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Apartment design 42 sq m

Forty-two square meters is quite a bit. The owners of small apartments realize that it is unlikely to create a palace interior in a small area. However, to make a beautiful and functional design apartment of 42 square meters. m is entirely possible. This article is a detailed description of design solutions for a cozy apartment in which a small family will live, and the original studio. We hope that you will be able to take something useful for yourself when arranging your own home.

Reshaping the apartment

Form a design from scratch in a new building is much easier than doing a redevelopment. The question is thus: to turn a room into 42 squares, albeit devoid of partitions, into a full-fledged two-room apartment with a bedroom and a nursery is not an easy task. It is all the more complicated that it is also necessary to provide sleeping places for the guests. And, of course, at the same time the apartment should be functional and maximally adapted to life. In the wishes of the owners of housing includes a dressing room. The rooms will be quite small, but their functionality is quite high.

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The chosen style is minimalistic with individual eco-design motifs. Its main directions - the ultimate simplicity and clarity of lines, a small number of decorative elements, a maximum of natural materials, lighting devices in the form of flowers.

Zoning Space

This moment - the division of a small area into rooms - is the most responsible. Here's what happened with the division of the entire area into functional areas, an example of planning:

  • Kitchen, combined with the living room - 18 m2;
  • Children's room - 8 m2;
  • Bedroom - 7 m2;
  • Bathroom - 4 m2;
  • Dressing room - 2 m2;
  • Entrance hall / corridor - 3 m2.

Total - 43 square meters.

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Color spectrum

The owners of the apartment - the people are cheerful and cheerful, like saturated natural shades. This corresponds to the "ecological" design, so when decorating the rooms were used contrasting colors:

  • In the bedroom there is a wall at the head of a purple hue. It plays the role of a color accent. The other walls are saturated blue. In combination with snow-white furniture and light finishing materials, it was very cozy;
  • The baby is made in white and pink tones. White furniture, the same roller blinds, the walls are soft pink. The role of color accent is played by wall painting (fairy-tale houses, flowers, trees) and bright decorative pillows scattered on the sofa;
  • Living room-kitchen. Here, the sofa and kitchen area are separated by different colors. Wall coverings in the kitchen are herbaceous green. The walls of the living room are egg-yellow in color.
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Choosing furniture

The limiting factor for choosing furniture is a small area of ​​the apartments and a strong crushing of it into functional areas. The following solutions are possible:

  • The worktop in the kitchen at the same time serves as a dining table;
  • To make the space look not overloaded with furniture, you can use small and light translucent plastic chairs;
  • An additional guest sleeper is a small sofa in the living room, which, thanks to the mechanism of transformation, decomposes into a full place for sleeping.

The bedroom for adults, again because of the minimum space, is furnished with only the necessary items. This is a wardrobe with a mirror sliding door, a bed with a headboard laconic design. The bedside tables are stylishly laconic, they have the shape of a cube.

Sleeper for guests

Furniture in the nursery - classical. It is somewhat out of the general minimalist picture, but the emphasis is on convenience. This is a white wardrobe for storing children's things, a transformer bed and a small sofa. There was also a place for a miniature easel with chalks for drawing, and for a table, for which you can sculpt, read and engage in children's creativity.

Sliding doors in a small apartment

The most difficult problem in the arrangement of a small apartment is the storage of things. It turns out that even a tiny dressing room in 2 square meters. meter can accommodate the entire set of necessary things: shelves for shoes, hangers for outer clothing. There was a place for boxes for seasonal storage of bedding. Special holders above the doorway are suitable for placing folding chairs or children's sledges. There are in the bedroom and a nursery and separate cupboards with sliding doors. Their mirror surface allows you to make the room visually larger.

Studio apartment from

Expand space with the help of light

All rooms of the apartment provide for 2 lighting options: calm and bright. The sources of bright light are spotlights of a point type. Muted light is created by wall lamps, sconces. All appliances have a minimalist design and fit into the eco-friendly concept of the apartment decoration. Ceiling lamps are made in the form of fantastic colors, a chandelier in the children's room resembles a ball woven from the finest glass cobwebs. In the hallway - lighting devices laconic design in the form of a cylinder.

Additional room in the apartment

Surface Finishing

In the bedroom and the nursery are practical practical wallpaper for staining. In the family growing up baby. If he decides to demonstrate his artistic ability on the walls, then the results can be easily hidden under a layer of paint. One of the walls of the nursery is covered with slate paint. It can be drawn with crayons, so there is more than enough for children's creativity. The floor covering is also practical: a laminate with a realistic imitation of an oak board. Now we move into the living room, combined with the kitchen.

