The design of the apartment is 60 square meters. m -

Agree that often buying an apartment from most of us is associated with future repairs in it. And if the rough and facing works do not bring "the pangs of creativity", then the layout of the future interior takes almost the "lion's" share of time and thoughts. Let's look at how an apartment design of 60 sq. M. m, which should be paid special attention when choosing it.

  • partial demolition of walls, due to which the living area increases. For example, removing a partition between the kitchen and the living room, you will achieve a visual expansion of both rooms. The same effect can be achieved by combining the hall and the hallway. However, it is worth remembering that it is possible to demolish only non-bearing walls, otherwise the consequences may be negative;
  • erection of additional interior partitions. This redevelopment will increase the number of rooms in the apartment, while making a two-room full-fledged three-room apartment;
  • an increase in the area due to a loggia, a balcony. If the first two options do not suit you, pay attention to the balcony or the loggia. Warming and matching them with the bedroom, you get a workplace or a corner for rest. When you connect the hall and the balcony (balcony), you get a large room, which can easily be divided into zones (working, rest area, game).

Re-planning scheme

Please note that all changes in the apartment that are related to demolition or the erection of new walls must be registered in the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI)!

Reshaping the apartment

We are equipping a two-room apartment

Design of a two-room apartment 60 square meters. Based on several factors:

  • how many people will live;
  • budget allotted.

If the family will live a family with one child (several children), it will be more rational to take one room under the nursery, and the second will be a combined bedroom for the parents and the living room. The interior of the rooms is better designed in different colors, adding the same elements: chandeliers or lamps, the same fabric for textiles, picture frames (wall patterns), a single floor for both rooms. This approach will make the design of the apartment complete. Combining the kitchen with one of the rooms will create a single space. If you are confused by the fact that the bed will be visible to guests simply separate it with a sliding partition or a partition - a shelf, and the problem will be solved.

Shelf with books at the couch

If the parents do not agree to give their bedroom to the common room, the solution will be a combined balcony and kitchen. So you increase the area of ​​the latter and will be able to create a full-fledged corner for the reception of guests.

For a couples without children or one tenant, one room is assigned to the bedroom, the second for the reception of guests.

Kitchen and living room in one room Dividing wall with illumination  Sofa with cushions in front of the TV  White and black furniture in the kitchen  TV in front of the sofa in the living room  Desktop wallpapers in the living room

If you have 3 rooms

The design of an apartment consisting of 3 rooms is difficult and difficult to create at the same time, because the area of ​​the room is large enough, so that it is possible to implement any projects, but to connect all the rooms into one whole composition is problematic.

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Walls with a brick decor

The main thing that should be taken into account when developing a design project is that each room can have its own style, which must be intertwined with one another. There should be a clear distribution of zones: recreation, work, play. Try not to overload the space, use modern multi-function furniture.

As there are many rooms, it is possible to single out parents and children's bedrooms separate for the bedroom, taking into account the wishes of the owners, but to make a joint together. Due to the fact that the area is large, the balcony (loggia) can remain a separate room, but have its own individual character.

Blue sofa in white interior Shelves in the wall at the table  Sofa on the TV and fireplace  Table with a computer by the window  Interesting interior of the apartment  Modular apartment above the couch

Choose a style, color palette

If the general vision of the apartment and possible re-planning everything is clear, then the choice of style, color decisions sometimes puts the owners in a dead end.

Among the many stylistic directions, for apartments in 60 square meters. The following are distinguished:

  • modern. The main highlight of such interiors is simplicity and minimalism. Belong to modern styles: eco-design, high-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian and European. Monochrome shades with rich color accents, straight lines of furniture sets, maximum space in the room - these are the main nuances of modern styles;
  • ethnicity. A characteristic feature of ethno-design are accessories related to certain peoples and cultures. For example, an African-style room is the obligatory presence of all kinds of masks, exotic animal skins, animalistic prints, in Chinese - the prevalence of red shades, gold elements, wall painting with hieroglyphs, specific traditional figures;
  • classical or traditional. The luxury, elegance inherent in castles of aristocrats and kings is the main characteristic of the classical style. To it carry: the Venetian style, classicism, baroque and empire. A room in one of the styles will always stand out from the rest with rich accessories, furniture, textiles, but without pretentiousness. As for the color solution, warm pastel colors prevail here, while a full composition is created with the help of rich shades of textiles.

