10 tips for choosing the right window for your home

There is nothing more comfortable than sitting at home and enjoying the wonderful view from the window in the rays of warm sunlight. Perhaps you dream about it, considering that now your windows are far from the best that can be. Or you simply plan what will be the design of your future home. If you are going to change anything, then you should read these 10 tips on choosing the right exterior windows in your house.

Exterior of a modern country house

1. Choose windows that reflect the style of your home.

Each house has its own specific style, which makes it unique. Therefore, the first step is to select the windows so that they emphasize the style that is observed in your house. For example, if your dwelling is made in an ultramodern style, then the most suitable for him is likely to be large floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors. But if the interior of your house belongs to the Tudor style (the kingdom of England of the Middle Ages), then the windows of the classical style with diamond-shaped frames and vertical dividers will fit here. Result: for the right choice of windows, keep to the style in which your house is made.

2. Decide what purpose your windows will serve.

Although the main function of windows is to let light in, the window can also be like a door - a sliding window, for example, to access a porch. Or it should be fixed and serve only as an ornament. Take into account the rooms in which the windows will be, and if the room is important to the outside or a sufficient amount of light, it is clear that here you need larger windows than in the storeroom or restroom. Maybe you should think about the introduction of solar wells, if the installation of windows is not possible?

Exterior of the house, drowning in greenery

3. Colored window frames and middles.

Depending on the color and architectural style of the house, you can choose the color of the frames and middles so that they complement the overall color scheme of your house. In this case, of course, it is better to order finished windows with frames of the right color. Well, if you really want to paint them yourself, then be sure to ask good experts about the quality paint.

4. Choose a good color for window frames.

Choosing the right color palette is always a rather difficult task. Walk along the street and look at how your neighbors' houses are painted. So you can get an initial idea about the combination of colors. For sure, you will like something. In any case, now it will be easier for you to make your own decision. Looks pretty good style, in which there are two or more primary colors. For example, the doors are painted in one color, the windows in the other. It would be good to apply here for advice to specialists, where you can find ready-made sets of color palettes. This will save your time and nerves.

Correct choice of color for window frames

5. Correct selection of the window for adequate room ventilation.

One of the most important tasks that windows can perform is to ensure good ventilation in the room. Understanding what kind of work windows will perform, it's easier to determine what type of window a window should be. Some houses have combined windows or windows of both types - blind and opening.

Floor-to-ceiling windows with sea views

6. Choose windows so that they fit your interior.

Although it is very important to take into account the exterior when choosing windows, do not forget how they will look from the inside, and how their functioning will affect the interior of your house. For the bathroom, for example, look for windows that let in enough light, but do not provide a direct view from the outside! It is better to use frosted glass, and the windows themselves are slightly higher than the eye level. In public places where you need a maximum of light and a good view from the inside, it is better to install large panoramic windows.

Stone window lining

7. Take into account the position of the sun, choosing windows.

If you are planning a house, you should consider its position relative to the sun and place the windows so that the location is optimal. Think about whether the morning light will wake you up in the bedroom. Or, conversely, will not the light of the evening sun prevent you from watching TV. Unsuccessful window layout can also affect the excessive heating of your rooms.

8. Different types of opening windows for different applications.

In most homes, conventional sliding windows are installed. This means that the movable part of the window can move in a horizontal or vertical direction to open it. There are double windows that move apart in different directions. In the apartments and old houses, hanging windows are popular, which open at an angle for ventilation.

Modern windows to the bedroom

9. Use the windows as the compositional center of your interior.

If you have a beautiful view from the window, or the architecture of your house is unique in itself, then use the windows to emphasize its style. It is interesting to look at the protruding windows, assembled together from different parts. They are well suited for a kitchen, bathroom or small guest room, while increasing the internal space. Use frames and saddles of various shapes to complement the details of your interior.

10. Replacement of windows can be a good reconstruction project.

When we think about updating the interior, the first thing that comes to mind is the reconstruction of the kitchen or bathroom. But we should not forget about replacing old windows. In addition, now there is some impetus in the use of energy-efficient double-glazed windows. Besides, today many law firms are ready to give a tax credit for replacing obsolete windows with energy-efficient designs. So, we recommend that you think about the replacement or reconstruction of dilapidated window designs on more modern glass.

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Classic wooden frames on the windows in the bathroom