Interior of modern bathroom with toilet +20 photo

Bathroom interior combined with toilet

The mood depends on the space. In fact, our day begins and ends with a trip to the toilet and bathroom, which means that these rooms simply must be beautiful and comfortable. Do not be frivolous about the design and layout of the bathroom, because later it will be difficult to change. A large number of communications, expensive finishing materials do not leave the right to make a mistake. Especially if it's a bathroom combined with a toilet.

Bathя комната в черной плитке совмещенная с туалетом On the one hand, such a layout has undoubted advantages:

  • the useful area is increasing;
  • less finishes are used;
  • the possibilities for developing a stylish bathroom interior are expanding;
  • two small rooms are combined into one spacious one.

The main drawback - a combined bathroom can not be used by several people at once. If the owners decide to combine the bathroom with the toilet, the disadvantages are all the inconveniences associated with long-term repairs in the functional rooms, and the need to legalize the redevelopment.

Black and white bathroom with bath

Bathroom layout

The toilet and bathroom have a completely different functional purpose. Therefore, when planning the interior of a small bathroom combined with a toilet, it is important to take into account some of the nuances:

  • bathroom shared with the toilet - a place for relaxation and hygiene, while the toilet assignment is associated exclusively with the physiological needs of the person. Harmoniously to combine in a small space everything necessary for the implementation of these functions - the task is not easy;
  • the presence of undesirable odors from the toilet in combination with changes in humidity and temperature in the bathroom requires a more powerful ventilation system;
  • bathroom in the main number of apartments, even combined, this is a closed enclosed space.

The location of all elements of the interior of the bathroom should be thought through to the smallest detail, so that they can be used without problems.

Example of bathroom design combined with a toilet

There are clear standards for minimum free space in front of the main elements in the bathrooms:

Type of equipmentThe size of the minimum free space in front of the element, cm
Bath75 x 90
Shower cabin / shower75 x 90
Toilet60 x 60
Be60 x 60
Washer60 x 90
LockersDoor Width
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Design of a small bathroom комнаты совмещенной с туалетом

The minimum distance between the bidet and toilet bowl is 25 cm, between the toilet and any sanitary equipment - 20 cm.

Doors open only to the outside. They should not go into the rooms and the kitchen.

Bathя комната совмещенная с туалетом и размещением стиральной машины

The layout and design of the bathroom, combined with the toilet, dictates the shape of the room. If the bathroom is rectangular, then it is better to put a bath near the short wall, and the sink and toilet bowl - along the long one. In a narrow bathroom it is more reasonable to install a shower. The square room is easier to plan, it is more spacious.

Spacious bathroom with toilet

Design of a small bathroom

The optimum area of ​​the bathroom, combined with the toilet, 7-9 square meters. Unfortunately, the bathrooms in the Khrushchev and Stalinka are very far from these figures. But even tiny rooms of 2 square meters are not hopeless - the owners of small bathrooms will help the secrets of designers:

  • Shower instead of bath or shower. You can install a special tray and separate the shower with a glass partition or curtain. Using transparent glass instead of matte visually increases the space;
  • plumbing of non-standard sizes. Manufacturers of sanitary ware produce compact plumbing for compact apartments and even universal sets that consist of several items, for example, a shower with a sink, a toilet with a sink and a bedside table;
  • maximum use of corners (corner sinks, shower cabins, furniture);
  • the use of space above the entrance door, places under the sink (shelves, cupboards, storage niches);
  • a narrow washing machine with a vertical load;
  • Finish the walls with mirrors or mirror tiles. Designers advise placing in very close rooms wide horizontal mirrors;
  • calm light color scale;
  • mosaic; tile size 20 cm x 20 cm or less: square, rectangular, in the form of honeycombs. It will help to increase the space of laying different tiles on different levels;
  • bright lighting; The additional illumination of mirrors perfectly works;
  • Wall-paper with perspective images (the bridge, the road leaving in the distance, any images that blur the boundaries of the room);
  • elements of decor (paintings, photo frames, candles). They balance the interior, give it a complete look. Particularly beneficial will be bright color accents in bright interiors, the main thing is to observe the measure.

Bathroom design combined with a bathroom

Modern bathroom interior

Combined bathrooms are great places to embody the most daring design ideas. With the help of modern finishing materials of different colors, textures can be played with space, and the lack of natural light makes it possible to create interesting lighting effects.

