Cozy apartment for a couple in scandinavian style,

Living room of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Small studio with minimalist furnishings

The pure white decoration is a wonderful field for the embodiment of your imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment and use new ideas in design!! You will be overwhelmed by the result. In today's story, we will introduce you to the unusual and fascinating design of an apartment located in the Swedish metropolis of Gothenburg.

If you decorate the wall and ceiling surface, as well as the floor in the form of a snow-white paint, you can get a faceless and neutral space, which is great for living and relaxing a couple with a child. This monochrome decoration does not distract attention and allows you to create a cozy and captivating atmosphere in the room.

Scandinavian minimalist interior is ideal for those who like to do needlework, painting or other interesting hobbies. White walls are a perfect background for showing guests and relatives their own creative masterpieces.

In addition, they are great for hanging colorful posters of your favorite rock bands, art works and modern art posters of famous films.

Interior of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

A cozy corner for rest is equipped with a large rack with open shelves and a bench with soft pillows

Interior of the living room of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

The arched window opening is not decorated with curtains, which makes it possible to fill the room with a dazzling sunshine

Living room and bedroom of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Cozy gray sofa - a wonderful place to relax

In this tiny apartment with a total area of ​​50 square meters is superbly located guest cabin, boudoir, multifunctional kitchen, home office and dining room. All these zones allow the couple to enjoy their rest and pleasant pastime in a cozy and incomparable setting.

Specialists have embodied in the apartment a slightly rural atmosphere, which allows owners to relax and enjoy a pleasant pastime after a hard day's work. Bleached oak floors, designer furniture with a simple and concise form, interesting decorations and accessories - everything in this house is amazing.

The bedroom in the apartment is located in a room with a narrow elongated shape, so the furniture is installed in it is not quite familiar. Near the huge arched window opening there is a double bed. Above it hangs a multicolored geographical map, looking at which the hosts before going to bed dream of distant wanderings and trips.

Bedroom of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

The boudoir is kept in gentle and muffled smoky tones

Interior of a small apartment in a Scandinavian style

A small cantilever table on three legs splendidly saves a modest area

The bedroom door of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

The doors decorate the original handles with a chrome hull and wooden inserts

The entrance of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

A small wardrobe and dressing room opposite the bed

In the hallway on the spot small pantry equipped with a comfortable and practical work area. He gives the owners the opportunity to read, do business and needlework in remarkable conditions. The cabinet is equipped with a concise desk with a creative base and a wooden black highchair.

In the corner is a large mirror, it allows family members to admire themselves before leaving the house. The only bright element is a picture in blue and red tones. She gives a calm and serene office a cheerful mood, creativity and expressiveness.

Cabinet of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Optimal location of the cabinet at the site of the former pantry

Workplace of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Anteroom with open hangers and hooks for bags

Kitchen with non-standard form was formed by dismantling one interior wall. This area is equipped with a simple and concise modern suite, innovative home appliances, as well as a spacious dining table surrounded by bar stools.

Everything is in place, with a bright red refrigerator installed on the aisle. Stylish, beautiful and incredibly attractive!

Kitchen of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Refined interior of the kitchen area in monochrome tones

Corner kitchen of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Simple furnishings with white facades and wooden tops have become an epicenter of attention

Kitchen with dining area of ​​a small apartment in Scandinavian style

The absence of curtains on the windows - another feature of Scandinavian stylistics

Bathroom of a small apartment in Scandinavian style

Minimalist design of the bathroom in a calm white palette

This tiny apartment, located in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, is an ideal example of a competent layout and effective zoning. It is a great place to live and have a peaceful pastime of a married couple after a tiring day.