Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

Tile under the stone in the bathroom

The modern bathroom has many functions. It serves as a room for washing, washing, storing cosmetics, various household trivia, which should always be at hand. Therefore, the design of the bathroom must meet all the needs of the owner. Do not forget about the aesthetics of the room, because this is where the day begins and ends. The bathroom should please the eye, accommodate all the necessary equipment, serve as a place for evening relaxation, have a place to accommodate all that is necessary. Combine all the functions in one room of an ordinary apartment is difficult only at first glance. Experts know: there are no uncomfortable bathrooms, there is an unreasonable design. There are a lot of tricks that will make the bathroom a favorite corner, where it's nice to spend time with all family members.

Finishing and materials

The main requirement for bathroom finishes is safety and durability. Although the legislation does not explicitly prohibit the use of any materials, it should be borne in mind that some elements of the finish can bring more difficulties than good. The natural stone considerably heavies the floors, and the glass partitions are beautiful, but not reliable. The most popular finishes:

  • tile from porcelain tiles, granite chips, synthetic polymers;
  • mosaic;
  • plastic panels;
  • tree;
  • decorative rock;
  • wallpaper;
  • damp-proof plasterboard;
  • decorative plaster, paint;
  • combined finishing.

These materials are easy to take care of (including wood and wallpaper, if they have a moisture-resistant coating), and modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to embody the most daring interior solutions.

Patterns on the wall in the bathroom Interesting wall tiles  Red floor and white walls  Stone in the bathroom interior  Modern Bathroom Design  Washer в ванной


Flooring materials in the bathroom should be resistant to moisture, temperature changes, detergents, and be safe and durable. These criteria are suitable for many options, but each of them has its own characteristics.

Tile. Do not miss the water, just look after it, when using a quality grout will not cause problems. Choosing a tile of a certain style, you can completely change the interior of the bathroom.

Picture on the wall

Parquet. An unusual but elegant solution to the "sexual question." Choose a water-resistant tree species: teak, larch, wenge.

Bathroom with columns

Laminate. One of the most durable materials.

White мебель в ванной

Наливной пол. Floorностью водонепроницаемое, гигиеничное покрытие.

The sea on the bathroom floor

Before laying a new floor, it is necessary to dismantle the old coating, pay attention to the waterproofing, make a screed. After that you can use any materials.

Important! Try to choose a floor covering with a non-slip surface, otherwise the bathroom instead of the desired place of rest will turn into a zone of increased danger.

Dolphin on the floor


Before choosing a style, materials, colors and textures, the bathroom walls need to be leveled. Alignment is done with the help of moisture resistant plaster or plasterboard on the galvanized profile. Using gypsum cardboard, the finish will go faster, but it will take away a lot of useful space. Alignment of surfaces with plaster is slower, it needs time to dry. The composition of the mixture, containing antifungal components, protects the walls from mold. Then you can tile the walls with tiles. If you plan to use wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster, after leveling the wall you will have to putty. For the bathroom, a water-based paint based on acrylates or latex is suitable. Latex paint, unlike acrylic, creates a film on the surface that does not allow water to pass through. Acrylic paint is best not to use near water sources. The fastest, budgetary version of the finish is washable wallpaper with glue containing antibacterial additives.

Mirrors in the bathroom Red and black bathroom interior  Dryer on the wall  Mirror с подсветкой  Dolphins on the wall  Spotlights in the bathroom


Ceiling ванной комнаты должен обладать теми же качествами, что и стены. Его можно покрасить, покрыть влагостойкими обоями, панелями ДСП со специальным лаком или пластиковыми, использовать подвесной или натяжной потолок. Все эти поверхности легко мыть, им не страшен конденсат, температурные перепады. Оригинальным вариантом станет зеркальный или витражный потолок. Стеклянное покрытие можно декорировать множеством способов, оборудовать подсветкой, превратив в эксклюзивную деталь помещения. Матовое или глянцевое стекло можно тонировать, украсить фотопечатью — решение впишется в любой стиль интерьера, визуально увеличив помещение. Единственный минус такого покрытия — его хрупкость. Впрочем, то же можно сказать и о натяжном потолке. Floorотнище довольно просто повреждается острыми предметами, поэтому стоит соблюдать аккуратность в уходе.

