Unusual use of garage doors - original design ideas for the

Rest zone in the garage with glass gates

Guests of the best site about small interiors, hello! Usually we do not think about the fact that the garage doors opening outwards, irrationally occupy useful space. And if they consist of two valves, the discomfort is even greater.

Designers have developed a lot of options, in which there is more free space, and nothing interferes with work in the garage. This is especially important if you are going to re-equip it so that you can sit here, relax, talk with friends.

Today we will talk about how a non-traditional garage door can change your useful living space.

Movable door structure from one panel

First turn it out, then lift it to the ceiling. And daylight with a stream of fresh air will fill everything around. Such a swivel-folding function requires additional space on the outside.

Garage doors with the function of rotary-tilting opening

This photo illustrates the process of opening a single door panel.

Rest zone in the garage with glass gates

Here is another example of moving panel structures. When opened, they do not recline inside or out. Of course, they need rooms with a height that is twice as large as their size.

Living room in garage with glass gates

In such high premises it is very advantageous to install a rising garage door. It will replace traditional windows or an opening above your head - the so-called flashlight window, which is not always open for airing. In this case, the air throughout the building will be constantly clean and fresh.

Sectional door

Kitchen in the garage with glass gates

They are widely used. This is, in fact, a flexible panel that slides up, and is placed horizontally above the head.

It has a clear advantage over the monolithic panel: for opening, no free space is required from the outside, and the guide track for sliding ensures the reliability of the structure.

Studio apartment in garage with glass gates

Modern interior design does not exclude the so-called duel sectional doors on both sides of the room. They ensure unhindered air circulation.

Doors of a coach barn or hinged gates

Reversible garage doors with windows

Fastened like regular panel doors, they serve as a reminder of the days when people kept horses and not cars in such premises. They need hinges and handles, they also require additional space from the outside, although the presence of two flaps reduces the radius of their opening.

To preserve the style of the house is used imitation of double-leaf gates from the Carriage House Door Company. In this case, the customer can offer a rich color palette, different styles of performance, accessories for every taste. If desired, you can install a gate from the Real Carriage Door Company, copying doors to the carriage house.

Glass door devices

Living room in garage with glass gates

They are used in garages as often as in living rooms. As a rule, the construction is mounted with a grating separating the window panes. It can be made of wood or of tinted metal.

Glass is the preferred material for converting garages into rooms or studios. This is an environmentally friendly material that gives the room a modern look, providing a visual expansion of the space and filling it with natural light.

Kitchen in the garage with glass gates

From the inside through the glass doors it's good to watch everything that happens outside of them. But remember: they allow you to see what is happening inside the building.

Kitchen in the garage with glass gates

Such a wonderful home office architecture will inspire almost any person.

Garage with glass gates

Garage doors are often used in premises not designed for cars. This photo shows how beautiful the modern glass panel looks in a narrow and high space.

Material courtesy of Killy Scheer.