Painting over a table with a glass cover Patterns on the wall in the living room  Bright sofa in white interior  Vase with flowers on a table by the couch  Interesting decoration of the ceiling in the living room  Yellow armchair in white-gray interior

Living room or guest room

Under the living room often choose a room with the largest area, because it will be in the evenings the whole family gather in the evenings, friends and relatives will be received.

Note that the design of the living room, first of all, depends on what function it will perform, whether it will not be a sleeping place for someone from the family.

Floor lamp with original foot

Consider the case where you have a "two in one" living room - a living room - a bedroom. If the dimensions of the room allow, the sleeping place can be separated from the total area. To do this, often install a sliding partition, or construct a plasterboard wall with mirror inserts or one large mirror. It will also be beautiful to look like a wooden shelf under the ceiling with various trifles, books, fresh flowers.

Your main task is not to overload the space, but to place in the room all the necessary furniture (sofa, soft chairs, ottomans), household appliances, if necessary a dining table. If possible, place furniture along the walls, leaving the center free.

Unusual fireplace in the living room

If you plan to combine the living room with the kitchen, set a bar at the border between them. It visually separates the premises without overloading them.

In the case of combining the hall with the hallway, the decorative partition, which plays the role of a wall, will look beautiful, as well as a different floor covering.

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All that concerns the shades of the walls, the floor, choose based on the chosen style.

Light furniture in the room Black sofa in white interior  Modular picture over the sofa  Aquarium in the living room  Different type of flooring in the room  Dining room and living room in one room

Design kitchens

The kitchen, the most visited place in the apartment, therefore to its design it is necessary to approach responsibly, achieving harmony between furnish of walls and a floor covering with kitchen furniture and home appliances. Designers advise:

  • do not use more than three colors;
  • floor and ceiling should not be in one tone;
  • play in contrast. If the kitchen wall is light, add colors to the upholstery of furniture, curtains, paint the walls in a bright color. The same principle operates on the contrary. If the kitchen is rich, then all the rest is not striking.

Original laminate in the kitchen

The main factor in the choice of design for the kitchen is the number of people in the family, since it will determine the area allocated for the dining table. If the family is large, it is advisable to place the kitchen set along the walls, and leave the center for the table. If the family is small, the best choice is a kitchenette, leaving the center free. If possible, use the space under the window, the work surface placed in this place will enable you to place more kitchen furniture around the perimeter of the kitchen.

Choose a color scheme based on the area of ​​the kitchen. Remember that dark shades visually reduce the room, and light - vice versa. Want to add heights - draw vertical stripes, expand the space - add a horizontal ornament to the walls. The best combination is: white with blue, black and red; base gray with dark pink, purple, red; yellow with purple, blue, black, gray. Black is an elegant and versatile color, combining with all shades.

White furniture in the kitchen Wall-papers on a wall at a table  Dining room opposite kitchen  Black table with red chairs in the kitchen  Black furniture in the kitchen  Bordeaux kitchen furniture

Bedroom design

Note, under the bedroom, a room is allocated, which is located as far as possible from the entrance door, this will ensure maximum comfort during the rest.

To decorate the walls, choose warm, muted shades, allowing you to relax and your bedroom will seem not only more, but also cozier. Bright accents are admissible, but it is better to place them on the wall behind the head of the bed.

White furniture in the bedroom

The quantity of furniture is minimal: a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe, a dressing table with a dressing table. Do not want standard (wooden) versions of bedside tables, place small glass tables near the bed. A wardrobe with mirrored doors will add volume and light.