Butterfly on the ceiling

It is important to know: if the walls are darker than the ceiling, then the room is visually drawn up. If the ceiling is darker than the walls, the room makes an impression more spacious, but the ceiling seems lower than it actually is.

Black ceiling in the bathroom Bubbles of air on the ceiling  Ceiling со встроенными светильниками  Salad-white bathroom interior  Dolphins on the ceiling  Mirror ceiling

Bath or shower?

Ask yourself - what is more important: comfort or space saving? If you can not answer unequivocally, then you need to consider the features of both options. You need a bath if:

  • the area of ​​the room allows it to be installed;
  • you can not live without a bath with foam or aromatic salts;
  • you have children under 3 years old - wash the baby more conveniently in the tub;
  • a large water flow is not a problem.

Vanna with wood

The shower cubicle is useful when:

  • there simply is not room for a bath;
  • The water pressure in the apartment is more than 3 bar;
  • I want to take a whole complex of water procedures, including a bath, a tropical shower, aromatherapy and hydromassage.
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Ideally, you can install a bathtub at home and a shower. In the first case, you will have the possibility of horizontal relaxation, in the second - saving water and space in the bathroom.

Shower and bath Bathroom with a wooden wall  Original bathroom design  Luxurious bathroom  Painting with illumination in the bathroom  Lamps on the walls

Location of furniture, equipment, accessories

Modern design options for the bathroom include hundreds of ways to place the necessary items. There is one general rule for small and large rooms: a bathroom should not be cluttered. All the items are logical to choose according to the footage. Miniature toilet bowl and sink, which will become just a salvation in an apartment with a small bathroom, in a large room will not be entirely appropriate. Plumbing should be located closer to the water supply, sewage. Plumbing, furniture, accessories should be combined, creating a single style in the room. Do not forget about the section for storing household trivia. Wall cabinets with shelves can be placed not only on the walls - the doors will also fit. The space under the washbasin can be occupied by a curbstone. Other accessories, for example, towel racks, it is better to place them so that they are at hand, without interfering.

Lockers on the wall

Sink and toilet bowl

Tulip, my moydodyr, cantilever - each of the shells has its advantages. The tulip resembles a flower with a leg, pipes are hidden behind the leg. The structure can be monolithic or separate. The shell-moydodyr is similar to the character of the famous cartoon, it is equipped with a comfortable pedestal. Console models are a table top in which a bowl of shell is mounted. It can be wall or floor. To save space, it is necessary to choose an angular structure. Shells are located at a height of 85 cm. They vary in width - 50, 56, 65 cm and depth - 40, 42, 45 and 50 cm. The toilet can also be fixed to the wall or on the floor - depending on the model. Bowls of toilet bowls have several varieties: funnel-shaped, bowl, canopy. The first and third options almost do not give splashes, for the second one you may need additional adjustment of the water pressure in the tank.

Bathroom with chic interior Mosaic on the bath  Blue walls in the bathroom  Tile under the stone blocks in the shower  Pictures above the bathroom  Flowers on the walls


Washer в ванной — почти недостижимая мечта для обладателей маленьких санузлов. Но производители делают всё возможное, чтобы техника влезала в небольшое помещение. Но даже если метраж позволяет не экономить место, заранее определите площадь, которую вы сможете выделить под стиральный агрегат. Желательно установить машинку подальше от ванны, чтобы на неё не попадали брызги воды. Некоторые располагают машинку под раковиной, убирают в нишу при её наличии, даже ухитряются закрепить на стене над унитазом. Модели с фронтальной загрузкой потребуют дополнительных сантиметров на открывание двери. Если вы не располагаете лишней площадью, выбирайте технику с вертикальной загрузкой — её можно разместить почти везде. Стиральная машинка во влажном помещении нуждается в специальной, защищённой от влаги розетке. Важно позаботиться о заземлении.

