Bathroom design with corner bath - interior photo

Corner bath

Not every apartment owner can boast of a spacious bathroom. Repair here has always been and remains quite a costly and time-consuming task, regardless of the size of the room. The modest area of ​​the bathroom often leads to a dead end. How to properly place everything you need for 4 m2, arrange convenient access to the installed plumbing, it is worth considering. Housing with tiny separate services makes it necessary to sacrifice comfort, for example, to take a washing machine to the kitchen. Ideal when the bathroom is combined according to the project of the building or this was done by the previous owners. Self-redevelopment requires additional financial investments, as well as time costs for issuing permits, but in the end, it is the association of services that will help create a recreation area, which has long been dreamed of. Many do not realize that the installation of a corner bath is possible in a small area. This design is convenient, easy to install, looks very stylish. All kinds of functions of hydro-, aeromassage, illumination, control of filling are equipped with models of even small dimensions.

After the demolition of the partition between the services there is a crucial stage of the redevelopment of the premises. Try on a scale to draw a design scheme for the bathroom, taking into account the corner bath in the interior, the placement of sanitary ware and important details.

White bath

Analyze how convenient it will be to go to the sink, washing machine, whether there will be free space.

BathroomIf you have skills in working with programs that can be used to create three-dimensional models, it is even easier to clearly evaluate the result of the forthcoming repair. When drafting a bathroom, you first need to decide where to put the bath, as the most dimensional detail of the room. Save space is obtained by using a corner toilet or sink.

White and green corner bath Installation of a pendant washbasin will free up space for installing a washing machine. It is not necessary to worry that such a toilet will collapse at some point. Thanks to the correct installation, it can withstand up to 200 kg, hidden in the walls of the pipes are not conspicuous, they do not cover with dust, the overall situation looks more modern and aesthetically pleasing.

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Corner bath на ножках It is very important to understand, moving sanitary ware, installing a corner bath in a new location will require the supply of sewer pipes. This work is not too difficult, but responsible, so you should take care of using high-quality materials. Now you can select the necessary flexible hoses and pipes for these purposes.

Not a large bathroom You can entrust repair to professional designers, who certainly have a lot of ideas for successful redevelopment, competent transfer of communications, as well as interesting design options for a particular apartment.

Bathtub on legs


Renovation of the bathroom usually involves forgetting about the need to finish something or change over the years, so it is very important to think in advance all the subtleties, to choose the right materials and plumbing. Choosing a quality bath in accordance with the size of the room is in the first place. No less attention should be paid to the material from which it is made:

Bright bathroom

  1. Metal. Rapidly heated from water, but also easily give off heat, have relatively light weight, which makes it possible to install one master. The surface is often slippery, this should be taken into account and always be extremely cautious. Many note, when typing water, the bath thunders. The quality of the enamel may leave much to be desired. Usually, after a maximum of 10 years, the question arises of replacing a new one or a restoration.
  2. Cast-iron. Heating occurs more slowly than metal, but the heat is kept longer. Set yourself is problematic because of the large weight, so you need help, at least one more pair of hands. The solid weight of the structure gives the baths stability and reliability. The period of operation is longer if the coating is good.
  3. The budget segment of corner baths is made of plastic of all possible shapes and sizes, which keep the heat well. Thanks to the properties of the material, the installation is carried out simply because of the low weight. Experienced experts are of the opinion, plastic corner baths are designed for holiday homes, where they will rarely be used. The high temperature and loads to which the material is exposed contribute to rapid deformation, so the service life is no more than 10 years.
  4. Acrylic bathtubs. The most acceptable option, ergonomic, of various shapes and colors, are made taking into account the features of the human body, with the provided head restraints, comfortable handrails. A light weight allows for a simple installation. Among the shortcomings is the rapid appearance of scratches due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents, coarse powders, abrasive pastes. If necessary, acrylic can be restored.
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Corner bath с гидромассажем Different models of corner baths can be harmoniously entered into any style of decoration of the bathroom. The assortment has simple solid-cast variants, as well as with the provided technological holes for supplying the Jacuzzi system, air-conditioning, hydromassage.

