Illumination of buildings as one of the methods of design

Light has long been an original element of art. With its help, designers create unique ornaments for architectural structures. Setting the backlight - this is one of the spectacular methods of highlighting a nondescript building. The glowing house immediately attracts attention and creates a sense of majesty and reliability.

Today, for many companies, building lighting is the main direction of their activities. Initially, for such events only imported products were used. Recently, the tasks of installing lighting equipment are being solved with the help of domestic products. Manufacturers produce LED products that meet the needs of consumers.

Illumination of buildings as one of the methods of design solutions

The lighting market today offers a wide range of products. High-class specialists create high-quality products using 3D-max or Dialux programs. The cost of domestic lamps is much lower than foreign counterparts. However, all products comply with approved world standards. Therefore, it has the right to wide application. Specialized companies for lighting installation on buildings have a full set of services, which presupposes the manufacture of lamps, as well as their delivery and installation. At the request of the customer, it is possible to produce products of any shape, size and color.

Modern lighting fixtures for architectural lighting have many advantages. With their help, you can create a unique design of not only the facades of houses, but also pedestrian paths, pools, fountains, bridges and other structures. The design solution of such products is very diverse. Today you can buy both primitive and refined elegant lamps.

LED lights help form a directional beam of illumination. With their help, you can create a beam effect that emerges from one point in two directions. Even in the daytime architectural lamps have a beautiful view and serve as an original decoration of architectural structures.

Illumination of buildings as one of the methods of design solutions

They serve long enough. The design of the luminaires has good protection against external influences and moisture or dust. With proper care, LED lights can work for about 100 thousand hours. At the same time, their high profitability, reliability, mechanical strength and resistance to vibrations are noted. Companies that install architectural lighting, provide free warranty service devices.