Shells on the wall Lilac wall in the bathroom  Blue Bathroom Design  Shower with septum  Wood in the bathroom interior  Strict design in the bathroom

Lockers and shelves

Bathrobes, towels, cosmetics, detergents - all this must be stored somewhere. It's great if the bathroom furniture combines a common style. In the catalogs you can find photos of whole furniture sets. But not always the area of ​​the bathrooms of an ordinary apartment allows you to find a place for them. Then the interior items will have to be selected independently. Cabinets can be floor, wall or with non-standard arrangement. Sink-moydodyr or curbstone, chest of drawers, narrow high pencil case or hanging sections are equally convenient. The main thing is to have a place for their comfortable placement. Convenient shelf shelves, they can be put or suspended. Due to the lack of walls and doors, the design will add a space of lightness, grace. Bathroom cabinets are pleased with a variety of models: they are corner, with one or two doors, with drawers, with a built-in dryer.

Lockers on the wall Floorка в стене  Locker above the washing machine  Mirror в ванной  Floorки с подсветкой в стене  Stone in the bathroom interior


Mirror в ванной — это не только нужная вещь, но и дизайнерский приём. Зеркальная поверхность визуально добавляет размера любой комнате, наполняет её светом, воздухом. Разместить зеркало можно где угодно: над раковиной, на двери, просто на свободной стене — главное, чтобы вам удобно было им пользоваться. Кроме настенного отражающего элемента в раме или без, можно сделать зеркальную стену, потолок, использовать зеркальную плитку в отделке или установить большое напольное зеркало. Интересным решением является шкафчик с зеркальными дверцами или отражающие панели во всю стену, создающие иллюзию бесконечности пространства. Можно сделать на свободной стене композицию из зеркальных элементов разного размера — это хороший способ проявить фантазию, украсить помещение, создать свой собственный стиль. Для ванной комнаты используют только влагостойкие зеркала.

Wall-papers in a bathroom Mirror над столом  Dryer on the wall  Toilet bowl next to the shower  Chandelier above the bathroom  Roses on the wall in the bathroom

Laundry basket

A basket for things intended for washing is a useful item. She must be:

  • solid;
  • without jags, sharp details;
  • with ventilation.

Like other accessories, it should be in harmony with the interior, without taking up much space. The simplest version is a corner basket made of plastic. It is easy to clean, does not clutter up a useful area. Cute and at home look like woven laundry containers made from vines, rattan or other natural materials. Metal baskets are beautiful, but have considerable weight - it is better to choose a design with wheels. There are accessories from textiles, but they need to be often ventilated, otherwise they will become a cozy home for mold and fungi. Some bathroom furniture is equipped with stationary or pull-out laundry containers, they are also convenient. You can make a shopping cart with your own hands from the materials you like, using the instruction from the photo from the Internet.

Basket next to the sink Baskets under the sink  Floorотенца на полке  Wicker baskets  Bright basket at the shower  Brown baskets


Fixtures in the bathroom can bring into the room not only light, but also beauty. If the area of ​​the bathroom does not exceed 5 square meters. m, for its lighting is enough for one chandelier with a pair of lamps in the center of the ceiling. Illumination may be needed in the area where the mirror is located. This will be an additional convenience when applying makeup. A spacious room allows for several types of lighting. In an interior use:

  • chandeliers;
  • Spotlights;
  • sconce.

It is important that the room is lit evenly. Sources of light must be placed at an angle to the glare surfaces. If the chandelier is traditionally placed on the ceiling, then the dot light elements can be placed anywhere: on the ceiling, walls, on the sides of the mirror. Sconces hang on the walls in places that need not only to light, but also to decorate. But just above the mirror, the fixtures should not be mounted - they will distort the reflection.

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Suspended light in the bathroom Lamps near the mirror  Tile with patterns in the bathroom  Lamps in a row on the wall  Decoration of the walls under the tree  Built-in lights on the ceiling and floor

Choosing an interior style

The choice of style depends on your preferences and budget. But there are some general tips:

  • Do not choose a fancy finish and furniture, it quickly becomes boring;
  • do not mix a lot of styles - the room will look ridiculous;
  • Do not overload the space with a lot of things, so as not to turn the room into a flea market.

