The narrowest apartments in the world: an interesting design

Narrow gap between the walls

The case where the defect may be less tangible

Visitors to our portal will undoubtedly agree that interesting house designs cause unprecedented curiosity. After all, such buildings are always full of features and surprises, which become the main object of attention. One of them can be safely called the creation of architect Jakub Szczęsny, who created a studio apartment for the Israeli writer Etgar Keret.

This is, perhaps, the most non-standard housing, which is placed between two other buildings. 150 square meters are a creative workshop for the owner with a full set of amenities: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining area and living room. Next, we will look at this structure in more detail.

The narrow housing between the two houses

Unusual solutions are always attractive, especially if you take advantage of the circumstances

Inspiration came when Jakub Szczęsny just walked along the street. His gaze drew an empty space between the cooperative houses. Multi-apartment blocks, as if begging to create some kind of connection between them! That's when the idea of ​​creating something functional, convenient and suitable for living flashed.

Stairway to narrow housing

Front door

Of course, there were many problems associated with a fairly narrow area. In addition, it was rather difficult to satisfy the requirements of the Warsaw Construction Code, and this delayed the implementation of the idea to three years. Due to the location and the appointment, the city authorities appropriated the status of an art-installation to the apartment. The project was completed and commissioned in October 2012. Visitors can get inside from a side street away from the main street. The steel staircase has a simple and flexible design, it is easy to climb up on it and go down inside the apartment.

The owner of a narrow apartment on the stairs

The owner of tiny apartments rises to his secluded monastery

The scheme of narrow housing

A more detailed outline plan

The gap between the two bodies is from 1 meter 52 cm to 28 cm in the narrowest section. The triangular structure of the space made it possible to make the gap less obvious and to form smooth transitions. Thanks to the properly placed priorities, the accommodation turned out to be interesting, functional and convenient for one person.

View from the apartment on the front staircase

View from the inside at the front door

Everything here is reduced to the basics. Minimalism, accuracy and functionality merge into one project. The location between the houses allowed to connect the communications to existing ones in multi-unit blocks. The steel frame is covered with Kingspan panels and is filled with nanofoam material, providing good insulation and fire safety.

White walls in narrow housing

Snow-white walls - another way to visually hide the shortcomings

Sheathing and decoration of the facade of the house The non-standard format is made of translucent polycarbonate. There are also built-in windows that provide cross ventilation. Such a skilful approach made it possible to turn a narrow space into a bright room with an abundance of natural light.

Stairs in a narrow room

Simple and effective solutions

The movement between different tiers is carried out through a primitive ladder. It does not take up much space, but it performs well all the tasks assigned to it.

Narrow kitchen in white color

Non-standard approach

The small bathroom has the same dimensions as in a passenger airplane. There are no frills, the interior design is laconic and discreet. Open shower room, washbasin, toilet - what else do you need for convenience?

Kitchen in the style of minimalism

Practicality without frills

In the kitchenette, only the main attributes: electric stove, sink, refrigerator and microwave. Water and heat enter this housing from the communications of the neighboring house.

Small entrance hall in white color

The arrangement of a tiny hallway focuses on the accuracy and ease of design

You ask: but how to be, for example, when will the guests come? The architect also took care of this aspect, having arranged a small space, a recreation area for two. Interior of a small living room decorated without any luxuries - minimalism and the absence of unnecessary parts that would only clutter up and without that a small space.

Sleeper at the window

Calm and measured rest in a compact bedroom

Workplace in the bedroom

Perfect decoration of a tiny room

A separate place was designed for sleep. If it seems to you that there is nowhere to lie down, we will calm you down. Instead of a traditional bed on a special podium, a mattress is installed that is slightly smaller than a double bed. There is also a workplace designated by the desk. The view attracts the abundance of natural light entering through a translucent facade.

The owner of the apartment on the second level

Here the owner sits on the edge of the platform, which is his bedroom

This space is for one person, where he can rest and be inspired away from people and noisy bustle. But at the same time, the accommodation is close enough to the city.

Facade of a building with a narrow habitation

Facade from the street

Steel mesh on the more animated side of the building is a kind of veil, providing a sufficient level of privacy and the right to privacy.

A nonstandard, intricate and, at the same time, functional and comfortable modern housing is designed for one person. Although the limited size does not allow to fully equip a unique Interior Design, the architect has a project that is very interesting and unique in its kind. It is a small islet of life, a quiet and cozy abode, where a creative person can rest and be inspired.