20+ bathrooms, from which breathtaking!

Just think: according to statistics, each person spends about two weeks a year in the bathroom. But about the same time we have allocated for annual holidays! Is it, considering this, it makes no sense to make your bathroom become a beautiful and soothing space for relaxation by body and soul? Not so long ago we already published material on how to turn a bathroom into a spa, now we want to present you 20+ of the most amazing ideas for a bathroom that can become an everyday source of your enjoyment.

How to make a bathroom look unusually beautiful? To do this, try to give it a little style, say, a certain class, not being afraid to bring something original or even slightly bizarre. But first of all, it's worth forgetting about the stereotype that the bathroom should be clinically white, with coordinated elements and symmetry in everything.

Needless to say, not all of us have the means to buy a stylish hammock bath, but even a bright shower curtain can be a pleasant treat for our eyes. Also not everyone living in the apartment has a place for a bicycle in the bathroom, and not everyone will find it practical to have a fluffy carpet of moss. But unusual shells and houseplants are offered today in a wide range of options, thanks to which are available for any of us. And how interesting it would be to observe the reaction of fish in the sink-aquarium, when the flow of water turns on ... But we will not torment you any more, enjoy your viewing!

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