Computer table - 80 best photo ideas in the interior

Each of us spends an incredible amount of time sitting at his PC. But if you know how to choose a computer table correctly and without errors, it will not only perfectly fit in the interior of your house, but also will make the time spent for it the most pleasant and productive.


Choosing it, you should consider the aesthetics, as well as functionality. Today the table can be chosen among the widest variety of models and design variations. Anyone can do it, even very demanding. In addition, such a computer desk in the interior will be its zest!


Table of contents of the article:

  • Suggested types of tables
  • Classic style
  • Corner Computer Tables
  • Semicircular form
  • Modular option
  • Transformer Tables
  • Tables with drawers and shelves
  • Table with cabinets and superstructure
  • Table with shelving
  • School table
  • Photos of the best computer tables in 2017 in the interior

Suggested types of tables

In fact, tables differ in forms, additional elements, for example, the same shelves, shelves, boxes.

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Classic style

This kind refers to the most common. He meets in the home and office interior. Such furniture is devoid of stylistic refinement, it has a sliding shelf for the keyboard, as well as a compartment for the PC system. This model is unambiguous, universal and convenient.


In addition, this option will perfectly cope with the main functions, and the time spent behind it will be most comfortable. The furnish of this furniture is made of wood, however, today any material can be used. If you choose the classic angles, they will fit any interior.


Corner Computer Tables

Suitable for rooms, with a small space, which would be nice and save. The table takes up very little space, and you can place everything you need on it, from folders and books to a computer / laptop. With an angular table, the arrangement of furniture can be very competent. And the corner, which was not particularly noteworthy before, will become very attractive. Design of the closet - 110 photos of the perfect combination in the interior


Semicircular form

Many people for some reason do not like such forms at all, well, at least they treat them with some kind of fear, or something ... And very vain! The fact is that such options for tables do not differ in functionality from other tables. A room with this form of the table looks just great.


If you do not like the banal design of your workplace, choose the semi-circular design of the computer desk!


Modular option

For those who prefer to self-organize space, the modular table is the most optimal version. A distinctive feature of it is that the elements can be supplemented or removed, as you please. In this case, some special skills and knowledge for this is not required, because everything here is quite easy and simple, practical and multifunctional.


To assemble a modular table resembles a mosaic, only from furniture. At the same time, its design depends on how limitless your imagination is!


Transformer Tables

If you have limitations in square meters, this option is just for you. Here, individual parts can be transformable, or completely, hidden, when they are not needed. A small table, thanks to several movements, will turn into an absolutely valuable working surface.


There are even such models in which, in addition to the work surface, there is also a cabinet for your personal belongings. In addition, some modern models of such tables can be real masterpieces in the style of minimalism or high-tech.


Tables with drawers and shelves

They are designed in such a way that the additional elements look very harmonious, as if they continue the body. They are also offered in numerous variations, so you can put everything in them, while the furniture will remain attractive.


Thanks to the boxes, the documentation is kept in a safe condition, but on the shelf you can put your favorite photo or stylish accessory.


Table with cabinets and superstructure

The same advantages as the previous version, but also with different lockers, add-ons. Designs can be canonic, fantasy, having different curves and shapes.


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Thanks to the structures that go under the ceiling, the room will have a lot of free space. And only you can decide how an equal owner of such a model of the table, what does it take!


Table with shelving

As a rule, the racks are installed perpendicular to the surface of the tables. This is important to consider when planning the layout of furniture. After all, the rack should not be a barrier to lighting.


As a separate subject. The rack is very convenient and functional, and you can place a lot in it. Well, if it is combined with a computer table, this solution is quite practical and convenient.


School table

Choosing a table for the student, you should take into account his hobbies, interests, hobbies. It should be convenient, store many books / textbooks, notebooks, computer games and other trifles. It should also be comfortable, do homework.


Do not forget to look at the photos of computer tables presented with us, and choose your own, the most suitable model of such furniture!


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Photos of the best computer tables in 2017 in the interior









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