A tiny detached house with a studio layout - excellent

Small house in Sweden

Small is not bad. Our site offers today to look at the guests in a nice corner where a Swedish student lives.

How to create a quality space in the house, the area of ​​which is slightly more than 8 square meters. m? The housing commission AF Bostader of the Swedish city of Lund has developed a project of modern micro-apartments for students.

Interior of a small studio apartment

The authors proceeded from the assumption that the students spend most of their time in class, after which they engage in public activities or earn money. So there is little time left for the house.

Dining area in a small kitchen

The disco here, of course, is difficult to arrange, if only in the adjoining yard. But everything necessary for life and satisfaction of the most important needs is. The interior of the apartment is simple. But it is very cozy and functional.

Entrance door to a small house Small house with a fence The layout of a small house

The fashion for home-cases in the modern world is making itself louder.