The original solution for the interior of a small apartment

Interior of a small apartment in black and white

Black and white interior of a small apartment

We present the original black and white interior design of a small apartment.

There is no need to talk about the merits of small rooms, simple and convenient for an artist or a young couple. We set ourselves a completely different task - to find interesting and original ideas and solutions for a small family apartment of three people. Designers have done an amazing job designing a stylish and cozy design of a room of only 50 m2.

Interior of a small kitchen in black and white

The original interior of the apartment is 50 m2

The family prefers to buy a lot of new things, but this was a problem, because the storage space was not enough. Designers managed to transform the rooms, visually expanding the space and using interesting elements in the interior.

Many pieces of furniture are hidden in the walls of the main residential area. A large sofa in the living room is located on the platform, under which is hidden a pull-out double bed. The living room also includes a small work area built into the wall.

A pull-out bed in the living room of a small apartment

A pull-out bed under the platform in the living room

Bright armchair in a black and white interior

Interior of living room

A small cabinet in a niche

Small working area

A spacious corridor in a small apartment

Corridor in a small apartment

In a cozy dining area a lot of space for cooking and eating. Yellow color in the kitchen - bright shell and decorative fruit - perfectly combined with the black and white interior of all rooms. Thanks to the bright elements, the space seems bigger than it really is.

Yellow accents in the interior of black and white cuisine

Bright elements in the kitchen

In the room of his teenage daughter there is a sofa that easily moves apart and turns into a comfortable bed, and a writing desk. The main colors - black, white and yellow - are also included in the interior of the room.

Little child for a teenager

Interior of a room for a teenager

Children's room in a small apartment

Children's for the teenager

Bathroom in a small apartment


The layout of a small apartment

The layout of a small apartment of 50 m2