What prevents you from living in a comfortable apartment of

Accessories in interior design

Hot summer 2012 and the other day, my wife and I must go to the long-planned sailing in Croatia. I want to say, if you have the opportunity, I recommend this kind of rest. We flew by plane to Split, rested in the hotel and early in the morning recovered on a trip by sea for one week. Tired, but happy with a well-spent vacation, we returned to the city. The plane left for Moscow only in the evening, on the street it was already over 40 degrees of heat. Fortunately, our friends stayed in the city, they rented a cozy apartment. In it, we spent all the time left before departure, escaping from the heat.

The apartment is located in an old building in the very center of Split, in the entrance there is a wooden staircase. In Europe, one can not surprise anyone with a dwelling of 52 squares, where most people live in similar rooms. But we were surprised and fascinated by the interior of this compact.

The hostess told us her story. She was born in Croatia, but still in her youth, she moved to live in Australia. Two decades later, the woman decided to return to her homeland. She already does not remember how she became the owner of an apartment on the upper level just above a small cafe. Several years ago, her room burned down and she had to restore it from scratch. The design was surprisingly modern and attractive. And most importantly, not too expensive.

Living room. The kitchen is quite ordinary shape for such premises. But here it turned into a convenient and functional island, with a huge number of outlets, where you can charge several gadgets at once.

Interior of the living room in bright colors

The bedroom is decorated simply, but tastefully.

Bedroom interior in light colors

The bathroom is also designed in the spirit of minimalism. There are no expensive materials, everything is affordable and cheap.

Bathroom interior in light colors

Well, how about no pleasant little things that help add a special mood.

Door to the landing

In the end, having examined the entire apartment, I found only one answer to my question, what prevents me from creating such simple but nice designs in Russia. In this small room, I counted about 8 windows. This is very good, as natural light is an important point in any room. But all the same, the most important thing remains the desire to create your own personal convenient corner and not equal to someone. And you, dear Forum-Grad readers, could arrange your corner without looking at others?