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Minimalism in the interior

One of the walls is decorated with decorative panels for wood, with a pattern of geometric shapes. This allows you to distinguish the sofa zone, where there is enough room for friends and hosts. This solution gives the room an extra cosiness. The floor is also laminated. The kitchen area is separated from the living room with a floor covering (living room - laminate, kitchen - practical ceramic tiles). The walls of the bathroom and the bathroom are faced with ceramic tiles. Flooring - granite.

Light furniture in a modern apartment

Arrangement of anteroom

The entranceway turned out very tiny, so you can not clutter it with furniture. I got a dressing room, in which clothes and shoes were placed. A full set of furniture for the hallway in such a small space simply can not fit. The walls and ceiling are painted with water-based paint in a snow-white color, on the floor there is a laminate with imitation of oak wood. Ceiling fixtures are small, shaped like cylinders.

Small-family apartment

Textiles & decor

Choosing a decor for a small space is a very delicate matter. There is a danger of overloading the interior with unnecessary details. Therefore, the most correct solution is a minimum of decor, but the most beautiful and expressive:

  • In the bedroom on the walls - black and white photographs;
  • Pots for domestic plants are made of ceramics with a shiny surface, which will make the space visually wider.

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Textiles - only natural. Basically, it is cotton with the addition of flax. Roller curtains on the windows and furniture upholstery are made of materials with a similar texture.

Thus, the given interior has such features:

  • Strictly dosed amount of furniture. We must avoid extremes: rooms should not look empty or, conversely, overloaded with furniture;
  • In minimalistic design, not so many accessories, but those that are, are organically inscribed in the design. Do not be afraid to experiment with contrasting shades. Get a unique interior;
  • It looks beautiful combination of textures of materials: matte and glossy, fabric of different texture. The dominance of gloss, or, on the contrary, of haze is somewhat boring, although it also has the right to life.

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Interior of an apartment for a family with a child vs studio

Studio is a common way of solving useful space. Practice shows that it is more convenient and modern than a classic one-bedroom apartment. If you remove the wall that separates the room from the kitchen, we get a spacious room that has remained divided into several different zones. At the same time, the sink and stove remain in place. Transfer the plate can only be if it is electric.

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Built-in bed

To remove the partition that separates the 2 rooms, you must first obtain permits.

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The studio is divided into 3 functional areas: a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. Zoning space can be done in such ways:

  • Lighting;
  • Use of materials that differ in texture and shade;
  • Application of screens and partitions;
  • Multilevel ceilings or floors. The first option is relevant if the apartment is quite high.

Separation of living space

The studio can also be made in "Khrushchev", dismantling non-load-bearing partitions!

Free lay-out

Additional room in the loggia  Room measurements  Plan of housing from one room and kitchen  Modern housing for the family  3D apartment project

Optimal places for the location of the kitchen are the end wall or the corner wall. Separate the cooking and eating area can be using a podium or floor covering. In the kitchen area there are ceramic tiles, in the dining room and living room there is parquet, laminate or linoleum.

A mandatory condition for the studio is a powerful hood in the kitchen, otherwise condensation will accumulate in the room, and it will literally preserve the smells of food. The real problem is the bathroom. The optimal solution for "odnushki" is a combined bathroom and toilet. If these two rooms are separated, you can eliminate the partition or install a washing machine in it.

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Expand the room can be, having issued a workplace on the loggia or balcony. It is enough to think over issues with insulation, glazing and artificial lighting, and the office with all the relying attributes is ready. The balcony is suitable for the equipment of a small gymnasium.

As for the style solution, recently the Scandinavian style is as relevant as ever. In comparison with the coldish high-tech and too ascetic minimalism, it is very cozy.

Design project of a small apartment Apartment with a loggia  Additional room on the balcony  Apartment for a modern family  A place for guests in a small apartment  Small kitchen in the living room

The studio will be bright and visually spacious. The main style moments:

  • Flooring of ceramics or wood;
  • Light ceilings and walls. Are you afraid that the house will turn into the "palace of the Snow Queen" or the icy house of Queen Anne? Use softer shades: light gray or ivory;
  • Simple furniture with a clear geometry, open shelving;
  • Application of bright color accents (bright floor mats, decorative sofa cushions);
  • Use the maximum of natural materials.

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Swedish style does not provide curtains (the northerners love and know how to appreciate the sun). If this option is not suitable, you can use roller blinds or blinds, white or a contrasting hue.


The correct selection of colors and the use of suitable materials make it possible to transform a small room. It will become cozy, functional and visually spacious. It is more difficult to arrange a small apartment than a spacious one. Therefore it is desirable to use design services.