As for textiles, it is more rational to hang a window with transparent curtains in combination with thick curtains. So you can adjust the illuminance of the bedroom. Bright decorative cushions will dilute the pastel walls, pick up the carpet in a tone to them and get a complete set.

Raisins in the design of the room will add an original ceiling structure with gypsum board, or similar on one of the walls.

Bedroom with pink walls Walls for a brick in the bedroom  Trees on the bedroom wall  Wallpaper stripes in the bedroom  Decor of wood on the wall at the head of the bed  Painting and shelves illuminated in the bedroom

We equip the nursery

The design of the children's room should be selected exclusively for the wishes and sex of the child who will live in it. Adults can only gently guide the child.

The room for the girl, regardless of the hostess's age, should be as light and cozy as possible. The color scale is better to choose in warm tones, making bright accents in several places. An indispensable condition for any children's interior is the zoning of the room and the maximum functionality of the furniture. Be sure to consider not only the ceiling lighting, but also several local points, for more comfort in the room. The style of the girl's room will grow with the hostess, for the younger age "magic designs" are characteristic. But for a teenage girl, modern, hi-tech, minimalism, country, and provence are more suitable.

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The Swedish staircase in the room

The design in the boy's room differs only in stylistic nuances, all other conditions are similar - functionality, zoning, illumination. Choose, "sea journey", "the beauty of the starry sky", "play together with the heroes of your favorite cartoons", but remember that it is better to make the walls soft, it's better to dilute the interior with stylistic accessories.

In a room where two different-sexed children live, it is best to divide the room into two parts and make a small corner for everyone.

Children's room with a light interior Bright children's design  Baby for the boy  Bookshelf over the couch  Beautiful design of a nursery  Photo wall-papers in a children's room

Hallway design

The hallway is the first one that meets guests in your house and gives an understanding of your apartment, so its design also needs to be approached sensibly.

The first, why recommend to refuse designers - dark shades in furnish. Choose a practical, but light-colored finishing material for the walls, and you will see how the room will radically change.

An important aspect of the interior of the hallway is illumination. In addition to the main lamp, place a number of point lamps, they will add coziness. Place a large mirror in the original frame, it will also add light and depth to the room.

3d floor in the hallway

Second, the maximum functionality of furniture. The built-in closet-compartment will place the upper things and shoes in it, and the mirrored doors will add volume. An alternative output is an open coat rack and a small bedside table for shoes. You can also trim part of the wall with light skin, fix the hooks for clothes - get the original hanger.

Pay special attention to the floor. Near the door is better to put the tile (3-4 rows), and then it is completely possible to mount the laminate. If you have a combined hallway, this will separate it from another room.

Mirror cabinet in the hallway Shelves with illumination in the wall  Mirror cabinet in the hallway  Entrance hall with a light interior  Corner sofa in the hallway  Wardrobe with mirror in the hallway

Design of a bathroom and a bathroom

Although the bathroom is not the most visited place in the apartment, it is necessary to approach the selection of design for it as carefully as for other rooms. The main criterion for which you need to rely during the design of the bathroom is a small area. Even if you have a combined bathroom and you think that there is enough space, refuse the interior from dark colors, this is the prerogative of large bathrooms. Choose facing materials of bright, but not screaming tones. The combination of several color shades will visually expand the room.

To visually increase the height of the ceiling, use one design trick - make several vertical rows of tiles, darker than the main tone. Another unbeatable option will be large mirrors.

Orange-white bathroom Washing machine in the bathroom  Salad-white bathroom  Shower in the bathroom  Dryer on bathroom wall  Bathroom with shower

In case you are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​a visible toilet, but you have no other way out, try to "disguise" it. White toilet on the background of white walls will not be visible, or separate it from the main room by a low partition in the tone of the walls, and it will not "rush" in the eye. As for stylistic directions, the bathroom is most often used: modern, high - tech, classic, Japanese minimalism, marine themes.

As you can see, the apartment is 60 sq. M. m. is a sea of ​​opportunities and options on the theme of design. Choose your option and coziness to you!