The best motor cultivators for landscaping

Manual processing of the land and arrangement of the suburban area with the help of shovels alone slowly go to the past. To facilitate the physical labor of gardeners, the consumer market offers a variety of motorized machinery that can become an indispensable assistant in the country.

Mechanization of one of the most labor-intensive processes - soil cultivation, will save time, and a cultivator (a device equipped with a motor) will solve almost all the tasks associated with equipping the infield, ensuring minimum energy and time consumption. One of the main advantages of modern cultivators is their compactness and variety of types, differing in weight, equipment and other parameters, from which you can choose the ideal tool for working in the garden or garden.

What can a cultivator?

The main task of a cultivator equipped with a sharp cutter is loosening of the soil without turning the earth layer. Depending on the type, it can perform a number of other agrotechnical works:

  • Weeding the beds by grinding the root system of weeds in the aisle and hilling;
  • Addition of various fertilizers and their uniform mixing with soil;
  • Watering the beds with the help of a pump;
  • Harvesting potatoes;
  • Careful care of the lawn.

The motor-cultivator can not only loosen the upper layer of the soil, but also level it, and break up large pieces of land after plowing the beds with the help of heavier agricultural equipment. When choosing a cultivator for work on the plot, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​cultivated land, the weight and power of the equipment itself, along with the basic functions declared by the motorized equipment manufacturer.

Popular models of compact motor cultivators

All motor cultivators are divided into two main types: with a gasoline or electric motor, and they, in turn, are divided into three subspecies - light (compact) and medium and high-power technology. In each of the groups there are their favorites, but in the class of compact motor-cultivators among the summer residents, the technique of production of Hyundai, Texas, Gardena, Patriot and other equally famous brands is popular.

1. Electric motor cultivator HYUNDAI T1500-E

The HYUNDAI T1500-E has enough power, which, with low weight, can handle the ground to a depth of up to 20 cm. The bent shape of the milling cutter and special stiffeners serve as a deformation protection and allow working with heavier soils. Small wheels and a handle, in addition to convenient transportation, provide maximum comfort when operating the device. The hyundai motor-cultivator is distinguished by the simplicity of control and noiselessness, and the launch lever located on the handle of the cultivator, having protection against accidental start, makes the work with the equipment as safe as possible. An important advantage of this model of the cultivator is its more than affordable price, which is backed by a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

The best motor cultivators for landscaping

2. Motor-cultivator gasoline Texas Hobby 500 TGR

In addition to the affordable price, the Texas Hobby 500 TGR gasoline cultivator has two speeds (forward-backward) and with a weight of just under 40 kg is able to perform the cultivation of the earth at 25cm in depth and 55cm in width. Of the main advantages of the cultivator, you can note a large selection of attachments, simplicity and reliability in operation and a good reserve of power, which makes this model not only popular, but also worthy of any horticultural area of ​​the average Russian.

The best motor cultivators for landscaping

3. Electric motor cultivator Patriot 1.6 / 300F EPG Tesla

Easy cultivator Patriot 1.6 / 300F EPG Tesla is designed for cultivating land in relatively small areas. Possessing a good depth of soil treatment (20cm), it will become an indispensable assistant for any horticulturist-gardener. Affordable price, ecological engine, good power and weight of only 14 kg make the work of the summer house comfortable and easy.

The best motor cultivators for landscaping