Bathroom design in loft style - interior photo

Loft style bathroom

First of all, the loft style implies a combination of non-standard modern things together with obsolete furniture. The room, with the right approach, is able to successfully combine a modern snow-white shell, located on an ordinary wooden rack or pallet. Brick masonry on walls, rough plaster, imitation of raw concrete are the main element, they are widely used by designers in creating this style. Do not forget that the loft means a lot of open space. This design direction is characterized by the fact that partitions are almost completely removed from the apartment. It is worth not to divide the bathroom from the bathroom into separate rooms, combining them into a single space. Unclosed pipes and vents are welcome. When entering the bathroom in loft style, there should be a feeling of a little incomplete repair, but at the same time, the details of wood and modern technology must harmoniously blend with each other, complementing the room, giving a unique appearance and coziness.

For example, use expensive tiles for flooring and branded plumbing. They can be identified using specially aged walls with imitation of brickwork. Especially good looks against the background of the wall is a white sink and a bathroom. Mirror can be used antique, as well as simplified metal fixtures. It is very not bad to look in a similar room furniture made of natural wood. It is from natural, not cheap imitation with the help of a specially colored film. The development of modern technologies has given the world quite a lot of various useful tools that guarantee effective protection of the wooden surface from moisture penetration.

Bathroom in the tile

When creating a small bath you should not run to the store faster to buy expensive built-in shower cabins.

Bathroom with beamed ceilings and white bricks

The loft is light, a lot of clean air and the breadth of available space. For the shower it is better to use a transparent or slightly frosted glass. It is worth a similar design is much smaller than the finished cabin, and it combines with the style much better.

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Wooden wall in the bathroom

Creating a simulation for brickwork

In this issue, everything depends on the intended functional, imposed by the user on the surface. There are several ways to artificially create a quality imitation of brickwork, if there is no opportunity to bare the wall a little.

Tile with imitationThis is one of the simple options, but at the same time the most costly. It is enough to go to the building store and buy an artificially aged tile, a good glue for planting on the surface, a quality filler for sealing seams and, necessarily, a solution (a well-known primer) to exclude the appearance of the fungus.
You can make a tile yourselfWith the help of building silicone for casting, the user can make a mold for brickwork. The model of a brick can either be bought, or simply brought from a dacha. Everything depends on the client's discretion. So the user independently adjusts the necessary thickness of the "brick". The casting is made of gypsum, ceresite or alabaster. Each material has its own individual properties, which must be paid close attention. For example, alabaster after hardening becomes snow-white, it is stronger than gypsum, but weaker than ceresite. If the user wants to leave the walls of the room white, alabaster is the best option. The gypsum has a gray tint and a slightly porous structure. However, this does not mean that gypsum as a material is worse. If the bathroom is conceived to be stylized in gray and light colors, the untreated plasterwork will look incredibly appropriate and harmonious. Ceresite is known for its resistance to any external influences. It is easy to repaint, if necessary. In general, everything depends on your preferences, and on the planned estimate for repairs.
Putty + building tapeOn the leveled surface, apply markings for an even brick masonry line. Glue the same thickness of strips from the painting tape to create rectangular bricks. Apply a filler in a small layer (up to 2 cm) and in a raw tear. Voila, the masonry is ready.
Simulation wallpapersNow there are different types of wallpaper and glue bases. Thanks to this there was a certainty that the wallpaper will not disappear in the corners after six months, as if saying that it's time to start repairing a new one. The only thing that should be carefully watched is the joints. The picture should not move even a couple of millimeters.

Bathroom with window


Furniture обязательно должна быть комфортной и функциональной. В ванной комнате присутствует масса различных вещей, которые стоит упрятать от всеобщего обозрения. Лофт не приемлет богатое количество деталей, заграждающих пространство. Рекомендуем уделить внимание грамотной планировке различных тумб и шкафчиков, для необходимых пользователю в повседневной жизни предметов.

