Luxury bedroom furniture: cupboards and chests of drawers

Happy owners of their own dressing room can not be too worried about the appearance of the purchased wardrobe or chest, as they will see it only at the moments of disguise. But if you choose bedroom furniture, then it just has to please your eyes! What kind of furniture designed to store things, is it capable of?

1. The wardrobe in the style of high glamor

Cabinet furniture sometimes makes the bedroom too stuffy. What is the solution? This stunning turquoise cabinet with mirror inserts not only provides plenty of storage space, but also refreshes the design of the bedroom and brings to it a glamorous shine.

Glamorous wardrobe with mirror for the bedroom

2. Cabinets with transparent doors

As an alternative to mirror inserts can serve as lockers with transparent doors, as in the photo below. The glass in them is covered with a grid of bronze wire, which is in harmony with the fittings on the doors, softens the appearance of the cabinet and distracts attention from the clothes inside.

Beautiful wardrobes for the bedroom

3. Convenient and lightweight chest of drawers

A small chest of drawers in the bedroom can simultaneously perform 3 functions: store things, replace the bedside cabinet and provide a writing surface that extends from under the cover. Quite often, various things are accumulated on the chest of drawers, which makes its surface unusable. But with this chest you can easily put up an extra to put a cup of tea on it or put a book on it.

Small chest of drawers near the bed

4. Mirror furniture

A fully mirrored bedside table seems almost invisible due to the reflection of surrounding objects. In addition to this, the bedroom designer in the photo below applied another clever trick: pendant lights that play the role of a side lamp, but leave the surface of the pedestal free for other objects.

Mirror bedside table

5. Roomy minimalist chests of drawers

Minimalist forms of furniture leave room for imagination and therefore always bring with them an inspiring atmosphere. For full effect, similar chests and pedestals can be installed on the wall, and not stand on legs.

Stylish pendant chest of drawers for bedroom

6. Modular systems for bedrooms

Such modular systems, as in the photo below, make it easy to hide books, bed or underwear and many other things from sight. In addition, they can not help but rejoice with their stylish look and the fact that they do not occupy space at all, hiding under the bed.

Modular systems for storing things in the bedroom

7. Cupboard framing the bed

Framing a bed with a built-in storage system not only provides space for a huge number of things, but also leaves a large part of your bedroom free.

Built-in wardrobes on the sides of the bed in the bedroom

8. Stylish combination of materials

The elegant view of the bedroom can provide not only beautiful shapes, but also materials. White lacquered shell emphasizes the texture of wooden boxes, while maintaining a very modern look of the curbstone in the next photo.

Roomy bedside table

9. Large chest of drawers against the wall

Why not add your bedroom a little playful asymmetry? Using a large chest of drawers near the wall, you can create a bright spot where your favorite decor will stand.

Large chest of drawers in modern style

Finally add some more beautiful photos for your inspiration:

Chic high chest of drawers for bedroom Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Furniture and decor for the bedroom in the style of Provence Stylish modern bedroom furniture Built-in wardrobes in bedroom design Bedroom cabinet in classic style Black cabinets on the sides of the bed Wardrobe with comfortable seat at the window Beautiful wardrobe for the bedroom Simple but stylish chest of drawers for a bedroom White chest of drawers with patterns on drawers Low chest of drawers with a beautiful pattern of wood High chest of round form Bookcases with a banquet near the window Elegant bedside table with patterns White wardrobes and cabinets for the bedroom

Another recommend to pay attention to the cabinets coupe, photos of which can be found in the publication on the link above. The closet cabinet is also capable of giving the bedroom interior a chic look. At your choice, there is a large assortment of such furniture on offer in ready-made form, and if there is no suitable option, it is always possible to order its production according to your design.