Uncomplicated interior design of a small apartment

Interior design of a small apartment in light colors

Interior design of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Probably, you will agree that the interior design of a small apartment always benefits from the inclusion of charming and bizarre accents, such as those that we can see on the photos of the apartments from the Taiwan studio Nordico. That there is only one lamp in the form of a deer's head, decorating the wall of the bedroom!

The brick partition separating the dining room from the living room seems textured and thorough against the background of a snow-white environment. The color variety introduces a tiled apron in the kitchen area. Flooring from bleached wood gives the apartment the look of a modern country house. It seems to ground this cool, air-filled interior.

Dining area in the interior design of a small apartment Small apartment in bright colors

The same collision of drawings is found in the bathroom: side by side with the shining whiteness of the tile in the style of the metro there is a completely different tile, hexagonal, black and patterned. Apparently, the designers decided to make this set of geometric shapes more complete by placing a round mirror over the sink.

Interior design of a small bedroom A small bathroom in white color Interior design of a small bathroom

Another partition, only low and slightly resembling a white fence, separates from the living room an improvised home office.

And together these components make up the image of a modern urban dwelling, which any family will gladly call its sweet home. Despite the abundance in this interior of details that can impress, it allows you to feel comfortable and not be afraid, to put it metaphorically, throw your feet on the table.

Interior of the living room in bright colors Open shelves in the interior of a small living room Office area in the interior of a small apartment

Scandinavian design through the eyes of architects from Taiwan - a topic worthy of discussion, is not it?