Curtain for the bathroom - varieties and 50+ photos

Blind for the bathroom, like many accessories, is one of the necessary parts, which, in addition to performing the function of decor, has other useful qualities. First of all, it serves as an obstacle to moisture on the floor and walls, thus preventing the appearance of mold and various fungi. In addition, the curtain for the bathroom, especially in the case of its joint placement with a bathroom, can play an important role in zoning the space and providing a favorable microclimate. Today, there are quite a few varieties of veils from the simplest to the bizarre original variants. Dekorin offers to explore all the options for such curtains, how to fix them and see the best examples.

Curtain for a bathroom of a soft design: their types and fastenings

Considering the question of choosing veils, it is worth mentioning some of the undeniable advantages of soft curtains, which include such species as:

Blind for bathroom fabric

This kind of curtain is made of cotton, which is pre-impregnated with certain chemical compounds to prevent damage to the material due to the wet environment. It should also be noted that such a treated tissue is absolutely harmless to the body. In most cases, the fabric curtain for the bathroom has drawings on the marine theme and a varied palette of shades. The disadvantage of this option is the need for periodic washing and ironing.

curtain for bathroom fabric, photo 1curtain for bathroom fabric, photo 2curtain for the bathroom fabric, photo 3curtain for bathroom fabric, photo 4curtain for bathroom fabric, photo 5curtain for bathroom fabric, photo 6

Blind for bathroom polyester

Material such as polyester, passing through various stages of chemical processing, is absolutely safe, has no smell and any other uncomfortable characteristics. Advantages of curtains from this material can be called their durability, high water-repellent properties, rapid drying and low cost.

curtain for bathroom polyester, photo 1curtain for bathroom polyester, photo 2curtain for bathroom polyester, photo 3

Blind for bathroom vinyl

This kind of material is very popular, first of all, due to its strength. The vinyl screens are resistant to dirt and are easy to clean. Currently, such designs of curtains are produced with a 3d effect, which allows to significantly visually expand the space of the bathroom.

curtain for bathroom vinyl, photo 1

All kinds of soft curtains have such types of fastening as hooks or rings (most in demand); eyelets, fasteners in the form of clips (pegs) on magnets and, designed for high ceilings, fasteners on chains. They are placed on special holders, which are also of different modifications. This is a curtain rod, designed for a corner bath, or a straight cornice. Blind for the bathroom is also of different length and width.

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Glass curtains for the bathroom - the pros and cons

In addition to soft curtains, modern design solutions often use more robust sliding structures. In particular, an option such as glass curtains for the bathroom. In the manufacture of such valves, high-quality glass is used, which has passed through several stages of quenching and treated with special mixtures that prevent the formation of streaks. Glass curtains for the bathroom can have a matte or glossy surface, be transparent or opaque, in a variety of colors (it should be said that, after a time, bright shades do not lose their color). This type of curtains often comes complete with furniture and characterizes a stylish interior. By the method of fastening, this can be sliding constructions, standard opening, folding (doors are folded accordion) or products of compartment configuration. In any case, a reliable protection of the floor and wall surfaces from moisture is provided. Glass curtains designed for the bathroom have a fairly long life - up to 15 years.

glass curtain for bathroom, photo 1glass curtain for bathroom, photo 2glass curtain for bathroom, photo 3glass curtain for bathroom, photo 4glass curtain for bathroom, photo 5glass curtain for bathroom, photo 6

Plastic blind for bathroom

The main advantages of this kind of curtains include their low cost, low weight, plasticity of the material, and also a fairly simple installation. The constructions of such devices are of several types. Not a bad success have plastic curtains for the bathroom sliding, as well as swinging screens with a frame system and folding accordion. The latter option can be used in interesting design solutions for interior design. The material from which the plastic curtain for the bathroom is made can be polycarbonate, PVC or silicone. The disadvantage of such a screen is its turbidity with time and the possible appearance of yellow spots.

plastic blind for bathroom, photo 1plastic blind for bathroom, photo 2plastic blind for bathroom, photo 3plastic blind for bathroom, photo 4plastic blind for bathroom, photo 5plastic blind for bathroom, photo 6

Curtains for the bathroom with their own hands

Of course, there are craftsmen who will be pleased with the curtains made for the bathroom with their own hands. This room most makes you rejoice in the mornings, and remove fatigue after a hard day's work, and, of course, contemplating here the beauty made with your own hand, will bring even greater pleasure. In addition, using a rich imagination, you can make a unique design that the guests will be able to envy, and at the same time avoid large financial costs. For this work, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations.

