Design a children's room for a boy: create a new world

As a rule, parents start to design a children's room for the boy before his birth. After all, the appearance of this room will greatly influence the formation of the personality of the baby, his character, interests and habits. This puts a lot of problems: in the room, the boy should be comfortable to live, interesting to play and sleep peacefully.


  • The place where the fairy tale lives
  • The color scheme of the children's room
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Pleasant trifles and decor

The place where the fairy tale lives

Boys are big dreamers and fidgets. And if the girl was enough for a gentle room resembling a Barbie doll house, then the boys needed a space for fantasy, adventure and their own, unreal travel. Therefore, the design of the children's room for the boy should initially be aimed at creating a special world - an underwater or space ship, an island of treasures - just in the usual city apartment.

Essential feature of the room for boys at the same time - restraint and laconicism, while - the saturation and functionality of design. Boys will not place in places a bunch of small statuettes or even an entire army of toy soldiers. The details in their room should be large and expressive. For example, the head of the bed can be decorated in the form of a mast ship, or the whole bed - in the form of a racing car.

A bed for a sailor's boy

It is important to understand that the boy's room for the kid and for the teenager will differ significantly in design. The child will grow, and his interests will change. Parents should understand that it is impossible to design one, neutral, suitable for the rest of the renovation in the apartment, a room that will be relevant for many years. After all, the child also has his own tastes, hobbies and preferences, and you need to be able to notice them and implement them in his room. The boy should have his own space, his personal place, where he can retire, do something interesting and dream. And the children's interior for the boy plays an important role in his personal and creative development.

The color scheme of the children's room

Color in many respects influences psychology and the child's perception of the environment. Therefore, in the process of finishing, he needs to pay maximum attention. Do not focus only on the stereotypical boys' room blue and blue. The palette of acceptable colors and shades is much wider. But you must take into account the temperament of the child when choosing a color: for quiet children - soft, pastel colors, for choleric people - brighter and more saturated.

It is also worth considering the influence of this or that color on the human psyche. So, the blue color relaxes and soothes. White - harmonizes the space, but can only serve as a background, rather than the basic, basic color of the room. Green color relieves nervous tension and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Yellow color develops curiosity and desire to explore the world, and orange - stimulates optimism and self-confidence.

Children for the growing baseball player

Red and purple colors for the design of the children's room - categorically unacceptable, because in the first case - too exciting, and in the second - oppressing the unstable psyche of the child.

Also it is not recommended to use more than three colors for the boy's design for a boy.

Furniture and equipment

For a small child in the room it will be enough to have a bed, a small wardrobe for clothes and toys. But as he grows up, the boy will need new interior items and equipment.

So, a child's bed in the shape of a ship or a car will most likely require a replacement for an ordinary single bed or a divorceable sofa.

Ideal school desk with a computer

In the student's room must necessarily appear a desk and a desk lamp, a computer. It is preferable to place the table closer to the window to teach lessons in daylight, and the bed - away from the window, so that the light from the yard does not interfere with rest.

It is best if the furniture in the boy's room is mobile and transformable. First, it will develop his creative imagination, and secondly - if necessary, to free space for games and communication with friends.

The surface of the furniture is also of no small importance. The matte surface will gently reflect the light, making the room cozy and evenly lit. Glossy - will allow you to play with highlights and reflections. Shiny, mirrored surfaces in a room for a boy should be avoided, because they will give the child a feeling of anxiety.

It is good, if in the boy's room there will be a simulator or at least a Swedish wall, allowing to maintain its physical form.

The main thing is that the child's design for the boy should not be overloaded with interior items - only the most necessary, maximum functionality.

Pleasant trifles and decor

Sex is often a place for boys to play games, so its design should be given special attention. For example, you can lay a carpet with the image of the highway - the boys quickly and with pleasure will find him an application.

For the development of the child, it is very important that there is something alive and dynamic in the room. But if you start animals that the baby could take care of, it's too early to put an aquarium with fish in the room without problems. This will not only be a worthy decoration of the room, but also an excellent means for calming and appeasing the child after an active day.

Unusual baby's design for a boy

Instead of pictures or wall-paper walls it is better to decorate with photos of the child, which will remind him of joyful and interesting moments in life.

And the most important thing: during the design of the children's room, you must always consult the child himself, because in his own room his best years will pass and, perhaps, the most important discoveries will be made.