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Large bathroom

Если позволяет пространство комнаты, используйте раритетный шкаф, в котором будут храниться все необходимые мелочи. Furniture хорошо помогает разбить помещение на зоны. Довольно часто, во время применения стиля лофт, можно встретить шкафчики оформленные красивыми стеклянными витражными вставками и элементами из хрома. Сочетание несочетаемых предметов декора позволяют создать интерьер ванной комнаты уникальным и помогает подчеркнуть идею необычности.

Facing tiles should be used as good as possible. An excellent option - a tile with imitation under sheets of iron with rivets, acceptable in the loft style.

Bathroom with photo wallpapers

Selection of plumbing equipment

With regards to plumbing, it is worth realizing the boldest fantasies of the client. The more unusual the shell looks, the better. It can be installed either internally or with an external riser. An excellent solution is to use a sink with an imitation of an integral casting of concrete. The bathroom is often additionally decorated with stucco molding, giving an old look.

Stylish bathroom fixtures in the bathroom

Ceiling decoration

The ceiling does not need to be overloaded with various bright accents and small details. The surface should create a feeling of airiness, visually expand the apartment, giving a sense of weightlessness at the same time. Do not ceiling the weight heavier baguettes, ceiling suspension structures and lamps. Optimal use of plastic, but it is still possible to trim with wood, but provided that the room has enough space and daylight.

Sink on pallets

It is possible to use chrome surfaces or stainless steel. This is almost a must-have attribute of loft style. It all depends on the user's preferences and on the available amount of funds.

Shower cabin in the bathroom

Nuances of using natural wood

Wood is a very fastidious material. Wood uniquely gives the room, even a small, a lot of coziness. At the same time, there are several points about which it is important to remember and take into account, using such unstable material.

LED backlight in bathroom

Regardless of the place of use of wood, for example, a stool for storing towels in the shower, a sink at the sink, ceiling decoration or a locker for small items, it is necessary to make sure that due to excessive moisture the surface does not swell and will not lose its attractiveness. There are quite a few different means to prevent not only the swelling of the wood, but provide complete protection against pests, fungus and mold. There are basic woodworking before working with it, there is a stain of artificially tinted wood, many of which have a very wide range of additional protections, even lacquers and enamel fixing the appearance of the surface and protecting the tree from atmospheric exposure. The main thing to remember is that you should not use enamel paints when painting a tree, because they create a greenhouse effect and contribute to the rapid destruction of the material.

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Ceiling of wooden beams in the bathroom

Color spectrum

For a better understanding of the correct color selection, it's worth to go a little deeper into the history of lofting. There was a style in the 40's in America. It was during this period that the idea of ​​arranging various factories and plants for living space gained maximum popularity. Therefore, the predominance of gray in design is most relevant. The shades of gray, metallic and contrast white are the primary colors when creating this style. For the zoning of a room, you can divide bathroom and toilet plumbing items, furniture and surfaces with contrast. Before a dark wall, a white shell looks good and vice versa. But this does not mean that it is impossible to use quite different colors at giving the room an individuality. But you need to clearly understand that the loft style has an industrial orientation, and therefore the situation should look almost spartan, but as functional as possible.

Small bathroom

Elements of decor

Unobtrusiveness is the main rule when designing a small bathroom in loft style. Various small details, vases and other figurines that do not have functional use are simply out of place. To decorate a wall, it is worth taking a bright poster, a black and white photo or even graffiti, if the client's possibilities permit.

Bathroom in a tile under a tree

You can use boxes woven from a natural vine, functioning not only as a decor element, but also as a cell that preserves various small things. Bright towels and an unusual mat in front of the bathroom or the shower are quite appropriate. Try to use wall lights that have an industrial slope. Stand for towels is made as a cut from the pipe etc.

Brick walls in the bathroom

There are many tricks when creating a certain style. In this case, almost all available materials are used. The main thing to adhere to the basic rules in understanding the direction of style and significant problems in the implementation of the project you will not arise.