  1. Comfortable ergonomic layout The functionality of a combined bathroom and toilet involves the allocation of three parts: a toilet zone, a bathing area, a washing zone. In addition to the partitions, interesting solutions are used for zoning - division of space by means of lighting, various materials. Particularly impressive are the multi-level ceiling and floor.
  2. Colors, decor For the decoration of tight spaces cool cool colors are best suited. If the room is large, you can experiment with bright saturated colors or use reserved dark tones. The shades of blue emphasize the cleanliness of the room, but will make it more "cold". Warm bright colors - yellow, orange, green, red, yellow - will create a cozy atmosphere and will be energized in the morning. Warm and cold tones perfectly shade each other, helping to create beautiful harmonious interiors. White color in the interior is good as a background for the original decor. tastefully selected accessories and cute trinkets make the interior truly home.
  3. Specific style The bathroom is an excellent field for experiments. To design the interior of a combined bathroom is suitable for almost any style. The design of spacious bathrooms often uses a classic style, its main elements - beige, golden, brown. A characteristic feature is the bath on the dais. Beautiful rooms, made in a marine style. The colors are white, blue, turquoise, blue. You can decorate yourself with decorations with sea stones and shells. A fertile ground for the use of designer talents is the Provence style with an abundance of details made of textiles, wood, and dried flowers. The bathroom in the old style, decorated with stone, wood, ceramics, looks unusual. Retro-style involves the presence of a cast-iron bath on the legs, parts of brass sanitary ware, vintage accessories. High-tech, minimalism, modernity are ideal for the design of small rooms. These styles are quite restrained, do not assume an abundance of details. Style hi-tech involves the use of metal, gloss, mirrors.
  4. Lighting Lighting is one of the main tools for creating a style, especially in a small bathroom. With the help of lighting devices, it is possible to split the room into several functional zones, visually increase its dimensions. Excellent lighting function - brightness adjustment.
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Bathя с туалетом, размещение стиральной машины

Overview of materials

Self-repair of the bathroom, combined with the toilet - a responsible and difficult task. The specificity of the premises implies the availability of professional knowledge and skills. When designing the layout, it is necessary to take into account the location of risers, water pipes, ventilation shafts. Every detail must be carefully thought out, because changing the location of the shower is not the same as moving the closet or sofa.

In the bathroom there is nothing superfluous

There are computer programs for designing bathrooms. The program will help to create a model and calculate the consumption of materials. Design options for bathrooms, combined with the toilet, are widely represented on specialized sites.

But the distribution of communications and the installation of sanitary ware is still better to entrust to specialists.

Bathя комната совмещенная с туалетом и стиральная машина под раковиной

The main stages of repair:

  • the development of a plan for the installation and design of plumbing and electrical communications;
  • design development;
  • selection of materials and equipment;
  • preparation of premises (dismantling of old equipment, cleaning, repair of walls, floors, ceilings);
  • laying of communications;
  • installation of ventilation system;
  • finishing of walls, floors, ceilings;
  • installation of plumbing;
  • installation of lighting devices;
  • arrangement of furniture, storage systems;
  • replacement or installation of the entrance door.

Dryer and washing machine in the bathroom

On the quality of materials for finishing the bathroom, combined with the toilet, you should not save. Constant temperature changes, high humidity, frequent exposure to detergents and cleaning agents complicate the operation of the room.

Decoration Materials

The most budget option for repair is the PVC panel. They are easy to maintain, but "steal" space (5-10 cm on each side). The use of wood also has its drawbacks - it has to be further processed to protect against dampness and unpleasant odors. More complex in the installation and operation of materials - stone, paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, stone, mirror tiles and mosaic. They are much more expensive, but their popularity is constantly growing. The most common finishing material is tiles. The choice of colors, patterns and textures is huge, just like the price range.

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Compact bathroom

Floor coverings

Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware are optimal for use in bathrooms. These are durable materials that are resistant to moisture, practical. The floor is indispensable in exclusive interiors (3D effect), has no shortcomings, except high cost, a long, complicated installation. The most expensive and beautiful material is a natural tree (teak, larch). For economical repair use vinyl floor. But this material has many shortcomings, first of all, short-livedness.

Design-project bathroom combined with a toilet

Plumbing equipment

Главное в ванной комнате — это сама ванна. Bath служит местом для купания и отдыха, задает тон в интерьере комнаты, поэтому не надо жалеть времени на ее поиски. Если важен внешний вид, то нужно обратить внимание на акриловые ванные разнообразных форм – круглые, угловые, фигурные. Очень красивы ванны из акрила и стекла. Старые добрые чугунные ванны удобны и надежны. Дешевые ванны сделаны их пластика либо металла.

Luxurious plumbing in the combined bathroom As for shower cabins, the choice is great. Open inexpensive cabins are better fit in a small bathroom, closed cabins are suitable for large bathrooms. Plumbing products are so widely represented on the market that it is not difficult to find a quality model suitable for design and size.