Magnificent design of a tiny house from the owner of alison,

The facade of a small mansion in the USA

In today's story, we will introduce you to excellent recommendations for transforming modest apartments that were designed by owners for their own home in the city of Branford, Connecticut.

This mansion belongs to the owner Alison, who wanted to create a warm and serene atmosphere in the apartment for a rest and a pleasant pastime in the company of friends, family members and relatives.

The house is located in a picturesque area surrounded by tall trees and plantations, which draws close attention and interest to it. At the same time, it has a small area of ​​70 square meters and a simple layout.

The hostess independently developed a project for the reconstruction of the cottage and implemented interesting ideas on the rational and efficient use of limited space.

Part of the kitchen was located on the former open veranda, which allowed specialists to increase the area of ​​the apartments. For decoration of walls and the ceiling Alison used a snow-white shade palette that visually expanded the space and filled the atmosphere with lightness and airiness.

Kitchen of a small mansion in the USA

The hostess refused to use the upper lockers cluttering the decoration. In this case, the furniture set for the project was chosen multifunctional with a large number of drawers and shelves for storing utensils, utensils and products.

Lamp in the kitchen of a small mansion in the USA

The dining area was equipped with a magnificent vintage table with a folding structure, as well as two high chairs with soft decorative cushions for comfortable placement.

Dining room of a small mansion in the USA

In the living room interior was designed in a simple and concise manner. The epicenter of attention in this area is an old stove with an unusual design and an orange casing.

It is complemented by white walls, parquet floors, family antiques, various works of art, oriental carpets and other charming accessories.

Living room of a small mansion in the USA Living room of a small mansion in the USA The entrance of a small mansion in the USA

The bathroom is decorated in a rich red color scheme, which was inspired by the painting of the master John Cornbread Anderson.

Vintage unusual furniture, modern laconic plumbing, original decorative ornaments and elements, as well as functional layout complete the magnificent appearance of this room.

A bathroom of a small mansion in the USA

On the second floor there is a cozy bedroom. The bed was augmented with hidden shelves, a miniature lamp and artwork.

Bedroom of a small mansion in the USA

The bench is used by the hostess to store books.

Bench in the bedroom of a small mansion in the USA

Glass doors lead to a small balcony. They not only fit perfectly into the style of the apartments, but also allow filling the room with incredible sunshine and warmth.

Chest of drawers near glass doors to balcony

In the next photo you can see the view of Long Island from the terrace.

View of Long Island from the terrace of a small mansion in the USA

The guest cabin was equipped with sliding doors, which allow you to functionally use every square centimeter of the area.

Guest of a small mansion in the USA

A small room on the second floor the master used for home office equipment. It is equipped with a laconic suite and unmatched interior items.

The Cabinet of a Small Mansion in the USA

The couch in this room is easily laid out and turns into a full bed for guests.

Couch in the study of a small mansion in the USA The plant on a stool in a corner

The bathroom on the first floor was decorated in a snow-white palette, which gives the atmosphere a light and visual volume.

A bathroom of a small mansion in the USA

For the decor of the bathroom mistress used a transparent shower curtain. This solution is a budget alternative to glass partitions.

Bathroom of a small mansion in the USA

The window opening is equipped with a wooden curbstone. It is used not only for rest and enjoyment surrounding nature, but also as a multifunctional place for storing shoes and other personal things.

Recreation area on the windowsill of a small mansion in the USA

Another great solution - book shelves, equipped with a fence stairs to the second floor of the house.

Large bookcase

Pay attention to how creative and practical the TV was in the guest cabin.

TV in the guest cabin of a small mansion in the USA Shelf for books and photos Colorful chair with a pattern

Interesting house project from a specialist in the metropolis of Branford, the American state of Connecticut is an unmatched creative masterpiece.

The magnificent location of the cottage, modest size and original layout, modern laconic decoration with a predominance of light toning palette, vintage furniture set and charming accessories, as well as a cozy atmosphere attracts close attention and interest of the public.