Bright bathroom

Room design

To give the modern style of the bathroom, you should pay the same attention as if it were a living room, it is also an integral part of the apartment, where you can finally relax after a busy, full of worries and urgent work of the day.

Bathroomв эко стиле If you do not feel a talent for interior design, it is better to use the services of an experienced designer. If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere yourself, a good option will be to find inspiration on the Internet or thematic magazines.

Blue and white bathroom

Having at the disposal of about 4 m2 is not very clear, especially if you want to put a spacious corner bath, set a medium-sized sink, pick up a convenient place for the toilet, connect a washing machine.

Combined bathroom unitAs you can see, there is not much free space left. Therefore, you can try to visually increase the area of ​​the room with the help of selection of a successful color scale, advantageous arrangement of parts and rational use of each square meter.

Small bathroom

For a small combined bathroom the most acceptable option is light, beige, coffee, tender blue, green tones.

Large white and blue bath

You can try to combine several suitable colors. Horizontal bands visually expand the area, vertical create the illusion of high ceilings. Depart from the dull and boring design will turn out, including in the interior a few bright accents.

Narrow bathroom The most common option for finishing walls and floors is ceramic tile, which is selected according to the size of the bathroom. With a small footage suitable for tiles of medium size, light colors, without a large figure. The abundance of bright details, dark saturated tones eats space, oppresses, presses on the eyes.

Lilac Bathroom For the ceiling, it is recommended to use plastic panels with spotlights or paint, but then you should first work well on the smoothness of the surface.

Corner bathя с раковиной

It is very important to choose not too slippery floor covering, because according to statistics, the bathroom is one of the most traumatic places in the living quarters.

Bathroomс угловой ванной The presence of a corner bath allows you to introduce a lot of interesting details into the design. The two sides of the construction fit tightly to the walls, only the front front part appears, which is advantageously used in design.

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Bathroom with toiletFor example, simple plastic panels provided by the manufacturer are replaced by decorating with a small tile or mosaic that will create the appearance of compact protruding elements. The tiled floor diagonally from the corner with the bathroom will increase the area.

Corner bath с подсветкой Beautiful look glass inserts with a variety of shapes. Some models allow you to embed the backlight from the LEDs, which looks chic along with a translucent face. If you are not ready to sacrifice useful space under the bathroom, there is a need to find a place for storage of basins, household chemicals and other things, the corner bath is equipped with moisture-resistant panels, many things can be hidden behind them. Most often in the design of the bathroom are viewed such styles:

Orange-white bathroom


MinimalismCharacterized by the absence of unnecessary details, the design is carried out strictly, very carefully. Cosmetic jars, tubes, household chemicals are hidden in boxes. The absence of clutter creates a sense of space and expands the area.
JapaneseIdeal for a small bathroom, also does not accept excess. In the decoration of the walls try to adhere to interesting motifs, for example, it can be a gentle drawing depicting a blooming cherry blossom.
High techSupposes the use of cold shades, gray, silvery colors, the introduction of metal, glass, mirror elements. Black lines are often added. Strict fixtures and white light are also welcome.
ModernNow a very popular style, which is the creation of smooth glossy surfaces that reflect light. An important point is the presence of practical furniture and devices. Strict lines relieve the feeling of clutter, pendent washbasin, toilet seat visually expand the space thanks to the open floor.

Bathroomв эко-стиле For a small footage of a combined bathroom with a corner bath you also need to choose furniture. Regardless of the prevailing style, professionals recommend avoiding cumbersome designs that will further eat up space.

Bright bathroom Convenient and functional are open glass or metal shelves, sections of light, snow-white colors that give the interior a modern look.

Bathroomс телевизором Turn the former bathroom into a real place for rest and relaxation will be obtained by using an advantageous color scheme, setting the optimum sizes of sanitary ware, sufficient number of light sources, small functional furniture. Following simple recommendations on the redevelopment and arrangement of the bathroom can be turned into a chic spa area.