Functional and comfortable interior of a small kitchen

Creative kitchen interior

Many people have a question, but can one do interior of 10-meter kitchen unusual enough?

For the real masters of their business, everything is on the shoulder. They have a lot of non-standard solutions. One such is the abandonment of the traditional location of the headset along the walls. As a result, the design of the room becomes unrecognizable.

Plan of 10 meter kitchen Functional cabinet for storage of kitchen appliances

In the middle of the room was built a real kitchen island. It contained not only a table, but a stove, a dishwasher. Even niches for storage of accessories here found their place. The worktop is made under a tree, it has a built-in stove, and it all looks harmonious in the interior of the kitchen space.

Chic Kitchen Island Modern dishwasher Modern freezer

The surface of the wall in the washing area is prudently protected apron, made of durable glass.

Glass apron near the sink

The dining table has a rather unusual shape in the form of a horseshoe and it is located close to the island. The material for the table was not chosen by chance. Artificial stone very well in harmony with the rest of the set. Because of the small size it was important, creating a design does not overload the room too, so the chairs are made of a transparent material.

Large dining table

Designing a kitchen area of ​​10 square meters. meters, it was decided to play on repeating lines, they are visible both on the floor and on the ceiling. Color spectrum although different, but the same texture of the picture unites these surfaces. The stoiak in the room can not be put anywhere, so he masterfully zadekorirovali in the box, made of gypsum cardboard. The window sill was extended by screen, which covers the battery. This method allowed under it to install storage facilities for kitchen utensils.

Creative fabric blinds

A big role in the interior of space is assigned to the light. Lighting found a place almost everywhere: above the working area, at the sink, above the stove. If desired, you can create an unusual game of light and shadow.

Bright Kitchen Fixtures Modern kitchen hood

To slightly revitalize the design of the kitchen, it was decided to use houseplants. They were successfully located above the duct. Modern adaptations allow you to cultivate not only flowers, but to have even fresh greens and berries to the table.

Indoor plants in kitchen design Indoor plants in kitchen design Indoor plants in kitchen design