The most popular iconic styles of american house design

The most popular iconic styles of American house design

House styles around the world are as diverse as the countries themselves, in the United States there are many iconic design styles that have made American homes so popular. Let's look at the most interesting and important styles.

Colonial style:

America was founded with a design of 13 columns, which at that time was called "colonial", one now it was renamed the "colonial revival", is a fairly popular style of house architecture. In appearance, the classic colonnades of porches and symmetrical details are borrowed from British architecture of the early 18th century, when immigrants decorated their own houses. Two-story houses are typical for this style, with a straightforward layout. Treated wood, exterior moldings, as well as stair railings and floors - these are the main distinguishing features of this style.

Colonial style in architecture

Tudor style:

The Tudor style has become popular in old areas throughout the United States, which is characterized by a special facade finish. The Tudor style was introduced into the country's architecture in the early 19th century and resembles European medieval houses in England. Dormer windows, bedrooms that have a lot of light and a few vintage styles in wood - these are the basic details of the interior. If you want to upgrade your house to the Tudor style, then take care of the exterior cladding, the stonework masonry, and also the heavy wooden front door.

Tudor style in architecture

Victorian style:

Victorian style is also borrowed from English architecture and has similar characteristics of Tudor style. However, the Victorian style also borrowed some elements from the French architecture, namely the details around the windows and doors. Patterned tiles, a colorful palette of exterior colors and sophisticated architectural details are also an important part of the Victorian style design.

Victorian style in architecture

Log Cabin / Country style:

A modern log or village style has lived a long life and takes its origins from houses built from heavy construction timber. They were popular mainly in the mountainous American countryside, now they are gaining momentum on ranches and homesteads, but also remain popular in the mountains. Classify this style of heaviness of the exterior of the building, large log buildings, rough stone, as well as massive elements of the interior. Mostly such houses are made of red cedar, cypress and pine. Previously, houses made in this style were considered to be simple and cheap, now it is different, many houses in the rustic style are considered to be one of the most expensive.

Country style in modern architecture of the USA

Ranch Style:

One of the most recognizable architectural styles of the American house is the ranch style. This style of houses became popular in the early 20th century and became a representative of American suburban life. Ranch-style houses borrowed architectural elements from many other well-known styles, from bungalows to prairie houses. Sliding glass doors and panoramic views from the second floor are also distinctive features of the style.

Ranch Style in Architecture

Modern architecture of the USA

There are so many other iconic architectural styles that reflect the different styles of life of every homeowner in the United States. Each style is preferred by a certain layer of the population.