Think about what you expect from your bathroom. Depending on whether you need space for bliss and relaxation or a functional room, the style of the bathroom will also depend. Decide what colors you associate with rest or, on the contrary, cheerfulness. Think about what accessories, details you want to have indoors. So it will be easier to determine the desired style. Its elements can be implemented in any, even a small bathroom. On the design of miniature rooms should be discussed in more detail.

Strict bathroom design

Modern style

Дизайн современного интерьера — это удобство, функциональность, практичность. Здесь найдётся место наливному полу, плитке с фото и рисунками с 3D-эффектом, хромированным аксессуарам, экономичной бесконтактной сантехнике. Будет уместна стандартная или футуристическая душевая кабина. Для небольшого помещения подойдёт мебель со сглаженными углами. Lighting лучше доверить точечным источникам света. Интересный дизайн маленькой ванной комнаты можно создать с помощью светлых материалов, оптических эффектов, которые достигаются использованием зеркал. Добавить цвета помогут сочные акценты: комнатный цветок с крупными листьями, яркий коврик, полотенца, мыльницы необычной формы, композиция из камней и ракушек, фотография или картина. Главное, не перегрузить интерьер деталями. Двух-трёх интересных объектов будет достаточно.

Patterns on the window Tile under the stone in the bathroom  Bathroom Towel Dryer  Furniture made of wood in the bathroom  Bathroom with chic interior  Bath and shower in the same room

Classic style

The immortal classic does not go out of fashion. To get an elegant interior of the bathroom and demonstrate a wonderful taste, you can use in the decoration of dark wood, marble, its imitation, tile, gilding. Screaming colors are inadmissible, all shades should be soft, no chrome and no hi-tech - here they are not appropriate. Bath better fit in the interior than the shower. You have to take into account the modest size of the bathroom and choose, for example, a sedentary bath. If possible, it is best to hide household appliances in niches. Well, if on the wall there is a place for a nice wall, mirrors in a beautiful frame. Do not necessarily chase after expensive details. You can use wooden shelves and accessories with a coating that resembles gold, copper or bronze. The interior will be complemented by an elegant curtain for the bath, solid towels and forged or wooden holders for them.

Mirror над раковиной Picture on the wall  Furniture made of wood in the bathroom  Patterns on the floor and walls  Antique furniture in the bathroom interior  Floorки с подсветкой и картина на стене ванной


Style Provence will create a touching budget bathroom design. It is ideal for a small room, because the main load falls on the details. Plumbing here is secondary - the simpler, the better. For decoration you can use decorative plaster, mosaic, tile. There is an interesting creative method: from various types of tiles a panel is created on the wall and floor. It is worth choosing a tile with the effect of rubbing, which will help create a habitable and cozy interior. It will be supported by wooden furniture, cabinets and shelves painted in pastel colors: soft blue, pink, peach. Textiles with a floral print or other unobtrusive pattern will fill the room with an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. Here, the compositions are made of dried herbs, scented candles, oil lamps, because smells are also an important part of the design. They help to relax, feeling the joy of being.

Old furniture in the bathroom Floor lamp next to the bathroom  Wood in the bathroom interior  White мебель в ванной  Shower with glass door  Bright bathroom interior


Этот поражающий воображение стиль возник на стыке индустриального и богемного, взяв лучшее от обоих направлений. Воплотите необычный дизайн ванной на маленькой площади. Walls, пол, потолок оформляются нарочито грубо. Вам подойдёт плитка, имитирующая кирпичную или каменную кладку, штукатурка, обои с фактурой, напоминающей цементированную стену. На таком андеграундном фоне обычный унитаз или стиральная машина превратятся в арт-объекты. Сюда впишется прозрачная душевая кабина, стекло — непременный атрибут лофта. Подсветка в потолке поддержит урбанистическую стилистику помещения. Сняв с люстры плафон, оставив лишь провод с лампочкой, вы не прогадаете. Прятать водопроводные трубы не обязательно, они — часть интерьера. И аксессуары подобрать не сложно: в качестве держателей выступят те же трубы, а вместо полочек вам пригодятся проволочные клетки.

