's not just a bed! The residential cube provides everything: an entertainment center with shelves for TV and books, a wardrobe with clothes and shoes and a high bed! An excellent solution!

Bookcase and dressing room under the bed

Soar in the air

This amazing two-level apartment is located in the Camden area (London). In this small room the floating bed looks amazing!

Its main feature is that the wrought-iron basket is only half a meter below the ceiling window. You wake up with the sun!

Bed on the second level

Two-story vacation

Bunk beds can be incredibly stylish! Such simple sleeping places are easy to make, and how modern they look! If you have a large family, but only one children's - two-tier construction - the ideal solution.

Hanging beds in the nursery

The sofa turns ...

A great way to save space for a small room. A comfortable couch during the day, at night easily turns into a bunk bed. An excellent solution for a one-room apartment or a family with children.

Sofa-bunk bed

Hide from the eyes

A great idea for a limited space: the sleeper looks simple and neat. It is reliably hidden from the eyes of an unexpected visitor.

Folding bed

Sleeping on the toilet

When you have very little space, you can approach this problem creatively. At a high ceiling, a place for sleeping can be placed, for example, over the toilet, as in this cozy apartment in Barcelona!

Sleeper over bathroom

red nest

The maximum use of space is the growing trend of modern designers. They create new furniture for small rooms.

This apartment in Paris occupies only 23 square meters, but it includes a bedroom, a home office and a wardrobe. Is not that so, cool?

Retractable bedroom

A house on a tree

What a great idea - to build a tree house in your apartment! Imagine how you save space under it! And what a child does not dream about such a house! Great idea for a children's room!

Sleeper under the ceiling

We hide in the closet

A classic solution to a problem when you have little space: a bed in a closet or on it! There's even room for a desktop!

Bunk bed with cabinet

The transformation of two sofas

These amazing sofas easily turn into a double bed! A perfect solution to save space for the residents of small apartments.

Folding Round Bed

Loft style for adults

In small apartments the main thing is to make the most of space. Here is a wonderful example: a stylish black loft bed is ideal for a light interior. In addition, it frees much space.

Two-level bed above the sofa