Architectural film for windows and facades

The construction industry offers a lot of ways how to restore and restore the facades of old buildings. To decorate the wall surface today use hinged panels, various methods of staining, decorative plaster and so on.

It is clear that in this case, the old windows also need to be replaced. As a rule, the very form of window openings remains unchanged, and only the double-glazed windows change. But they are not always in harmony with the ultra-modern design. Such disharmony can reduce all efforts to no. But there is a way and windows to give absolutely any kind.

Beautiful facades of modern houses

For the decoration of window openings, a film is used on windows and glass buildings. It can be just tinted, mirrored, colored or decorative

Film advantages:

  • Original appearance;
  • Increase the strength of glass;
  • Protection from the sun and so on.

Now the decoration of the facades with tinted mirror plates has become popular. As a rule, a solid surface is made, without protrusions and visible transitions. To this facade, the darkened film on the glass of the same tone or the darker one is preferred. It can be not only black or gray, but also blue, milky white or green, with overflows like a chameleon and without.

The facades of shops often make them bright, so that they attract attention. And large windows must also be something to decorate. Best of all, this task will cope with the original film, for example, with the effect of rain, a chessboard pattern, bee honeycombs, floral ornaments or a floral pattern. You can choose a pattern with silver or gold stripes, squares, autumn leaves or dragons (for example, for some eastern store).

Architectural film for windows and facades

Do not create problems and installation of architectural film. As a rule, it can be ordered in the same firm that produces the coating itself. This is a guarantee that the film will be glued in accordance with all norms and rules.

Decorative film can be used not only for public buildings and structures, but also for private houses. For example, if you chose a dark lining or natural tile for finishing the facade, then it is better to cover the glass with a protective film of brown color. The safety of private households need to be taken care of by the owners themselves. There are often thefts, and even hooliganism. Low-lying windows must be protected. And with this task, the protective film will perfectly cope.

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