Bathroom design 4 sq. m - modern interior

Design of a bathroom with a toilet

Many people are stopped by a small area of ​​their bathroom for cardinal transformations. But complex repairs should be viewed not as a tragedy, but as a platform for creativity, an opportunity to implement all the ideas and dreams. Competent design of a bathroom of 4 sq. M allows you to combine style and functionality, you only need to adhere to a number of certain design rules that allow you to achieve, if not a real, at least visual expansion of space: a color solution, illumination. Picking up the necessary equipment, stylish accessories, taking into account technical difficulties, using the possibilities of constructive unification, you will understand that four squares are not so small for reaching the modern level of comfort.

Consider the popular modifications of the finish in terms of financial costs:

  • Moisture-resistant paint. The most budgetary, but will have to spend on leveling the surfaces to achieve the ideal color. Matte textures look better. Many brands offer ready-made collections of colors that best complement each other.
  • Plastic panels. Advantage - durability; are available in different colors.
  • Ceramic tile. Low moisture absorption coefficient, total absence of radiation, durability, elegant appearance is an incomplete list of benefits of use. For the design of a combined bathroom 4 sq.m. m, it is ideal, as it gives room for fantasy in decoration. For example, a tile imitating a tree, with textile, brick structures.

Turquoise tiles in the shower

  • Agglomerate. Novelty, in quality superior even to ceramics in terms of abrasion and durability. It is produced in plates of various palette, separate collections contain inclusions of mosaic and aventurine, which increases the cost, but extends the possibilities of design solutions.
  • Marble. This classic material will allow the bathroom to look luxurious and representative. Can be used for partial decoration of individual elements.

Bathroom with mosaic finish

Modern design solutions allow you to combine several types of finishes, while saving money. The main rule is safety, for which non-slip flooring will help, which is taken into account in the finished ceramics collections.

Combined small bathroom

Color spectrum

No matter how trite, but for a bathroom in 4 square meters. meter design assumes predominantly light shades. Fans of bright, screaming colors (for example, dark red) will have to do with accents on a gentle, airy background that would not visually do even less for their bathroom than it really is.

Bright bathroom

But with the help of catchy inclusions you can give an individual style. Bright colors, screens will help to revive the uniformity. Using a mosaic, even small inserts from it, will make the interior very expressive.

Bathroom with window

A mosaic partition (approximately 1 m wide and 1.5 m high) to separate the wash zone and the toilet zone will become a real decoration. For fans of non-standard solutions invented porcelain stoneware with photo printing. One such panel with a panorama of the city, living nature, can make the bathroom more spacious, add perspective.

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Homemade shower cabin

A number of techniques based on color-form, will make the "wet zone" visually more spacious, add slenderness:

  • vertical decorative patterns of walls;
  • horizontal laying of rectangular tiles;
  • The color of the walls is several tones lighter than the floor covering;
  • contrast tiles for the floor, laid diagonally in staggered order.

Stylish bathroom

A well-chosen color combination helps the room to become more comfortable. And although the priority is classic white, blue, beige, to strengthen the tone used combinations of violet and lilac, pink and light green, lemon and chocolate. The azure tone with glare of violet is considered to be actual.

Loft style bathroom


The bathroom design of 4 m2 forces you to abandon the only light source in the middle, otherwise the corners will remain in the shade. In addition to improving visualization, it is worth considering the needs of family members. Having diversified the scenario of illumination, there is an opportunity to create the atmosphere corresponding to mood and problems.

Green LED lighting in the bathroom

A soft, subdued light in the evening will create an atmosphere of tranquility during the adoption of water procedures. The shell area requires alternative lighting, not a blinding eye. To achieve optimum illumination, the fixtures are located symmetrically on each side of the mirror. It is not recommended to install lamps of cold glow - white light lamps of the range of 4300 - 5000 K are ideal.

Design of a small bathroom

Tip: All fixtures can be divided into groups. The ability to switch devices on, depending on the need - is convenient and cost-effective.

Competent illumination is successfully supported by mirrors. If you do not strain a large number of mirrors, then a completely mirror wall or ceiling is the most effective and modern way to improve space. There is a special mirror tile, which designers are very fond of using to enhance the illumination. Its disadvantage is very fragile and extremely difficult to maintain. Another interesting non-standard version is the replacement of an ordinary door with a sliding partition with an internal mirror surface.

Design of a small bathroom A bold, but very effective step, will be the use of decorative lighting. The lighting of skirting boards and furniture became possible thanks to the appearance of LED ribbons, the use of which will not significantly affect the budget.

Shower cabin: pros and cons

It is rather problematic to inscribe the actual bath in the interior. Some corners can remain unactivated, drop out of the general scheme. Of the available modifications, you can consider the purchase of a corner or non-standard beveled shape, allowing you to free space under the washing machine or cabinet.

Black and white tiles in the bathroom

And you can take a cardinal decision to replace it with a shower cabin with its advantages:

  • Compactness. For a combined bathroom it is possible to compactly plan the necessary items: an additional locker, a washing machine.
  • Functionality. Even budget models can combine many other functions with the main function, additionally you will receive useful devices and functions that are deprived of the usual bath: tropical shower, radio, mobile communication, steam bath, aromatherapy, infrared heating, chromotherapy.
  • The presence of a number of models of a deep pallet is 30-45 cm. If there are small children in the family, this is very practical. To easily overcome the high edge, you can attach an external step.

Gray Bathroom

The only drawback - the lack of opportunity to lie down, as in a normal bath. Modern shower cabins are able to change the interior of the bathroom, regardless of whether it will be combined with the toilet or not. The variety of forms will help you choose the right one for you.