Walls под кирпич и бетон Yellow towel dryer  Bronze bath  Original shower  Unusual Bathroom Design  Bathtub on legs


Название говорит само за себя. Ничего лишнего, в маленькой ванной всё будет предельно удобно и функционально. Сделать интерьер в этом стиле не так просто, как может показаться. Особых требований к материалам не предъявляется, но строгие формы, минимум цвета, скромные аксессуары — обязательны. Классическая палитра минимализма — белый, чёрный, серый. Сантехника должна иметь углы и геометрию, предпочтительны квадратные, прямоугольные формы. Подвесная техника сэкономит пространство, добавит ему объём. Декоративные элементы не нужны вовсе. Предельная лёгкость, свежесть, свобода. Minimalism нуждается в идеальной чистоте, почти стерильности. Запылённая вазочка в прованс-интерьере добавит обстановке романтики, а «пыльный» минимализм — унылое зрелище. Текстиль не используется в оформлении, максимум — полотенца и занавеска для душа, не бросающиеся в глаза.

TV in the bathroom Bath and shower  Gray плитка в ванной  Original bath  Stones near the bath  Shower with glass doors

Scandinavian style

Despite the apparent simplicity with the severity of the lines, the Scandinavian style is one of the most cozy. Usually, natural materials are used: wood, stone, fabrics of plant origin. The design is dominated by a white color, dark shades are permissible in accents. They should be exclusively in natural scale. In such an interior it is pleasant to be, easy to breathe, even if it is organized in a minimal space. It is in this style will ideally look like a woven laundry basket. You can not save on lighting - you can not get by using single point lights. Laconic chandeliers, sconces are quite suitable. It is worth choosing curtains, towels, napkins made of flax and cotton. Textiles can be diversified with Scandinavian ornaments from lines, snowflakes. When choosing fittings, give preference to chrome-plated faucets, they can be a futuristic design.

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Trees on the wall Wardrobe with towels in the bathroom  Paintings on the wall near the shower  Chest of drawers with a mirror in the bathroom  White interior and wooden furniture  Mirrors on the wall

Color Solutions for a Small Bathroom

The small dimensions of the room greatly limit the scope for creativity. Color will help you express your personality. Previously, there was an opinion that the color of the walls and the floor should not coincide. Traditionally, the design of the bathroom uses a combination of warm and cold tones. Cold colors add volume, warm - coziness. Bright accents in the interior are interesting, but if they are large, then visually take away a large part of the space. First of all, you should focus on your taste, taking into account the preferences of family members. Children will certainly like juicy shades, but elderly parents are unlikely. Each color can have a serious impact on the mood of a person and his state of health. If desired, you can make a room in mono-color. The most popular colors for the bathroom are white, gray, blue, green, black and white.

Orange-white bathroom interior


A room in white is the lightest among any other solutions. It will seem spacious at any distance. It would seem that everything is simple. It is enough to choose materials for finishing, equipment, furniture of snow color - and the ideal room is ready. But here there are pitfalls. It is important to make the room home-like, otherwise it will look like a cabinet in a medical institution. The secret is to choose the right decor. Adding a bright curtain or rug, you will see a completely boring option. Textiles can be changed, each time getting a new result. An interesting effect is obtained if you play with shades of white. Suppose, paint the surface of the walls in the color of ivory, and put a coating of a shade of the egg shell on the floor. The ideal combination will only be in the process of experiment - photos on packages with paint often differ from reality.

Floorки на стене в ванной


Gray is not a boring color at all. It has a lot of advantages. Neutral and non-gray gray of different shades can be an ideal background for any creative zadumok. Most often it is combined with white, but add a deep blue to the gray - it turns out a juicy stylish interior, a couple of details of a graphite shade - the situation will resemble the respectable number of an expensive hotel. In this respect, gray is more advantageous than white, it is more plastic, and for mother-of-pearl tones it is perfect, but it has character. This allows you to easily create a luxurious bathroom interior. In addition, gray - a natural shade of stone and some types of wood, which can be played when decorating a bathroom in Scandinavian or classical style. The main thing is not to forget about sufficient lighting, otherwise all efforts will not give an effect.

