Blue in the interior and its combinations

Blue in the interior

Blue is not included in the list of popular colors for decorating apartments and houses. Buyers with some concern refer to this color of the cold palette, because it makes the room dark and uncomfortable. The blue color in the interior should be used carefully, but carefully selected shade and combination with other colors works wonders. Famous designers are happy to apply in the design of walls and furniture, even deep dense shades: midnight blue, sapphire. The result of their work will make you pleasantly surprised. The presence of blue or blue in the room creates a special atmosphere. Once you come here, you will feel calm, pacification. A group of scientists managed to prove the influence of the cold palette on the state of human health. People who are in the interior of blue tones, come to normal pressure and heartbeat. This color has one more feature - it reduces appetite, that's why it is used in the design of the kitchen, wishing to lose weight.

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Blue walls in the interior of the living room

Now the blue interior of the living rooms has gained wide popularity (before it was chosen very rarely). The ideal tandem blue color will create with a Mediterranean, Scandinavian style, light and gray-blue tints in harmony with the style of Provence.

Blue interior details

The combination of dark blue walls and light decor elements

Blue doors in the interior

With what is combined

  1. White. For the Mediterranean style, this is a classic combination.
  2. Beige (almost milky saturated sand, yellow). This is a softer, unobtrusive combination, like the creation of Provence.
  3. Brown - the blue-brown interior of the living rooms looks original and natural. Warm shades of cinnamon, coffee with milk neutralize the coldness of the blue.

Lightweight white curtains

It is important to create a balance in the room: using dark saturated shades from the cold palette, you need to add more warm light. These are: lamps along the perimeter of the living room, floor lamps in the corners, a large central chandelier.

Dilute the blue interior simply

Bedroom interior

Who said that the walls and ceiling of the bedroom must certainly be made with the participation of gentle pastel tones? The dark blue interior of the bedroom looks stylish and aristocratic. The placement of such a palette perfectly calms and evokes a dreamy mood.

Bedroom in blue colors While doing the design of space for sleep, it is important not to overdo it. The dark blue color of the interior is desirable to use for a certain part of the room. It is a blue wallpaper in the interior or ceiling. For the rest of the details, the color is selected from a warm palette or a light tone of blue. Not recommended for floors in blue bedroom interior - are better interior materials natural color (white, brown, beige). Gently and aesthetically look wallpaper with a blue pattern. Again demanded strip visually increase the room (the vertical "lift" the ceiling, horizontal - extends the bedroom).

Blue walls and curtains in the bedroom

Additional colors

  1. White, milky, ayvory - gentle pastel colors will be an ideal pair for blue walls when decorating a bedroom. They can be used in different combinations, depending on the style (minimalism, fresh Scandinavia, gentle Provence).
  2. All manifestations of brown (milk chocolate, walnut, caramel). Supplement the azure or cobalt with warm notes, and you will get the original combination inherent in the country style, Japanese, and also the brutal loft. Particularly original is the natural texture of the wood framed by the blue interior.
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Blue in the interior кабинета

Kitchen interier

Kitchen - the very room where people are not afraid to use bright contrast colors (including blue). But do not forget: this space should be functional and cozy. Professionals are advised to include trim and dark blue interior furniture in limited quantities. The very same shade of blue can be chosen at your discretion. In the kitchen space, dark shades and lighter, gray-blue shades will look great. All of them perfectly adjoin each other. So, the ultramarine table top or curtains on a calm and neutral background of heavenly color will look fresh and elegant.

Facades of the kitchen in blue However, here the question arises: what color is combined with blue in the interior of the kitchen, so that the residents do not have an unpleasant feeling of staying in the aquarium.

White colorThis combination is characterized by originality and freshness. On the effectiveness with it, no other color alliance can be compared. The interior, built with these 2 colors in mind, will certainly be appreciated by lovers of minimalism, art deco, high-tech. When combined with modern materials, you can achieve a really excellent result.
Brown in all shadesDark blue and brown will create an original combination, bringing the atmosphere closer to nature.
The blackInitially, such an alliance seems excessively tragic, but not with the participation of gentle shades of blue, bordering on a warm palette. This cuisine attracts with originality and unsurpassed style.
Red, yellow, greenLove non-trivial solutions? Then, this is exactly what you need. It is necessary to place the accents correctly, as the kitchen starts to radiate optimism, to charge with good mood.

Blue-gray kitchen

Bathroom interior

In the bath the blue color is always to the place in any shades and any amount. It is even allowed here that it is undesirable to use it in other rooms of the apartment - the floor of blue tones. At the same time, everything here looks aesthetically and freshly - just as it should for a bath. Dark deep shades of the walls allow to give the room an element of luxury and chic, lighter, on the contrary, remind of a summer beach, azure waves.

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Bath in blue colors In the bathroom it is necessary to apply the style of minimalism or high-tech. To achieve this, white color or its shades are perfect. You can use walls, floor or ceiling of blue color. As white accents snow-white plumbing is used. Stylishly look rooms art deco. Here in a pair of blue color, yellow, green, purple in all shades.

Dark blue mosaic in the bathroom

Use of blue in bath decoration

Blue color when decorating premises is not in high demand among consumers, but it offers many options for solving specific problems. Each of them deserves special attention. Given some tips from the design specialists, you can transform a bedroom, a nursery or a bathroom, into a luxurious room that evokes delight at the guests of the house.

Gold and blue color