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Washing machine in the bathroom

Shower Shape

Optimum dimensions (length * width), cm

Rectangular90*70, 100*80
Square80*80, 90*90, 100*100
Asymmetrical angled with a smooth contour110*80, 110*85
Corner polyhedron80*80, 100*85
Corner "quarter of the circle"80*80, 90*90, 95*95, 98*98
Semicircle80*80, 90*90, 95*95

Bathroom interior

The shower cubicle with frosted glass is much more unpretentious in the care, there is no noticeable lime scale appearing during the operation.

Bright bathroom

Size matters

The principle of minimalism is welcomed in the interior solutions of a small bathroom and it's better if it touches all aspects, from plumbing to decor. Each square meter of area should be involved. There are several proven solutions that allow you to leave enough space for comfortable use.

The combination of tiles of different sizes In order not to destroy the unity of style, there is a reception - behind the doors of the double-cupboard (similar to the closet under the sink) is the location of the washing machine. Now there are so compact sink-washbasins that under them it is easy to fit an ordinary washing machine, and it is not necessary to purchase a machine with a vertical load of laundry (although this option is also relevant due to space saving when opening the loading hatch).

Mosaic bathroom screen

The toilet with the installation looks very neat, without heavier space. This approach will save space; the hinged design of the toilet bowl, the rest of the furniture will facilitate the laboriousness of cleaning. Space under the bathroom can be screened off, using as an additional cabinet for storing household chemicals. To spend space sparingly, choose plumbing and furniture of a miniature format. The amount of decor should also be kept to a minimum - it is enough to leave details that can effectively emphasize the individuality.

Rectangular плитка в ванной

Nebanal decor

If the interior is devoid of decorative elements, the situation becomes boring and monotonous-ordinary. It will be a real pleasure to be in a beautiful bathroom with objects and accessories harmonious in color and style.

White and red tiles in the bathroom Eco-style: grassy-green elements (green towels, soap dishes in the form of flowers) are used. A variety of mats, pleasant and useful, will emphasize this style: a rug of natural pebbles or a rug using natural plants. Minimalism: ascetic accessories of metal, silver color, luxuriously combined with snow-white plumbing.

Small bathroom in eco style

Glue curtains - this is the last century, instead of them hang a beautiful fabric with special impregnation. Accurate towel stools on the open shelf conduct association with the spa. There were steel mixers with colored handles; from the variety of suggested shades, you can choose one that will support the main tone or play in contrast. Accessories made of yellow metal (soap dish, metal basket for towels) will add radiance and perfectly match with monochrome surfaces of cold shades. Particular mood is attached to the small things: wicker laundry baskets; candles; plants that love high humidity.

Bathroom to the boiler

Designers are increasingly using the decor, typical for decorating residential areas. A bouquet of flowers on a shelf or space behind a sink is a fresh, stylish solution. It is considered a good idea to supplement the design with furniture - a special stool, a chair with a high back. Great importance is attached to hardware and devices, which are required to meet the chosen style. Cranes, handle lockers, hangers, hooks, soap dishes should form a feeling of well-groomed, comfortable and impeccable design. It is necessary to strive for harmony between decorative elements and overall design.

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Bathroom in blue color

Fashion Trends

Each year there are more and more inspiring innovations in the design of a combined bathroom - the main decoration is plumbing. In the high-tech style, this is an overhead washbasin cup, mounted on a cantilever tabletop, capable of attracting all attention. From the novelties, you can note the transparent shell and cantilevered countertop, which will give the interior a small extra lightness. A robotic toilet with a bidet lid is another interesting novelty. Such innovative plumbing saves space, becomes the stylistic center of the personal hygiene area.

Narrow bathroom I firmly took the position of gray, which is confirmed by the new collection of tiles. Velvet gray color harmoniously contrasts with complex shades (lilac, terracotta, emerald, amber). The combination of black tile with quartz is a favorite of design ideas. The floor and the bottom of the walls are in black, the ceiling and the top of the walls are white. There are other possible combinations of white and black, diluted with wooden or wood-imitating materials - hit in 2017. This technique is suitable for the design of a bathroom of 4 square meters, visually increasing the height of the ceilings.

Bathroom in shades of brown From novelties it is worth noting a wall 3D-tile, due to the play of light and shadow giving the surface relief and depth. Widespread use of a bulk floor with a multitude of versions from seething seawater to a flower clearing.

Bathroom in the combined bathroom

Technical nuances

When planning the forthcoming repairs, it is necessary to create a technical design in advance, especially if the plans include moving sanitary ware with the replacement of water pipes and sewer pipes. At the initial stage it is important to take into account all aspects so as not to be in the process of repair in an unpleasant situation.

Shower in the bathroom

In the bathroom it is easier to select a design for certain technical conditions, and not vice versa. You should consider the ventilation system, especially when choosing a shower enclosure with a closed top. If there is a bath, the decorative screen will close the communication. The plumbing of the water pipe is hidden behind the panel, leaving access for revision, without violating the single style of the room. It is necessary to comply with the regulations for installing the toilet: the distance to the wall should be at least 15-25 cm.

Shower cabin in a small bathroom

Reaching a dream

Considering the design project, the main thing that you need to pay attention to is the number of members of the family and the individual needs of each, because not one room in the house, except perhaps the kitchen, does not carry so much functional load as a combined bathroom. Despite the fairly minimal size of 4 square meters, you do not have to give up an additional cupboard or washbasin thanks to the advice of designers, backed by practice. Modern solutions will not only create a stylish room, but also turn the bathroom into a cozy living area and an object of pride.