Folding structures for small apartments

Extendable table top in the kitchen

Do you have modest apartments? Or you want to create in the apartment the style of minimalism? At present, there are a lot of interesting solutions for equipping the house, which can not only give it high functionality, but also improve the aesthetic appearance.

In today's story, we will present to your eyes 10 unique foldable headset items that can magnificently maximize the area of ​​the apartments.

Cover structures

In this minimalist room, the LCD TV is hidden behind a small folding door that, when closed, merges with the general decoration of walls. If necessary, the hosts will be able to hide it before the arrival of guests.

Hidden TV in the living room

Home Theater from Found Associates

Increase the functional space. In the following example, the whole pantry hides behind the folding doors.

The shelving, made with the use of light textured wood, was equipped with a set of shelves, niches and drawers, which allow you to place a large number of dishes, culinary utensils and products. When closed, the door merges with the furniture.

Cupboard for dishes and small kitchen appliances

Kitchen from Brayer Design

Modular structures. This blue block represents a place for storage, sleep and work. It is located next to the wall and is equipped with a folding bed folding practical table, as well as capacious zones for placing clothes, books and stationery.

Folding bed in the living room

Bedroom from Michael K Chen Architecture

Folding bed

This mechanism can easily be placed in the home office or guest bedroom. The built-in illumination system and miniature artwork give this area an incredible warmth and cosiness.

Built-in folding bed

Sigmar's Boudoir

Classic secretary

This traditional piece of furniture has been around for a long time. It is equipped with a folding door, used as a working surface, small lockers and drawers for storing paper and office supplies. He and in the modern interior will look great!

Folding working table

Cabinet in the style of fusion

Hidden niches

If you decide to design for your own unusual house or an apartment is a large bookcase, why not equip it with special closed niches for storing equipment, hardware and other items that must be hidden from prying eyes.

Large rack with hidden niches

Офис от naganjohnson architects

This classic block is made using light textured wood. It is equipped with a large number of drawers that can be used by the owner to store paper, letters and magazines.

Shelf for books with drawers

Classic cabinet from Brayer Design

Hidden office

You can arrange a multi-functional corner for working in the guest cabin or bedroom. And in order to hide it from prying eyes, you can use simple and concise folding doors.

Compact office in the closet

Домашний офис от Cathy Phillips & Co

A stand-alone dryer takes up valuable floor space. In the next photo you will see a wall model, which is great for decorating a modest space in the business room.

Folding dryers in the laundry

Laundry by Weaver Custom Homes

For the arrangement of the kitchen, a modular suite with a sliding table top, as well as folding stools, is very suitable, which can, if necessary, be put in a closet or hung on a hook.

Folding furniture in the kitchen

Kitchen by Brunelleschi Construction

We presented to your attention the unmatched solutions that can maximize the area of ​​housing.

And you liked these wonderful Ideas of organization of space?