Walls под мрамор в ванной


Sea and sky - the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the blue bath. In fact, the niche in blue and its shades is much wider. Do you like sea? Choose blue in combination with white - one of the classic combinations. A relevant accent will be a photo, a picture with a sea view. Blue "loves" ocher, sunny yellow, orange, own shades. Their use is a true let to a beautiful cheerful bathroom. A little pink, for example, in the form of a rug - a strict dark blue room will acquire a gentle romantic flair. And if you add gold to the deep cobalt, an example of luxury and a beautiful life will appear in the apartment. It is known that the blue palette calms, gives confidence in their abilities, adjusts to a positive way, bringing feelings in complete harmony. And this is exactly what is needed in today's troubled world.

Carpet in the bathroom


It is pleasant to admire for hours on it. Summer fresh green will help recreate the atmosphere of the forest lake right in the apartment. It is combined with white, with the entire pastel palette: pink, peach, tender blue, pale lilac, soft yellow. Green - the energy of nature, and therefore, life. Depending on the tone, he is able to help in creating any style, on its background any furniture fittings look. Light coloring will add tenderness, darkness - rigor, respectability. Green - the color of peace, relaxation, pleasant bliss after a hard day. Green improves mood, normalizes the work of the nervous system. With it, plants in the interior play most optimally, because this is their native color. This method can be used by arranging a real winter garden in the bathroom. The only mistake that can be tolerated when working with green is the use of only one of its hues.

Giraffes and grass on the walls of the bathroom

Black and white

Black and white are truly a model of the style and elegance of the bathroom. With proper approach, it will resemble a photo of royal apartments from a retro magazine. Using these two colors in variations of different shades, you can achieve a variety of results. Black and white are only antagonists at first glance. In fact, they perfectly complement each other, long ago turned into a classic combination. Zebra, chess cage, peas - options that lie on the surface. This is an extravagant, but very stylish way to decorate the floor, one of the walls, pieces of furniture. Black can identify a part of the details in a white setting, place accents. Just a white pattern on a black background, or vice versa - an indispensable decorating technique. The remarkable combination is so self-sufficient that it does not need additional decoration with other colors. Nobody forbids them to use, but without additives the design will be complete, concise, complete.

Bathroom with black and white interior

Design in Khrushchev

The lucky owners of these apartments know first-hand what squeezes are. Corner of hygiene, not exceeding 3.5 square meters. m., name differently than a bathroom, the language does not turn. The more interesting is the task facing the owner when choosing the design of the room. To "Gordiev" bathroom has ceased to be a problem, you need:

  • choose light materials for decoration;
  • think about compact, hanging, corner plumbing;
  • for storage use walls, equipping them with hanging or corner high-rise shelves;
  • do not save on mirrors, lighting.

Other visual techniques will help to make the volume. For example, wide vertical stripes in combination with a narrow curb on the wall. If desired, any angle can turn into a paradise nest. The main thing is not to lose optimism and not be afraid to experiment.

Bright bathroom design Bath with massage  Original mirror in the bathroom  Chocolate White Bathroom Design  Bathroom with washbasin and toilet  Chess floor in the bathroom

2 sq.m.

Bathroom with washing machine Mosaic in the bathroom  Sink in the bathroom  Black laminate in the bathroom  Original sink  Unusual chandelier in the bathroom

3 sq.m.

Light green tiles in the bathroom Black floor in the bathroom  Glass partition in the bathroom  Modern shower design  Light green bathroom interior  Mirror над раковиной

4 sq.m.

Laminate in the bathroom Landscape on the bathroom wall  Corner bath  Mirror в душе  Candles in the bathroom  Strict bathroom interior

5 sq.m.

Interesting ceiling in the bathroom Original bathroom design  Mosaic on the walls of the shower  Shower with a glass booth  Washer под раковиной в ванной  Blue and white bathroom design