First of all, if it is a curtain for the bathroom fabric, it's worth to carefully choose the material - it should be waterproof, contain no chemical impregnation and dyes, do not shed and it's easy to clean. It is necessary to take into account also such qualities of a fabric, as ease in processing. When making curtains, the material will need to be cut and stitched, therefore, for less time and effort, it is worth choosing the best option, which can be natural cotton, acrylic, polyester or linen. When choosing a picture, you need to be guided by such criteria as the size of the bathroom - if they are small, then the best solution will be a monophonic canvas or with a fine pattern, and if the room is sufficiently spacious - a fabric with large patterns will do.

Blind for the bathroom must necessarily have treated edges (preferably with a double fold), a double seam is required at the top, and the holes for fastening must be edged. To avoid deformation of the fabric over time, a chain or magnet, which is located in the lower part of the curtain, will help. Such a device also contributes to the immovability of the veil.

curtain for the bathroom, photo 1

Window blind for bathroom

This kind of curtains is not so common - it is most widely distributed in private houses and multi-storey buildings of the modern period. The window in the bathroom performs such functions as additional ventilation and lighting, making it more spacious. To make such curtains on the window, flax, satin, cotton are used in waterproof processing, while the fabric can be flat or embossed. Blinds for windows in the bathroom can also be roll, which has good performance due to the property of repelling moisture. Often the owners install blinds, which can be horizontal and vertical. Choosing any of the options, it should be understood that such a necessary accessory as a curtain for the bathroom, must match the color palette and style of the entire room.

оконная curtain for the bathroom, photo 1window curtain for bathroom, photo 2window blind for bathroom, photo 3window curtain for bathroom, photo 4window curtain for bathroom, photo 5window curtain for bathroom, photo 6window curtain for bathroom, photo 7window curtains for bathroom, photo 8

Blind under the bathroom

Another version of the curtains in the bathroom - a curtain that obscures the unpresentable space, directly, under the bathroom itself. Many people think that the fabric shade in this case is an outdated option. This opinion is erroneous, as in these days still remain in fashion such styles as retro and country. In addition, the fabric curtain is the most economical option, it can also be made by yourself - this process is not laborious enough. If nevertheless the soft construction does not quite fit into the interior, you can install plastic or glass curtains for the bathroom. According to their configuration, they are stationary, swinging, sliding and folding accordion. The space under the bathtub, protected by a curtain, can be used to store any detergents or other accessories.

curtains under the bathroom, photo 1curtains under the bathroom, photo 2curtains under the bathroom, photo 3curtains under the bathroom, photo 4curtains under the bathroom, photo 5curtains under the bathroom, photo 6curtains under the bathroom, photo 7curtains under the bathroom, photo 8

Curtains for bathroom photos of original designs

Today, the choice of materials for the manufacture of screens for the bathroom is simply huge. Also, shops are full of variety of finished products. It is very important to choose the right curtains for the bathroom, which should harmoniously combine with each other and with the whole environment in general. A small selection of photos demonstrates some pretty original ideas for decorating a bathroom.

curtain for the bathroom, photo 1curtain for the bathroom, photo 2curtain for the bathroom, photo 3curtain for the bathroom, photo 4curtain for the bathroom, photo 5curtain for the bathroom, photo 6curtain for the bathroom, photo 7curtain for the bathroom, photo 8curtain for the bathroom, photo 9curtain for the bathroom, photo 10curtain for the bathroom, photo 11curtain for the bathroom, photo 12